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    I was afraid Ult would turn out that way, they really need to change up enemy patterns and aggression more Ah well, it's pretty much PSU now, which is unfortunate but I can't say I'm very surprised. How's GW2 doin these days? Any really interesting new content?

    I'm pretty good, all settled into my new house and looking forward to the holidays I know I haven't been on dumblr much these days, spending a lot of my online social time on the twitters as of late.
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    Oh it's fine, I know you posted that before I posted my dumblr rant. Please don't worry about it, in all honesty I really just needed to get it all out. Thank you though, I'm...glad, that my efforts have been noticed and I'm always hoping I'm doing enough. I know it's not something I can do on my own, but it's something I feel I have the ability to help with. I'm just a person that can't stand by idly when they see something that is wrong, and like you, I'm hoping that efforts made now will help generations down the road.

    Anyway, yeah, Ludger's battle system looks like fun and I do like how his different weapons work better in different situations than others. It gives the player no real reason to use any other character I guess, but at least it's some variety. I usually play as main characters in Tales games, although I did play a decent part of Graces as Sophie because she's amazing (and a playthrough of Destiny PS2 as Chelsea, because Chelsea). I kinda miss GW2, but I really haven't been too impressed with the content additions for the most part, and I kinda don't like how paying money for stuff in GW2 doesn't necessarily benefit just GW2, that money can go toward all Arenanet games. Oh well, it's been nice spending time catching up on single-player games.
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    I haven't, but I do plan on picking it up eventually. I'm still working on Trails in the Sky on Steam at the moment and honestly I haven't felt like playing much else. Things have been a bit shit lately, I guess you could say, but yeah, I will definitely be picking up Xillia 2 soon. Glad to hear it's good, I didn't think Xillia 1 was an incredibly good Tales game but I'm hoping 2 wasn't rushed like 1 clearly was. I recently cleared Graces f, which was leaps and bounds better in my opinion.

    Jet Boots Bucket sounds preeeeetty awesome, even if it's the same ol boring PSO2.
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    You could always jump to PS4 from 2, and come back for 3. That way you can actually enjoy 3 when you get to it :P
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    I think PSO2 has taught me that there won't be another really great Phantasy Star game as long as Sega's involved, but that's okay. The series has given me so many great memories and I think I'm finally cool with that.

    PSU's Dark Falz was so terrible XD He definitely has some creepy forms in PS4.
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    Yeah, that perfect blend of sci-fi and traditional fantasy was what made the series so great. The modern universe kinda captures it, although it's far more sci-fi-heavy. I'd love a return to the grittier, old-school PS universe and all that came with it. And where Dark Falz/Force was actually terrifying!

    I'd love to experience an online game that could simultaneously make you feel so alone, like PSO managed to do brilliantly. Deep in Ragol going through Ruins by yourself was so terrifying and futile, knowing that you had no allies down there and it was you against whatever mysteries lie ahead. Rico's messages just made it that much creepier.
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    That too XD Although the CAST designs look really cool. Always been a big fan of Wren's design.

    I really wish a new Phantasy Star game would be set in the theme of the classic series. I would so rock Alys' coat from PS4 everywhere.
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    PS3 is certainly not a bad game, it's just very different and definitely an acquired taste. It gets a lot of hate on that basis alone, but it's worth your time. PS4 is quite simply next-level, and it did a lot of very impressive things for its time. I also loved the original PS1 for putting a female hero on the map :3

    Grinding never bothered me either, but we grew up in an era where that was expected, so it's not a big deal to us.
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    Awesome, how are you enjoying PS2? 4 is my favorite of the classic series, but I'd make 2 a close second.
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    I read about your PC issues, glad that's squared away now. Gotta find those PSO2 screens though, all dem good times!
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    Watching this IP ban stuff is pure comedy gold, haha. So many conspiracy theories.
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    With my Bucketshark, of course! The same thing I used for 3L337 H4X on PSO2!
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    I had a beta code but I didn't end up making use out of it. I'm considering messing around with the open beta, though a couple of my friends have already said that I won't enjoy it :P The combat is supposedly really great, lots of action, but the rest of the game is generic-MMO for the most part. Follow a questline, soloing is boring, etc.
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    Good call; I think one especially difficult thing to do as a writer is to remember that your readers don't know all the little details you take for granted, like in the example you mentioned. I often have to remind myself to include stuff like that because it's stuff I'm aware of, but it's really difficult for me to emulate a reader that doesn't know anything going in. One of the biggest challenges in writing, no doubt :P Appreciate the feedback.

    Now quickly, we have STEALTHING to do! *hides in Rappy box*
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    I was going to give myself a break, but I started getting so many great ideas for the sequel that I just couldn't help myself XD I'm not even to an outline phase yet, but I really wanted to flesh out these new ideas while they were fresh in my head. Just how I work I guess :P

    I have played Tales of Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, Abyss, Vesperia, and now Xillia. Planning on picking up Graces before too long, and I'm definitely grabbing Xillia 2 when it comes stateside (planned for August or something? Don't remember). Abyss is actually my favorite of them all, I really loved how the characters transformed throughout the game and I loved the atmosphere of ever-present danger throughout most of the game. The characters seem really dull and kinda annoying at first, but they go through a pretty amazing transformation and I loved how each character got a lot of attention.

    Darn, sorry to hear about the job :\ There will always be more opportunities though. Best of luck!
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    I haven't touched Dark Souls in a while, been pretty busy with work and when I get home I've been focusing more on working on generating ideas for my next story :P And here I said I was gonna give myself a break before working on the sequel, haha. But yeah, I'm not too far in myself, just past Undead Berg I think.

    Jude was really fun to use, makes me think I'm gonna end up playing as Sophie a lot when I get around to playing Tales of Graces. I ended up liking the characters and the plot by the end of the game, I just really didn't think it was up to the usual standards of Tales games. Really great soundtrack though, I think this piece is one of my favorite Sakuraba pieces ever.
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    Congrats on getting accepted! And best of luck with your new job opportunity, I hope it works out for you. I've been pretty good, just really busy with work and such. I got a title-only promotion recently that came with a really nice raise, which is pretty awesome. Otherwise I've been playing some PS3 stuff, currently going through Dark Souls and spending some time in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

    Yay classic Phantasy Star! I'd put 2 right behind 4 in terms of my favorites. I enjoyed Tales of Xillia, but it really didn't rope me in until toward the end of Chapter 3. Chapter 4 was great, but even then, I didn't find the plot as good as some of the other Tales games, namely Abyss. The characters were great, but I thought they could have used some more fleshing out, and you really don't know much at all about some of them until the endgame side-quests. The challenge seemed really lacking too, I only ever died to Muzet when finding her solo as Milla and against Golden Mage Knight. It was a good game, but definitely had its flaws.
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    I'm gonna give Dark Souls a shot and if I like it as much as I think I will, I'll probably pick up Demon Souls too, and of course Dark Souls II in a couple months. As for SMT, I'd like to eventually delve into the Persona series a bit. I know that's like the only SMT game anyone talks about and it's quite different from the regular SMT lineup, but it looks fun.

    Now that is one thing I wish I got to do in GW2, fight more of the Elder Dragons' champions. The fight with The Shatterer looked goddamn amazing but I never really explored out that far (I think the last place I really explored was Ascalon, south of the Wall). Tequatl looks pretty cool, the only real world boss I fought was that huge thing in the swamp just south of Divinity's Reach.

    I hope they bring the Crystal Desert Elder Dragon (can't remember the dood's name) into the spotlight sometime soon, just because of how fucking insanely huge it is.
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    Part of my PS3 mission is to finally experience Dark Souls myself :P It looks awesome and I'm definitely up for the challenge. Valkyria Chronicles is on my list too, as well as a bunch of other RPGs and fightan games. Think I'm gonna at least pick up Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate and try to get good with Hitomi in yet another DoA game :P I'm probably gonna pick up Borderlands 2 as well, and perhaps delve into the SMT games.

    Did they ever really do anything with the Elder Dragons in GW2 since the game came out? I know you can basically follow the normal campaign and go to Zhaitan's stronghold, but that hardly resolves the crisis. I absolutely loved the premise of the world being on the brink of extinction because these Elder Dragons were just that goddamn powerful, but it's disappointing that we don't really get to feel that sense of crisis in the game.

    And yes, I'm absolutely gonna finish up the commentary, probably doing around three chapters at a time. I'm gonna try to release sets of them roughly every week, and then begin work on a couple of short side-stories.
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