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    Just gonna leave this here ( ・ω・)∩
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    Wow, what a total 【敗者】!
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    I think it looks good. So there's a picture on maxed out everything. :3 -
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    Hey~ How are things going on your end right now? Everything's still working right? Still unable to log in, get 249s using the Tweaker. I've been reporting my progress with my ISP, dunno if you saw me post that yet or not. It's been rather bothersome so far, being unable to connect for so long, but I don't think using a VPN or other similar method for connecting is warranted yet. What do you think of the matter so far?
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    Oh we figured it out, he made his support partner, that's why he wanted to use the terminal but he just had partners disabled in his camp ship, thanks though!
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    Heyy, I need some help figuring out how to access the friend partner menu on the campship for my friend. I don't know how I unlocked it, but we're stumped now, he's just getting some message
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    Neeeeeever mind, everything's resolved now~
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    Gotta stay off the net for a while for a little test. I'll be able to use it again at 10 tomorrow. We'll have to reschedule for the 17th, sorry~
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    Foooouuunnnnddd yoooouuuu
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    Yeah, it cracked because I handled it a bit too roughly while it was overheating. I ended up buying a cable to hook it up to a TV to use as a display, so while my laptop's screen is still busted up, that doesn't matter much because I get an even bigger screen to use now! Eheheh. I might have issues with homework now due to spending too much time on this, but this was more important anyway!
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    I talked with the people that worked at the store I bought the laptop from. They told me the screen would cost $150+, but Sasha told me it should be $20-100 to replace. Repairs would be unviable, costing more than I bought the laptop for. I have about $100 on me right now, and my mom offered help too. I think I can use my first laptop`s screen as a replacement. Main thing would be actually replacing the screen, but payment is still a little iffy. So far this looks doable though. Sorry for my carelessness~
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    Hey...I um, kinda broke my laptop`s screen, so it is not usable right now...I`m using my PSP to post this...I intend to see Sasha tomorrow to get help since she is familiar with computers. Worst case scenario, I buy a new one. I`ll probably need a job to do that since my dad would be super mad if he heard about this. Please don`t miss me too much, OK? At first, I gave up hope, but thinking about it, this might be exactly what I need to motivate myself to get things done. Maybe this also applies to you?
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    Welcome to the site and the Team Page.
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