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    Sorry about me deleting my post.

    Just kinda realized my post was just continuing something that wasn't worth continuing. He probably was antagonizing me at that. So I just was like

    "Fuck it"

    and stopped lol.

    Feel free to fix your posts up to not look like your double posting.
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    I think I actually had the pleasure of being in LQ with you before Pingzapper kicked me. :3
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    Well if you manage to muster up enough "wanting to care", we should do a couple runs together.

    I'm kinda interested in seeing how well I can synergize with people who aren't my team members.
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    Yo, would you be interested in playing with a scrub like me sometime? That is, if you still play.

    Warning though; I'm currently unoptimized and my build is generally not good by high level standards.
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    Huh, so it was. Good, maybe there's hope for the part breaker skill.
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    Ah, that does make sense. I feel silly now.
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    Is there any particular reason why you've got such a small number of people tagged as friends in pso-world, despite of you having thousands of followers?
    You've got sound advice and nice disposition. I'm just wondering why others haven't made any attempts of befriending you? I don't mean to sound rude or anything. If it has offended you in any way, I apologize. Some of my friends here even follow you.
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    Hello. I just had to tell you... everytime I read any of your comments on the message board, I keep hearing it in Emilia's voice... both EN and JP. Actually, my brain translates it to JP for some reason. Anyway.... I guess this is Hello~
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    With a name like that I'm sure you have horror stories to tell about grinding/affixing lolol
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    Anyway, you have a lot of useful information which is why I'm coming to you first. I already know the basics. What I want is more "high level" stuff for both tech classes.
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    Hey, I'm planning to make a Force/x soon so I need all of your goodies o3o
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    Rofl. I say it "Zed-Naught".

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    Hm, I'm not sure...I think this'll work for me, I checked my game and realized my Rafoie was level 14 and Safoie was level 7, not 13/10 like I thought, so the damage on Safoie should look really nice. I also failed to consider that the Flame Tech S Charge would help with Wand Gear...I'm thinking using Safoie as a primary attack, Rafoie when Safoie can't reach, and other techs for utility would be the best current playsyle wuth such a build, and I've grown fond of Safoie, so I expect I'll end up liking it. I knew about the Mastery stuff but overlooked it, but since the current Dark Mastery setup is 3/1 I think I'll take off a point in either Wind Mastery or Deband Cut to make up for the loss. Probably Wind Mastery? I dunno, I'll get there when I get there. But yeah, your post made it much easier for me to decide what to do, thanks.
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    Hi, thought I should post here rather than the thread since it's moved on quite a bit now, um, thanks for the advice! I think I'll be going for the build you recommended, as it looks pretty much like what I want, and aside from Just Reversal on Force instead of Techer, everything is reproducible on my current character. Again, thanks a lot for the help!
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    Do you think you could look at this thread? I can't play the game without having this problem solved:
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    OH NO this is horrible!!!
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    Was your name GREY FOX or something on PSO?
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