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    Clarification on potentials would be great! It might take some learning to get used to the Mediawiki format if you haven't used it before, but it's pretty easy to understand.
    You can find the main wiki page here if you didn't know already:
    (there should also be a dischord link on main page if you care for that)

    and more specifically, the potentials here:

    and thanks!
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    Yep thanks. I saw but was looking for timings which I couldn't find. And yes he's very misinformed which is good for finding out what the common myths are that drive people to think BoBr is a good idea.
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    That player was good. I'll be using a few of his strats to cut my time down. Don't worry, I play both classes so I can see for myself on a granular level where and how Gu/Ra is faster, where gear or strategy can bridge some of it, and conversely, where Gu/Bo is faster.

    Show me Bo if you'd like though. I have a feeling the area is bad for Bo but there's nothing about Bo in Kuron on YT or Nico. Some confirmation would be nice.
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    Hi, apology accepted. I admit to pre-emptively attacking you yesterday and I apologize for that too. That said, going forward I'll be spending less time replying to you in threads because it tends to be disruptive to the thread.

    If there's anything specific that you'd like to contest at length in future, I'll be more willing to entertain via PMs or here.
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    I'd like an opinion on what to untek Gal wand as, and which Ideal weapon to get for Darker bossing (rod, boots, or wand?)

    I plan to use the wand for general mobbing anywhere.
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    Yo get on IRC . 3.
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    Oh, yep. No problem. I'm sort of the same way nowadays, and that does end up kind of ruining the fun & mystique if you will of new games. Though it's the way I prefer to play, read & optimize before doing anything I guess.

    I'm sure there's something to be gleamed from experiencing things fresh or working out your own way of doing things but it's just how I do things. I've gotten in plenty of long-winded arguments with people who just can't seem to grasp the concepts I'd be attempting to show them; plenty of times where I've typed too much at what I think to be a brick wall on the other end. Aha.

    It's really nice to see someone having the same mindset, especially who happens to be playing the class I've chosen to start off with in this game. Looking forward to reading more of your musings in the future along with that tech guide you mentioned!
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    Hey no problem.

    Meanwhile I'm getting OBS to show PSO2 but no audio playing cept my mic. Welp, this will be a while lol.
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    I may also need someone to look at the test while its running mid-stream
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    To be honest, I've never attempted it with PSO2. Have for a couple other things. I think the biggest obstacle for a game like this though is bit rate (since this game moves so damn fast). Its gonna be a lot of trial and error to see what bit rate i can use, but I'm not predicting I'll be able to pull off a 60FPS stream. I'm probably gonna run with a bit rate of 3000kbps to start.
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    My recording set-up and streaming set-up are two entirely different things to be honest, although OBS is what I'd default to for streaming. However, its been forever since I've even tried streaming so I can't be of much help to you at the moment (I need to mess with a shit ton of settings in there).

    What I CAN do though is run a test stream after I finish rendering out a video for a new series of mine for Tuesday. I'll do it for a few minutes, then check through my archives and mess around with settings until I get something that clicks. Sorry its not immediate, but its the best I can do at the moment.
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    He seems to have been harboring some kind of agenda against me for a while. Not sure why TBH, I barely reply to his posts.
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    You're asking the wrong person.

    All I know is how to abuse Zanverse and outshine kiddies with their Shunkas.
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    After reading the post below about how anger hurts, I'm glad the only thing that makes me experience physical anger is when my game lags and dcs.
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    Hiya, I deleted those messages but saved your reply in a txt.

    TBH I snarked you more because it's annoying when people start flaming eachother regardless of the situation, though he gets that sometimes as well.

    It didn't fail to indicate the sarcasm, but I wanted to make sure.

    Hunter and Fighter and related to eachother to me, nor or force and techer, nor or ranger and gunner, in terms of how they are played, at all. But I separate classes by weapon. No weapon is played similarly to another type of weapon. Of course, anything with "FI" in it is played differently as anything because you need all this annoying stance dance crap, or to worry about enemies turning around and ruining your ability to one shot them.

    I can agree that bouncer will probably have some synergy with all of those. Though, braver is the most questionable out of that. I doubt there'll be a case where BoBr > FoBr. That is, if jet boots normal attacks / PAs do not count as "Weak hits" by being weak element. If they do count as weak hits, then BrBo would probably be something. But even then, wouldn't FO be better at casting, and BoHu be better at melee?

    Also, your assumed lack of multi-class weaponry has nothing to do with whether or not TeBo will synergize well. At the very least, bio boots will exist. Of course, BoTe, TeBo, same to me lol. It'll depend on what kind of 'main class only' skill BO has, if any. Over time SEGA will most likely release boots that can be used by FI and TE mains. Probably other classes too.

    Yea, I like Megaman. However, the girl in my avatar is meant to represent an OC of mines known as Chdara. Creative right?
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    It's more like, my anger hurts (like literally hurts - it's like my forehead is burning with a kind of sunburn-esque pain) and pain normally impairs my intelligence (or rather, it distracts me and makes it hard to focus on what I actually would LIKE to say).

    Not to mention, most times when my anger has built up to the insane levels that it has, someone has legit gotten hurt because of it. Whether I hurt their feelings, or actually physically harm them (and that has happened often - I've lost count of how much but I'm not eager to recall), the point is that things go to hell because I'm there when my anger swallows my good heart whole. And as someone who cares for others' well being, having people's feelings/bodies be hurt as a result of my own actions (be they a result of my anger or not, I'm still the douche who did them) is not something I look kindly on. And besides, anger's just one of the many pains that hurt like hell (guilt is another, and that shit's just as bad to deal with).
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    It wasn't your fault. Nor was it directly anything you said.

    I don't even know why I get angry anymore. It's just so irritating to deal with (my anger, that is), and so much of my energy goes towards trying to keep it down that I don't think about the shit that I say.

    Probably a result of loneliness or a product of it... can't tell. I feel like my anger causes problems and that's why I avoid people. I'm too passionate about what I believe in, that I'll resort to personal attacks to defend what I believe in. It's fucking pathetic, I know, but until I figure out a way to get rid of this anger (or manage it in a way that doesn't harm or inconvenience anyone else), I have to isolate myself as best as I can. Doesn't mean I still don't crave interaction, just that I'm terrible at it.
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    Yeah - I tried, man. I did.

    I even got a sarcastic response at the end. When almost half the team died because of a goldrahda suicide bombing us? I told them. "This is why we debomb the Goldys."

    Some JP player - "Whatever you say, COmmander". Just like shit, 'least /one/ of us was trying to steer it to victory.

    *sigh* But hey, like you said - not much we can do.
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    "That video requires way more coordination than you're going to get in random pubs"


    I was in a TD2 run a month or two back. It became apparent pretty quick that the team was inefficient. Goldrahdas were not being debombed, half the party was attacking the boss, and two players were so ineffective at damagedealing [Very Hard at the time] that they both agreed to collect crystals, yet one kept using their superior connection to steal crystals out from under the other & get a higher score on the leaderboards.

    I got sick of it when the walls fell from unslain goldys at the end of Wave ONE, and started issuing orders & requests to local chat. Some of the party even listened after a minute or two of it - I guess I proved I was actually watching what needed to be done where. Surprise, surprise, those that did listen actually kept towers alive.

    When we all inevitably died because boss piling on Final Wave, the party was half dead, nobody was using moons, and nobody was using tower heals/wave shields.

    Some people don't like speaking up in local - that's great.

    But if you want any kind of coordination, you gotta try.
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    the name is Shirokami
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