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    Greetings everyone

    i just got my acount today and i was wondering if in PSU exist something like the soulbanisher like in PSO or even a souleater kind of weapon

    or is too soon too tell?

    thanx for your time

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    Souleater was a scyth right? If so no...or at least too early to tell.

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    There is a pair of "double scythe" looking double sabers though, photons of course.

    And not available atm.

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    mmmm well if thats the case then there is a little hope for those

    thanx guys

    and getting off the subject about the clothing and parts in PSU

    im in chapter 9 now, but when made a cast in extra mode the "customabilty" of its part was VERY limited
    and for what i can see in the story mode theres not much to choose from the stores either

    will there be more parts or do i have to do with those

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    Not sure but I think you may be stuck with that limited amount.

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    CASTs in general have limited parts in exchange for customizable colors, as well as designs unique from other races. More content is to be released in Network mode, but I don't know about extra mode.

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    mmm bummer
    thanx anyway

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