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    You get... MORE LEVELING!!! XD

    Anyway, work on Koffie's COs. She'll lead you to victory.
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    Err... You'll find out what I mean when you're Lv 20
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    What'll be your subclass then?
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    Well... It got overshadowed by the GU class upgrades, but I'm not giving up the class though.

    With my second char (Renais), she's going to be s-atk oriented whereas my primary (Fortuna) will be my r-atk. I'm really liking BR, but I've yet to see how it turns out with higher gear and a high s-atk mag, which is also why I'm a bit iffy atm.

    So far from what I've seen, the Katana class is either too linear or wide with their attacks, which made pairing pretty easy. For one, I really like to spam [any] > Tsukimi > Gekka. The first PA of the string often gets overlooked because I tend to use a normal attack to JA into Tsukimi and JA into Gekka. The combo is pretty fast and it does quite a bit of damage quicker in comparison to spamming Asagiri all day. Sure, collectively, Asagiri does more damage, but the tendency is that the boss-type will move out of your attack or simply charge through your attack to hit you. Plus, Asagiri leaves you with about 2-3 seconds of vulnerability time. That doesn't cut it in a boss battle. Collectively with the Tsukimi > Gekka combo, it's less than 1 second of vulnerability time. Tsukimi can be guard canceled after its strike and Gekka can be guard canceled when you land. It's a perfect combo to spam when fighting a boss like Persona.
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    Mkay - w-

    So, how's Braver for you?
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    All I can say is try it out before you start judging. Give it 2 hours' worth of experimenting and an hour of mobbing.
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    A non-FO, huh? XD
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    Ah. You're the mystery person who invited me. Haha! Okay. Just making sure.

    So, what class are you thinking of maining and subbing?
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    Uh... question. What's your char ID and name? XD
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    Haha. I'm just doing my job. (:
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    Here are Koffie's client orders for your convenience.
  13. Message me in game when ya do! :
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    I'll be on in a little bit. See ya there!
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    Well... I'm not exactly a newbie at the game, but I think there's going to be an influx of newbies next Wednesday due to the release of episode 2. They're allowing a free character slot for existing accounts. So, most likely, I'll be leveling my new character. Just beware that I can be a bit raunchy XD
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    You're a PSO2 player, right? I'd love to help you out some time I play in Ship 2. My username is Calai with a char named Fortuna. Let's meet some time :3

    So, as for a good vs bad Gunner...

    Good: Able to utilize a wide range of PAs effectively; able to adapt to the situation; does not only stay with one weapon; effective reflexes; aware of the strengths/weaknesses of each PA available to Gunners

    Bad: Spams only one PA (most people use Infinite Fire or Elder Rebellion); sticks with one weapon; not willing to fight enemies at close range; not able to effectively fight a mob; does not know the strengths/weaknesses of each PA available to Gunners

    If you want some advice in how to approach the Gunner class, let me know. It's really an acquired taste. I was crazy for Rangers but the Gunner class was iffy for me for a while until I understood the priorities of all the PAs.

    *PA = Photon Art
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    Battle has made us weary. Sleep well and prepare for battle once more!

    (Goodnight! I'll see you soon!)
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    Had I not arrived one moment too late I pray tell what may have happened. Worry not any longer. With my blade I will assure that not a soul will bring harm towards you again. Fate has brought us together, and by fate we shall remain side by side. It is and forever shall be.
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    The gods of war deemed it necessary that our encounter occur within this lifetime. We are indeed fortunate.
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    I never doubted us for a second. I'm already drawing up battle plans and arranging a celebratory dinner as we speak.
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PSO Characters:
Characters: Zessica 42Hu Shion 28Br

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Character Name-Ashelia


Hobbies-Collecting Extremely Rare Weapons.
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