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    annnd my pso2 Nprotect is being a goof wall again
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    Here have a Lumine picture
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    OH and Pso Ephinea
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    No lag is always a good thing and you can now find me on steam and discord since gameguard forced me into retirement
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    MH F2P? Lol nononono it's not going to be F2P. Not much info on PC version right now, but no way it's going to be F2P because there are console versions.

    It's just paid once and that's it. Though PS4 one will require PSN subscription.
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    Oh and because I've been nagging Vinny to get into Monster Hunter, I might nag you too now lol. Might be able to convince him this time around as he is getting a PS4.

    Monster Hunter World is coming to the PS4 (and PC at a later date).
    Playlist of all of the Weapons in the game.
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    Pretty dam good if I do say myself, or if you noticed Vinny's chat with me last week.

    In other news, I'm back playing PSO2 again as of like I think 3 or 4 weeks ago when Episode 5 launched.
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    Minecraft doesn't give you an arm canon so YES Creativerse is better by default!!! there's also little to mo lag in creativerse.. huge plus for me
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    How things been going this summer?
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    I hope so and the facepalm and groan was for you going cat smiling on me >__<
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    Hi Hi.
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    *facepalm and groans*.... It looks Just like minecraft but the Characters are detailed and don't worry I'm sure Pso2 will work for me again and there's always me posting video of making people rage quit to my clockwork deck lol
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    Hm, I am definitely out from Pso2 and yeah my laptop is a little below "barely able to run" the games you play

    Well the good news is things between us are somewhat fixed before it was too late right?
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    Wow, Gameguard is really giving its all to keep me off the game. Had it fixed for a moment then tried adding translations myself and the patcher would overwrite it then I tried using tweaker again and nope back to fixing pso2 again :l Theres always other games we can meet on (Right?)
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    Yeah they are gameguard/Nprotect errors They been putting a beat down on me since ep5 and I removed my Antivirus to see if thats what tripping it. I did everything from deleting gameguard to resetting permissions and I'm still crashing xD Maybe its a sign for me to lay off of pso2 for a bit x(
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    -_- I keep crashing and getting Error NP0 so much as of late I decided to quit/go on a break until its settled
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