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    i was wondering it the servers for ps2 and pc are linked? i know its in the faqs but it doesnt explain it well enough. was wondering cause im soon to own the game for pc (i know its sad i dont have it yet) and a buddy of mine was thinking of getting it for the ps2 cause he has no pc. well thank you for the insight on this question


    ps hope to see some of you online when i finally get this game =)

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    Available Servers:

    JP PC/PS2

    US/EU/etc. PC/PS2

    Worldwide Xbox 360 servers

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    Yeah, PS2 and PC players play together on the same servers.
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    cool thx for the quick reply & sorry i didnt clarify title Dhylec

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    Sadly yes they are linked I wish they weren't because of the ease of hacking the pc version.

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