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    Look what I found .. a Magikarp!
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    we should play a game of pso zero hit me up
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    I give u ice-cream
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    Haha, I loved playing PSO back when I was younger, also on GC, a little on XBOX too. That game was a classic, and PSZ still can't really top it in my own opinion. Things were just too perfect in PSO, especially when it came to rares and things... hate finding rare enemies in PSZ and never getting anything good EVER really (only the occasional "holy **** I finally got one!" moments), however, the moment I flip on the power button, I end up finding rare enemies in PSO all the time, who dropped me their rares easily... well, everyonce in a while, haha. Most everything I hunted for in PSZ though, I ended up getting quick, spare a few minor detail rares, but still I got them... SJS (which I still haven't gotten around to unsealing yet in my time prior, though I must have gotten close before I had to store my game and GC since joining the Navy), Sange & Yasha, Guld-Milla, Lavis Cannon, you name it, I probably ended up getting it... though, that's all well and good, but I really wanted to play online mostly, and couldn't because I bought the game used and it didn't have its code for online access... poop. :'( Just my luck, it's great for the game I CAN'T play online, but for PSZ, not nearly as good for how long I've played, but whatchagonnado, eh? :/

    Anyways, I hope to eventually be able to meet you in PSZ, perhaps! I'll be back inport san diego in a few days, perhaps, and once there, I'll have my online access back and I'll be online pretty much most of my time off, haha. ^_^;
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    Hey buddie :0
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    Of course you can. However, we have a 10 post minimum requirement in place, so I can't invite you until you get a few more posts. You can post around the PSZ Subforum if it interests you, and once you hit 10 I'll be glad to invite you into the group.

    The members list is kind of outdated... so don't worry if you're not in it right away. I still need to clean it up a bit I reckon.
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    Hiya my Rappy nest-buddy! I've been in PSZ since its release, so expectable, all my characters are level 100. Right now, the characters I have are a FOmarl (purple dress w/ blond hair and bonnet, using a pink/red Lassi mag), a RAcast (silver body w/ blue detail, dual-forward-facing anntennae, and a blue Hagal mag), and a HUnewearl (blue/black clothes with blue twin-pigtails, with a blue Rappy mag, nicknamed "Azuroth" due to being the product of a soul found from an encounter with a boosted Al Rappy). My favorite of the three to use is my HUnewearl, but my FOmarl's been getting some good use lately for her versatility with Slicers and teching.

    I was a long-time regular in the past, and first joined this site for trading and community, and have since been a part of the PSZ forum's family, keeping part with many of the others here and holding the friendship and comraderie dearly, doing my best to maintain our sense of togetherness with this game and keeping hope for this game's eventual return to glory. It's been a fun 2-and-a-half years on this forum, and I hope it continues for plenty of time to come, and that the community I helped prosper with continues until then as well. ^_^
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    Haha yes of course you can
    i added your fc
    Gotta add you to thread asap

    My comp caught somethin. Hope it works soon
  9. how do i get in contact with others playing PSZ?
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    Welcome to the site mate!
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