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    Yurnero's Guide to The Power and Mind Rati

    Hello everyone! I have received Moderator consent to post this guide in these forums, and I hope that this guide will be helpful to other users of PSO. It focuses on raising a Power/Mind Rati for PSO: Episodes I and II.

    I am Yurnero. The name comes from an old favourite MMORPG mini-game called DotA [Defense of the Ancients] for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. I was attached to the character and name Yurnero, and so have named myself that.

    I have written many guides before, so I am not shy about taking my time and giving detailed explanations about my choices and such, so be ready to learn a lot!

    I chose to write this guide because I haven't seen a Power/Mind Rati Guide on this site before, and I was delighted about finding out the best way to achieve this kind of Rati, mainly because I have a FOnewearl

    Allright guys, that was my introduction about, well, me Lets get on to the guide!

    Part One - The Hatching
    I call this part of the guide the "hatching" because it is when the new MAG turns into its first evolution, starting its long and rewarding journey to become a Rati!

    MAG Stats: [Level 5] --> 5/0/0/0
    • Defense: 5
    • Power: 0
    • Dexterity: 0
    • Mind: 0

    Make sure that the character you are using to raise this mag is a Hunter that is either Purplenum, Oran, or Greenill. These are the only three Hunter Section IDs that can achieve the Rati with the DEF + MIND = POW + DEX formula at level 100, so this is very important.

    The total cost to take the level 5 MAG your Hunter has and make it Level 100 will be exactly 62,650 Meseta. So, once you're ready financially, and mentally for the long road in front of you, read ahead.

    Now, assuming that this MAG is Power/Mind because you want an MST boost as well as an ATP boost, we will start off with MST boost since ATP can wait. That also applies Vice-Versa, but still... We're starting off with MIND

    Feed your MAG 13 Monofluids. This will enhance its MIND to level 5, which in combination with the 5 Levels of Defense it already has, will make it Level 10. Evolution time! Heyo! It's a Varuna now! Oh my! It also learned the Photon Blast Farlla! Let's celebrate!

    Hmm? Oh.. no celebration yet huh? What? 90 More Levels you say?! Oh my... well then, we'd better continue now, shouldn't we!

    Cost Calculations:
    • Monofluid Cost: 100 Meseta Each
    • Required Amount: 13
    • Equation: 13 * 100
    • Solution: 1,300 Meseta

    Part Two - The Journey
    Allright little Varuna! Let's embark on the journey of a lifetime! We're gonna turn you into a cute little Rudra!


    MAG Stats: [Level 10] --> 5/0/0/5
    • Defense: 5
    • Power: 0
    • Dexterity: 0
    • Mind: 5

    Now, lets get some muscle into those robotic limbs of yours, little MAG! It's time to make you buff (Queu body builder baby from Pampers commercial --> "Get Ripped")!

    To transform this average Varuna into a Rudra, you must feed it 167 Monomates. This will give it the stats 14/16/0/5, which will make it a strong level 35 MAG.. now for the calcula-

    What? Ohh! The 14 Defense! I forgot to explain that?! Shame on me! Well.. as it turns out, keeping a Power/Mind MAG at 5 Defense for its whole lifetime is not possible, even though we'd like it to be. Even if it were, it would cost a whole hell of a lot of Meseta!

    The fact just is that Mono/Di/Trimates and Mono/Di/Trifluids all add Def in their Mono forms, and then they add Dex in their Di and Tri forms.. That means a POW/MIND Rati is doomed to have 14 Def! Aww!

    But don't fret! That just means losing 9 Mind levels! That's only an 18 MST loss! It's not much! Plus, extra Defense is nice to have, especially if you are building this Rati for a Force!

    Anyways, as I was saying.. On to the calculations!! Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention.. Photon Blast Golla! Yaarg!!!

    Cost Calculations:
    • Monomate Cost: 50 Meseta Each
    • Required Amount: 167
    • Equation: 167 * 50
    • Solution: 8,350 Meseta

    Part Three - The Mid-Life Not so Crisis
    Alright, now its time to put this Rudra to intense training! Let's do this men! And women!

    MAG Stats: [Level 35] --> 14/16/0/5
    • Defense: 14
    • Power: 16
    • Dexterity: 0
    • Mind: 5

    Here's where it starts getting a little expensive.. and time consuming. But then, when you find something to do (like write out a guide... *ahem*) while waiting for your MAG to get hungry, time flies by pretty fast.

    To get your Rudra from level 35 to level 50, that 15 level gap is going to cost you 16,700 Meseta. That is because we are focusing on raising the mind level here, and this means we need to use Monofluids. Unfortunately though, one Monofluid adds only 9 MIND points, and Di/Trifluids add Defense, which we want no more of... Here we go...

    The 15 levels to get from 35 to 50 requires 167 Monofluids to be fed to your Rudra. Feed your Rudra only 166 Monofluids until you have met the criteron below:
    • The Hunter that is feeding the 167th Monofluid is of the Purplenum Section ID

    Rudra will evolve into a Kabanda, but only if your current Section ID is Purplenum. If you are using an Oran/Greenill Hunter, get your current Rudra to a Purplenum hunter just to evolve it into a Kabanda, because we want the Photon Blast Mylla and Youlla. Then, transfer it back to the original Hunter.

    NoTe: If you did have to transfer the Rudra to turn it into a Kabanda, once your original Oran/Greenill Hunter gets the new Kabanda and feeds it once, it will turn into a Bana. But do not fear, Bana and Kabanda feed the same way, so the next section is still what you need to do. We only wanted a Kabanda for its Mylla and Youlla Photon Blast.

    Now, you have a Kabanda (or Bana depending on the chain of events in the NoTe above) with the Stats 14/16/0/20! Congratulations!

    Cost Calculations:
    • Monofluid Cost: 100 Meseta Each
    • Required Amount: 167
    • Equation: 167 * 100
    • Solution: 16,700 Meseta

    Part Four - The Cocoon & Metamorphasis
    Now its time for the looong and expensive process of gaining those 50 levels. It actually isn't so long though, since both items that we are going to use here to raise Power and Mind at the same rate

    MAG Stats: [Level 50] --> 14/16/0/20
    • Defense: 14
    • Power: 16
    • Dexterity: 0
    • Mind: 20

    Now to get this Kabanda/Bana into the desired Rati, we must feed it the record of 178 Monofluids and 370 Monomates*. Wow. I hope you have a lot of patience, because you're about to be rewarded... big time.

    [*] - Why not Difluids/Trifluids and Dimates? They all increase MIND/POW by higher amounts and woudld therefore be cheaper, so why not?

    Simply put, Difluids/Trifluids cost a lot more than monofluids (5x and 36x more respectively), which could cause a huge toll on your money. You would have to feed 146 Difluids and 85 Trifluids. If you do the math, it would total 73,000 Meseta for Difluids, and if that wasn't already enough, it would total 306,000 for Trifluids. Yes, Monofluids costs more time, but unless you are a millionaire, it is simply more cost-efficient to buy Monofluids.

    Similarily, Dimates would require 310 of them to gain those 34 levels, which would cost you 93,000 Meseta! Once again, it's just more cost-efficient to stick with Monomates rather than Dimates!

    Feed the Kabanda/Bana all 178 Monofluids and only 369 Monomates. You do NOT feed the last Monomate until you meet these requirements:
    • The current character that is in possession of the Kabanda/Bana is a Hunter [The HU class]
    • The current Hunter that is going to feed the last Monomate to the level 99 Kabanda/Bana is Male
    • The current Hunter that is going to feed the last Monomate to the level 99 Kabanda/Bana is of the Purplenum, Greenill, or Oran Section IDs.

    Once those criterion are met, then proceed to evolve your Kabanda/Bana into a Rati. Once it hits level 100, your Rati will have the stats 14/50/0/36. Congratulations, you have achieved the MIND/POWER Rati. Pat yourself on the back and swear to god you will never bore yourself to such extreme lengths again...

    Cost Calculations:
    • Monofluid Cost: 100 Meseta Each
    • Required Amount: 178
    • Equation: 178 * 100
    • Solution: 17,800 Meseta
    • Monomate Cost: 50 Meseta Each
    • Required Amount: 370
    • Equation: 370 * 50
    • Solution: 18,500

    Now that you have your Rati, you may feed it Dimates to increase its Strength, or you may feed it Difluids or Trifluids to increase its Mind. Both Dimate and Di/Trifluid will only increase the intended stat.

    On 2007-02-16 06:12, Obscenity wrote:
    Nice guide. Thanks for taking the time to write it. One thing I would suggest, though, is that for players raising a Rati's Power, alternating feedings of Trimates/Moon Atomizer/Trimates/Monomates is faster than just feeding Dimates.

    Feed Trimates until the Def bar is almost full, then start feeding Moon Atomizers, which also raises Dex, but lowers Def, until the Dex bar is almost full. Then feed Trimates again until the Def bar is almost full once more. Then switch to Monomates, which lowers both Dex and Def.

    All of these items raise Power, and you'll be feeding Trimates more than anything else, so it saves some time getting a Rati to L200.

    [Add-on of Yurnero's] - Once Def and Dex are at their lowest again, start the Trimate/Moon Atomizer/Trimate/Monomate cycle again.
    MAG Stats: [Level 100] --> 14/50/0/36
    • Defense: 14
    • Power: 50
    • Dexterity: 0
    • Mind: 36

    I hope you are satisfied with your MIND/POWER Rati. I also hope you enjoyed learning from and reading this guide

    The Calculations for # of items to be fed were made by the following:

    if(1 Monomate/Monofluid = $#% of 100%) {
    Every 100 Monomates/Monofluids = $# Levels;
    If 1 Monomate/Monofluid is the equivalent to {variable}% out of 100%;
    Then every 100 monomates/monofluids = {variable} levels.

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    Good work putting together this Mag guide.

    I think you deserve a Gold Metal.

    <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: Fujita on 2007-09-06 15:29 ]</font>

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    Thanks for the comment

    Gold Metal eh... hmm.. I'd like that

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    Though it's late, I think people can still find this guide helpful.
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep sig at 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    It's late? Eh? Me no understand

    But.. thanks a whole ton for the sticky!

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    i think it's really well put together and not boring! especially the cow... yes. the cow. well i think you did great keep up the good work
    If you understood everything I said, you'd be me.
    -Miles Davis

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    Keep it up. It's a useful guide

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    I've realized that Photon Blast Golla and Estlla are the same thing, so instead of Estlla, we will use Farlla, which is a different Photon Blast. Because we are now using the Photon Blast Farlla instead of Estlla, we do not need to use a Ranger to evolve the MAG into a Kalki. This means that should you have a Hunter that is of the Purplenum ID, you may achieve all evolutions on that one hunter, without any transferring!

    Please re-read the guide if you are confused or if you want to know more about the changes.

    Thank you

    - Yurnero

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    I didn't think Golla and Estlla were the same thing. Or am I missing something important?

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    Correct me if I'm wrong (please do), but isn't Golla the deer one, the one that only strikes enemies in front of you, just like Estlla? O_o

    Gah, even if I am wrong (then so would a lot of my PSO friends from school ), the newer version of the guide allows one hunter to feed it all the time, which means that the hunter can work on leveling up both himself/herself and the MAG. Save for that one level from 49 -> 50 where said Hunter might have to transfer the Rudra to a Purplenum Section ID, of course.

    Also, I forgot to copy the original version of the guide, in case I actually did make a mistake (which I'm fearing right now). I have the Rough Draft of the original guide, and if you want, I can add that in somewhere in case a Hunter wants Estlla/Golla/Mylla and Youlla Photon Blasts.

    Sorry if I've made a mistake Ahh.. Can't help but be human though

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