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    yikes hope its not so painful
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    That was me close to 4 a.m. this morning
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    Very productive indeed =3
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    Its all good and again thanks I also forgot how busy you can get eh heh And cool glad you found the music you needed
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    Yer a day early but thanks Striker :3 *hugs* And sorry haven't looking for music, been feeling dead, tired as of late
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    I feel so loved thank you xD
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    Roger that and GET A LOAD OF THIS!
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    any specific genre or sound type you have in mind
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    I think I might go with ps4... plus they have crash bandicoot
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    Western gamers are stupid and MH World is PS4 onky? Also I finished bmy first anime in years :3 Onwards to it's four specials.
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    Steam summer sale kinda got me as as well. Monster Monpiece, Rwby, Rwby team jnpr pack and some other game I forgot what it was called.
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    I'm not going to lie I fried my brain this past weekend but those three bullet points and I agree with sooooo much
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    Yeah... I find that incredibly strange for someone who doesn't look at much anime to know of the natures of many fan bases... I can't help it I that I like to keep records of of things and collect knowledge even though I may or mat not use it X_X Ugh, so sports anime are the shounen of "realistic" genre... And yeah bland generic animes disgust me as well... If only I can shoot out laser breathes of blinding light or screaming shadows >_< Or even hard hitting water or frozen icicles :X

    As for me long as I feel the anime isn't trash and or doesn't introduces itself in the first episode Again I get it the person who makes the least sense looks into qualities of things or people that makes no sense. Hm I should probably try complicating things a bit sometimes?
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    Eh pay no mind just my mind trying to cover up the memories of psu and pso2 again lol as for Re:zero good lord that was a huge cluster fuck to figure out and I'm glad I never seen Yuri on ice. These sports based anime are pure shit lol And whats happening that you have to lock up your social media stuff =/
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    RE: Series? Less Rem more Ram!
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    Well... Yeah... I'm sadly stockholm for Pso2 just as I was with WoW... Until I found my Wow slayer but the joke is back then in online psu a mif appearing as Sonic would show up and if you said happy birthday you'd get a nice prize in your box
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    its an old psu pso2 thing O_O
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    /toge HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC!!! *patiently waits for rewards at Visiphone*
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    RiP your MH World UI. I'm looking forward to the Destiny 2 pc testing :3 its going to be fun helping out
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    Yeahh..... I never did liked Titans and always thought it was utter shit like dare I say its name? Wowza.... Crapcom reaaaally dropped the ball pn release dates with Poke'hunter and World like seriously bro do they even lift?

    Steam Summer Sale reaction?
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