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    only just popped up on my end+^_^+
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    har har, no, it isn't, I'm told I'd have a great singing voice if i ever wanted to+^_^+
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    never talked to him with text, Xbox live friend, played a lot of Halo 3 and CoD with him since the MW1 days, but he no has Xbox now+^_^+ (also had a surprisingly decent 160 ms ping with him, so lag wasn't too bad)
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    meh, I'm overworked and quite tired, how about you? how the weather in NZ faring?? had a friend in Wellington, but i haven't heard from him since he went to university 6 months ago+^_^+
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    Nawww everyone is always on Ship02! Well I'm on Ship01... I might just have to start another toon on Ship02 at some point!
    Always blow on the pie... Safer Communities Together!
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    Wow! Another NZ player! What ship are you playing on???
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    Yes you do has a fan =P
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    Lol'd: "Claim down people." xDDD -> "where do I claim?"
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    Sure thing, what's your in game name?
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    That's what I do, being random is the way to go!
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    We are going to be friends now~
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    Same reason I have 1 on steam which I also don't talk to. I'm a narcissistic taciturn.
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    solaris,plz join to PSO2 play ship2 with me
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    Everywhere of everyday, everytime.
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    A wild night filled with too much Groovy Juice.
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    So you are playing Prime time Jp time and morning for me in england lol!
    Though i hear you on that work issue... 50-60 hours a week = BS.
    Then being called in on my one day off is just unfair. but meh life is unfair so w/e
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    *pokes back where ya been! you on pso2?
    If you are my character is Inori Yuzuriha Female human hunter Ship 2
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    Cute Signature.
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