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    I saw, I'll redownload PSO2 for a week before when it comes uninstalling it again.

    Oh and update on WoR, most of the files couldn't be retrieved so I'm only going to write up about half or a quarter of what I had by probably Wednesday before my night class. Can't remember and rewrite 20 pages (it was a multi-chapter session) with weekly quizzes, projects, and reading stressing on me.
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    Still playing it, still trying various decks that fits my style. I'm not playing it as often because I'm back to play Vindictus and catching up on some animes.
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    Bull crap yer gonna kick their butts Sac don't doubt yourself
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    Good luck and kick ass in the National Sac! (>^_^)>
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    Well I don't have any sorts of deadlines D;

    The original deadline was once a month with 2 weeks for each of us but irl hit the both of us hard at the time.
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    And now I'm going to have many many many many horrible thoughts.
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    I've seen Yangs and tested them, they're pretty good but it's just that I prefer to use rogue decks that can top over the meta by surprise. Raidraptors aren't too shabby as well with storming the field with Xyz.

    I like the Yangs, but imo their only flexibility depends on the synchro you're running.
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    Just tested new Scrap Fist card........combo with rush warrior makes Junk warrior dam broken. Piercing, x2 damage (on top of rush's x2 attack), no traps spell during attack. Just clear backrow and it's a GG.
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    The worst thing that slowed down the deck was the banning of morphine jar and sangan. Endless synchro summonings when I had just those 2 bastards. Much of the original deck was either banned or limited, the current one I used on you was the variant that didn't used said cards that would be banned/limited later on. Avarice, Sagan, Bironic, Trishula, 3 One Day of Peace, etc. that allowed to renew and recycle. I can't recycle as fast nor draw as fast, synching still pretty fast but today's meta can easily overwhelm Beleeze, Orge can only do so much, and the rest are easily negated by motherfucken Clear Wing.

    I'm going to modernize the deck to fit for Quasar while build a new one after my last test tomorrow. I also restrict myself from using OCG cards until they are in the TCG. The biggest pet-peeve though is trying to avoid commonly used archetypes.
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    GG lol
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    Stupid password thing is bugged, box being small for me.
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    What are your filters and username?
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    On Dev right?
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    Edit: Let's go for Dev then, ID is strikerhunter
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    Sure, on DN or Dev? Give me time so I can know when to get on.
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    Thing it's not the usual Quasar deck, it's a bunch of shenanigans that work very well together.
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    Already downloaded Devpro to see it for myself. Just looking through the deck that I have on DN and bingo.............for some reason everyone keeps thinking it's a Quasar Deck and gets scare of it.

    I guess Devpro would be our way to go because I hate misclicks.
    Player ID is same as always: strikerhunter
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    Yea no idea what is Devpro and ygopro. IDC about the people at DN unless I'm dueling with a complete idiot that doesn't even know the basic rules.

    Edit: Fuck archetypes, never followed the mainstream of doing archetypes unless it's an archetype that follows my style.
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    Give me your Dueling Network account name to search for, time and date.

    I've been watching the anime again, new Yu-Gi-Oh anime is actually fun to watch......much better than Zexal which I couldn't stand watching after 15 episodes (the only series that I dropped among the 5). Basically the anime got me back into the game.

    Edit: The composer of the anime's OST is from that did Code Geass's OST.
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