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  1. pso2 still wins on BnS for dress up game
  2. I have no wands yet, aside from a wind/ice Elysion.

    I pretty much play any EQ, AQ, UQ, TACO, XQ, etc. Everything. I can't try challenge anymore because nobody was running it when I came back to PSO2, but that starts you with no items.

    For kuronia I would plan to just play normal FoTe and cast, because that place is special. Everywhere else though.

    I don't intend to use BA combos much, as they're a bit of a hassle for me to pull off. I like to just spam a tech or use namegid.

    I'd probably get an ice talis and light rod (for darker bosses). I use pwand for fire. Probably dark on gal rod if I get one.
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    Ah hi there. Hmm, Gal Wand huh. That's largely dependent on what kind of wands you already have and what kind of content you play a lot. Fire would be my first recommendation, but Slave Wand already comes as fire element. After that would be either light or dark, depending on whether you plan on playing Kuronia a lot or not (dark if yes, light otherwise).

    As for Ideal, the main one to look at is Ideal rod for composite techs. Element Conversion makes lightning and dark superior element choices because Zandeon and Fomelgion have more hits for those elements than wind/fire (Fomelgion hits equally, but the dark hits can hit multiple hitzones). Whichever element would be more useful for bossing is also something to consider. Ideal talis is a good choice for Ilbarta usage, while Ideal wand is basically useless since Te/Br BA combos have better boss killing power than composite techs.
  4. \_(ツ)_/
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    You, uh, chapter data you!
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    Hi, ChDerps.
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PSOW is a good example of why my community has a rule called "Don't argue about stupid shit".
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