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    My friend is now getting on with MSN, and is having the same problem. I remember someone mentioning having to do MSN/ and the username or something. Byt he way, the one who helped me with NetZero, THANKS!!! I got on and played for a while, now my bud (we got the modems today) is getting on and having the prob, lol.

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    Umm... I'm assuming this is about previous post? I didn't read your other post, but you just sign on with MSN with like this:


    Then put in your password. 'Username' is whatever your MSN email address is minus the '' part. Hope that helps.

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    I had the exact same problem, but I'm checking now to see if it'll work. Thanx, hope to see you online!

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    Im also having a problem getting online with MSN , so let me get this straight . When i enter the info into my modm or whatever for user ID i put my msn sn without "" right? and then i put my password that i use for msn? is this correct because thats what i have in there right now

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    Yes, it's jsut MSN/username without the The password requires no extra service.

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