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    What a loser.
    Some people are just...weird I guess. lol
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    Haha what the hell.
    Guy doesn't know how to spell, and he's critiquing your language?

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    English isn't my native tongue, so I doubt I can do something like that.
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    I agree.
    I was on earlier in the morning yesterday, and the all of a sudden it stopped working.
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    Well, it might be real to some people?
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    Hahe, well, that is petty fun, sometimes.
    But it can get boring, like everything else.
    Florida doesn't have anything interesting if you're poor, and unfortunately, that's me!
    Well, I just don't have enough money to do the fun things tourists come here to do.
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    To be honest, I don't think there's anything to do anywhere, unless you have lots of money. :/
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    Hi Lina!
    You live in New Zealand?!
    That's pretty cool.
    Is it a beautiful country?
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    Hi there /
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    Hey, I saw your post about the Bringer's Rifle... looks like it shot out a fart cloud or something, lol. And is it REALLY true that they just rehashed an older mission for that Guardians' Cash mission!? If so, that's really despicable; Sega just keeps getting lower and lower with this game. Oh well, I understand if you intend to quit; it took me a while to realize how bad things were too, so don't feel bad. The less money Sega gets from us, the sooner PSU can die out. <_>
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    Yes! Why else have you continued to play all this time!? And next time yo-*farts* ... oops.
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    lol hey lina. So later today is maintenance...that means at least half the PSU population will be masturbating until the server goes back up.
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    Only like 146 or something. I'm not even trying at all because I know we will be getting MAG+ soon. I will cap my charecters then.
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    It might be
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    Never mind, Shou answered my question.
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    For that one Spread Needle that you auctioned off and traded for 99 Gold Bars and 10M meseta, what was the grinds on it?
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    XD Waki Miko Syamemaru could do something usefull around the place busy playing Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?.
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    [email protected]

    My MSN if you wanna chat
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    Oh, lmao, thats my last name : P
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