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    Hiya all, I Play on Titania useally Block 1,2 or 16. I'm Curently a lvl 62 HUmar and a memer of the Dark Refuge Clan.

    Just wanted to post my info and let everyone get to know me =)

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    I forgot to post something.

    Also I play Everquest and Diablo 2. On Everquest i play on Tarewmarr, I'm Known as Razziel level 60 necromancer. On Diablo 2 im known as Deith 60 Necro (hehe Go Figure)

    And i just wanted to make this Clear, Im a Very honest person i do not STEAL. If Someone happens to die and i accidently grab there stuff i give them back. Fighting when someone dies can be a pain in the arse cause Normal attack picks up ITems on the ground hehe.

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    Its great to have you aboard these boards. (joke).

    Anyways, welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit and I am glad you chose to become a member here. I also hope to read your future posts. I look foward to posting together and playing on PSO in the near future.


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    Hey Ragnark!! What is your name on PSO and where do you normally play? I want to play with you man. I am a lv 20 racast and I have a lv 51 ramar. My PSO name is Maximus.

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