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    It's all good strikerhunter you're still around to see it

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    Happy Birthday, strikerhunter! no matter when you notice it.
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    LOL well I keep trying to, but not as many people have their birthdays show up anymore, but notes such as yours makes it worthwhile
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    Happy Birthday Strikerhunter!!! the day is yours claim it! (Yeah, I know it's almost over...)
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    Np, better late than never
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    Happy Birthday, Strikehunter, enjoy your day!
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    I didn't see all of the trailer but I'm in!
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    @___@ thanks and welcome back (my pso2 keeps crashing wgen its starting up by the way)
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    D: But mini defies ingame reality and punches the 4th wall lulz
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    O___o Mini is officially the deadpool of pso2
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    *barfs from my stomach*
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    *Cringey bitter face* Good lord burn it with fire!!!
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    Oh god is he in his human form xD
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    O__o Admit it bro you miss goofing around on Mini?! As for what Pot Of Greed does...
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    O_o Crafted PAs are foreign to me.

    *Card battles with ex over Skype from 10:30 until almost 4 a.m.feels more horrible than shit three hours later.* hour four since waking up and I still feel like shit -___-
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    Ah okay and sorry I didn't know you kept up with Pso2 news after quitting from all the stupid..... You you were around for a bit durng EP4?!?!?!?!?;! Such revalation! I'm kinda scared of using millsworn for that very reason a card I need might get milled by Dudu aka Bad Luck. But yeah the story tried to mesh with the anime buuut.... YeH Ep4 was a hot mess that was mildly interesting funny to some of my ideas being used like White Darkers and the twist on Aria's Phantoms xD Yes I had my made up colony of knightly zealots employ light based darkers to their weird arsenal.
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    O_o Millsworn looks bad but its surprisingly good if done right, Kaiju Turtle loves jumping on the other side of the field, I'll look up acrophobia after this, pso2 is actually pretty fun when you get the unneeded stuff away from you, and to unlock hero you need the lv75 titles for a ranged (Ranger, Gunner, Braver) melee (Hunter, Fighter, Bouncer) and caster (Force, Techer, Summoner) Episode 4 is rather "interesting" most people hated it I thought it was okay as for Episode 3 I tell people and you thats when Pso2 ended for me but I still hop on cause reasons :P
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    *Realizes he posted in his own message board Have fun playing dressup with Mini and Yugioh is really fun when you have a deck that works right
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