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  2. Nice. Me and my friend did the same.

    And too bad.. D: We're from Zenobia... DDDDDD:
  4. That's kinda sad.... D: BUT I HAVEN'T GIVEN UP ON PSO2 DONT WORRIES!

  5. Not really.. Playing TERA atm.. Just checking out pso2 every now and then. x:

    How about you? :0 What's up?
  6. I live in asia too ! -high five-

    Well I want to spend plots with a friend or two.. (like matter board stuff)
    There's this game I played for a while where you can advance on story plots with someone on your team, I want that because as it is matter board is a bit of a chore for me. > .>; (and I also want a team-difficulty story ! )
  7. So many new stuffs, so little monies. x . x

    How's pso2 so far? Me and my friends are trying to find a new game to play with... Pso2 became so grindy these days... x . x we need more.... we need more... STORIES THAT YOU CAN PLAY WITH SOMEBODY ELSE AND NOT GO SOLO, tbph... I want it to be like grinding and having / doing the story all at the same time, lika real adventure with friends ! (I've had that on previous games I've played)
  8. Saving monies... I'm having trouble with that recently.... x . x
  9. Too lazy to update!( ̄~ ̄;)(copies your kewl emoticons ! hurhurhurhur)

    Anyway, Lucky rise units only need 10 excubes per unit ! (and they're pretty good, defense wise p: )

    So muuch new stuff ! Also, I heard merenhka isn't the best anymore. ∑(O_O;)!!
  10. Lilipan suuuit!
    I heard Divulcan recolor will be a good one..... But of course you gotta do advance quests for it and actually have an original divulcan (Sega is hax I actually think I got one before and just NPCd it... ) It sucks! I will be hunting for one too when I'm sane enough. x.x ( I seriously hate serious hunting ).
    Oh, and not much.. Most of them I just excubed for my lucky rise units. I only kept latria rain, vraolet zero and ely.
    I want a merenhka! or w.e. the spelling is!
  11. O(≧∇≦)O Its a very effective whacking tool against darkers ! x3

    Also, have you got latria rain yet? Do EQ Choco and you might get one ! o:
    You can get lots of goodies there.
  12. Oooh. I bet my reflexes are bad too now.. x.x I haven't been playing ranger since I got my elysion.

    And prinnies are coool, dood.
  13. How's PSO2 so far? I hope you didn't miss much!

    Also, It's a prinny I tellz ye!
  14. Pretty good. How about you? How's your family business going? pp:
  15. Saw your post at Fashion Thread, so glad you're back !! O(≧∇≦)O
  16. DD: Do tell me when you get back !
    And gib simply is Give.. ( like dat for That and dem for Them... I know it sounds silly.. XD )
    I hope you had a pleasant New Year's !
  17. Yay to our lonely wallets... ! x _________ x
    Y U NO post your new stuff yet ?


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    Thank you, I hope you had a nice holiday, as well.
  19. Oh I love the looks of that cannon~ and yea....... grinding my new weapons has transformed me into a hobo... x.x

    Gambatte to us !!

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