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    You're welcome
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    HappyBirthday Ed!
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    Happy Birthday, Edson Drake!!!
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    Understandable logic. I guess I might participate whenever it happens. I dunno.
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    Oh, I see. Well, there's that, and the fact that you can only have, what, 10(?) people in a room at one time. I'm sure that would be more than enough for whoever was gonna show up, though. Okay, I was just wondering what the hell people were asking me for.
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    Why do people keep asking me about some room meetup thing? People seem to be mentioning it to you, as well. You know what that's about?
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    Yep, that was me lol
    Thanks! And yes, I'd love to! Just whisper me whenever. Take note, however, that I'm mostly (semi-)afking when I'm in-game, unless there's an interesting EQ going on, so a reply might take some time
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    Since you basically invited anyone.... How to get into that room ( 'w') (player id?)
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    That'd be awesome.
    To be honest, I wish I could find any of you guys. There must be some character/account search function I'm missing...What block is everyone hanging out in?
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    Well, you see, I was always averse to social interaction (and still am), and I honestly despise talking with people in the physical world, so, "dating" was out of the question, as I'd instantly hate whoever I was with if they started making any kind of chitchat or small-talk.

    Also, I never knew any girls (and still don't), because, for whatever reason, girls were never very kind to me during my childhood. So, I kind of grew distant towards them, and have remained distant since.

    Like I said, I'm very hard to get along with. Trust me, that ain't happening.
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    Yeesh, I dunno, I'm a pretty tough person to get along with, jokes aside.

    No worries about a 3-year "dry spell" - I've been on a 24.5 year dry spell, haha. I've never been on a date or anything.
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    I'll continue to be bitter until I find someone who can tolerate my insanity.

    SPOILER ALERT- That won't happen.
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    That's why I refuse to enter a relationship until women as a whole give up the snide "relationship superiority" a vast majority of them dangle over mens heads. The mind games, the entitlement, the "we do what I want all the time and you're never right about anything" garbage they play. That ain't how it's supposed to work, and I won't have it.
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    I tried to explain that to a kid at work who bought his girlfriend over $400 worth of stuff for today. I asked him what she's going to get him in return.

    He replied with "Hehe, you know what I'll get!"

    "Oh, the same thing you get multiple times a week already? Yeah, nice gift."

    He was silent after that. I really wish people would just drop these ridiculous cultural traditions that have no place in modern society. There's absolutely no reason to continue any of them aside from the irrational fear of not doing them that everyone has.

    I outright refuse to follow any of them, and if I'm ever with a woman (good joke) that "celebrates" something like Valentine's Day and "expects" to be given things on days like it, I'll dump her then and there on the spot.
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    Good for her. More people need to stop buying into the whole "we NEED to do something today because we've just always done it!" tribal knowledge, traditionalist bullshit.

    In my opinion: If two people are really a couple that supposedly love each other, shouldn't every day be "Valentine's Day?"
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    What a bunch of losers!
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    Well, ya better figure it out! Ask your lady and your friends!
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    Eddie DEEEEEE

    Say, riddle me this - why are you so cool?
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    I know, but I'll probably never be able to get that lobby action now, though. That's all I wanted, and I couldn't even get a lousy 100 points. That irritates me quite a bit.
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    Uh huh. I lost out on all the Arkuma prize shop stuff. That really annoys me.

    and, yes, definitely pictures sometime. I love me some barely-covered chesties!
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