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    Yo buddy, still alive?
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    Your casts are greats. bigger, better, faster, and stronger.
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    Because standard Shonen shenaniganz because why the fuck not. I swear almost everyone Shonen does this though.
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    Basic rundown:

    -Fairy Tail reforms 1 year after the Tartarus Arc when the guild disbanded at the end.
    -Natsu and the gang rescues Markarov from Zeref's empire (Markarov was attempting to stopping an invasion by himself because apparently with all the super weapons down, Fiore is bound for one. The weapons being Face and Atherion).
    -Zeref is a King of a large continent.
    -Zeref finally said fuck life and went on destroying everything. All neighboring nations around Fiore went bye-bye
    -Zeref sends an army to attack Fairy Tail and is after Fairy Heart, aka Mavis' crystallized body.
    -Some of Zeref's elite, similar to the Wizard Saints, have ties with Erza and Lucy. One being maybe Erza's mother/sister and another knowing Lucy's mother.
    -Remember the Fantasia Arc where Natsu and Gajeel couldn't go past Freed's enchantment? They finally explained that.
    -Lucy's mother have a huge tie in with the Dragons, Dragon Slayers, and Zeref prior to her death.
    -Guildarts is nowhere to be seen............
    -Now its a war between Zeref's Empire and the remaining guilds of Fiore (but more like just Fairy Tail hahahaha)

    -Oh.................and Zeref's full name is Zeref Dragneel (unless you already read/watched Tartarus Arc)
    -Oh how can I forget, Acnologia is now a mission to kill all of the dragon slayers. As of the chapter I just showed you, only 6 of the 8 known slayers are left.
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    Only read it because last chapter hinted a Gajeel Dragon Force. Other than that, I plan to go on a hiatus from the manga until the anime returns with the final season. Meanwhile, I'll be rewatching everything in dub because I miss Markrov, Gray, and Laxus dubbed voice.
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    Welp Sac my good sir, Mashima has officially confirmed Gajeel x Levy to shipped and set sail. *burries away old image you showed me last year*
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    Hmm, interesting. I actually thought it was a name of some actual port. Back to more redubbing I go. Probably finish my end when I upload character art for either shiyo or Leona.
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    Thank you very much.

    Also, where did the name of that port city came from? Pontus Vatic I believe it was?
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    Aye yo, what's sun and sunrise on your native language. Redubbing names of areas for W.O.R.
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    Too soon lol Too soon.
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    I'm laughing and dying.........too soon Sac, too soon. Let me enjoy Cinder's reaction when Ruby went nuclear a little bit more. At least let me die after Wesis and Ruby's shipping had fully set sail first before you can proceed.
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    Have you updated your partner card?
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    Happy New year and completely forgot to ask you a question in the last message.

    Should I continue from where I last left off or you take over?
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    Yea sure, I've been doing some notes from time to time as well. And don't worry about the shoving the story aside, too many factors in play that will keep the both of us busy from doing the story.
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    Yo Sac ya still around? I'm finally free from my semester.
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    Yo, things are finally wrapping up. With only a few assignments, 1 project, and finals left I can finally return to art and writing again. Next week will be a short week and the week after is finals. Be also coming back to W.o.R. if you didn't continued from where we left off.
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    Just a heads up, I won't be back for another 3-4 weeks until finals are finished and trauma is dealt with. Long story short, 2015 hasn't been friendly to me and the latter half of this year ain't being nice to me.
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