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    One of my surveillance cameras caught you in room the other day. I just wanna know what were you doing in here. Are you a secret admirer? o3o
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    Hi Reaper o3o
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    Wow. I hate you :3
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    Wow. Youre so ugly.
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    hihi. c:
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    could u help me get online on pso 2
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    excuse me is there a floating continent where everything isn't level 60?
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    Thanks! :3
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    Im baaaack (I had to leave suddenly D Queen Zessica is waiting for ya! :3
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    Indeed my dear good friend, Forever it shall be. Nothing will sperate us or stand in our path! .....*Falls asleep*..... (Lol nighty night seeya tommorow!)
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    Indeed we are, It occured on this fateful day, I was slaying endless hordes of monsters, Dwn to my last few bullets and my photon sabers running low on energy, Caked in blood by my foes, The outcome did not look well, And I thought this would be the end of me. Until you came along with your lovely sword and slayed all the monsters in one fell swipe....From there on, Our fate was sealed.
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    Good job, You deserve a promotion. How wonderful is it that I met you on the battle field in a desperate time of need?
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    We shall seize this moment and take control of everything at our disposal to reach our goal, Victory is already assured.
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    Indeed everything shall be ours! All in due time my dear good friend....all in due time...
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    Indeed, We shall become so famous that SEGA will give us our very own ship where we shall make the rules. We shall become unstoppable and wage war on the other ships until we own SEGA!
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    And after the battle we shall bask in the wonderful light known as glorly and feed ourselves the best grapes while we sit back and are worshipped by our followers!
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    As expected from your dear Captain, I must make the best plans! For I shall not fail my comrades!
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    Hahah! What color should be wear? I prefer black myself lol --We shall ascend to the realm of gods and crush them with the power of friendship! XD
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    Pssh, Dark Falz has never seen the likes of such a friendship! The day we go head to head with him is the day he wets himself at our sheer power and unstoppable might! Long live our friendship!!
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    That's even better, We can do a ton of quests that way! You can be like, A mentor of some sort and a super duper best friend of awesome amounts xD
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