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    This is the sequel to Ragol’s Gift. Enjoy!


    Christmas on Coral is always my most favourite time of the year. Dad always puts his work on hold and spends more time with the family. Mom is much happier and the apartment is full of the smell of fresh baked cookies. I can never sleep and Christmas day never comes fast enough. This year is even more special because it’s my baby brother’s first one. The presents are piled high under our small tree; of course, to me it’s huge. The big day finally comes and I am up at four in the morning tossing and turning. No way can I sleep any more so I carefully open my door just enough to squeeze through then I creep down the short hallway that feels like a mile. There just ahead is the shadowy shrine that is every kids dream. The lights suddenly flash on. I turn to see my father staring down at me.

    “It’s not time yet son.” He says, “Back to bed.”

    “Yes dad.” I reply and reluctantly go back to bed.

    So I’m stuck in bed lying here for four more agonizing hours. The moment finally comes. Dad opens the door and shows me to the tree. The presents are handed out and Christmas begins. Baby Paul gets a few toys that he seems to enjoy. I get the Buster Jetstream Action Space Ship with lights and sound effects including five of Busters catch phrases. It’s the coolest toy ever. Once we clean up it’s time for diner. The turkey is perfect as usual. Mom works so hard to make things right. I wonder if she knows how much we love her. This is without a doubt the best Christmas ever.

    It’s another beautiful summer morning, or it would be if it weren’t for the mean androids out side. Everyone in our building is afraid. Dad says if we stay quiet, the androids might not come. Baby Paul doesn’t listen too well. Mom’s with him now so Dad will be making breakfast. I quickly pull on my pants and shirt and run to the kitchen. It’s not very big. Just big enough for the stove, the small fridge, and our round little table. I burst through the door and am greeted by the smell of frying bacon. There’s a big stack of pancakes waiting for me. I love pancakes. I hop up on my chair and wait for Dad to pour the hot syrup on them.

    “There you go son.” He smiles, “Eat up, we’ve got a busy day today.”

    “Where are we going today Dad?” I ask with a mouth full of pancakes.

    Dad doesn’t answer at first. He just stares at the bacon sizzling in the pan. Slowly he turns and looks at me. He looks so very sad.

    “You know it’s not safe here.” He says.

    “The androids?” I ask.

    “That’s right.” He nods, “Your mother and I have agreed that we need to get you and your brother away from here.”

    I stare at him, not quite understanding what he’s talking about.

    “When you’re finished eating I want you to pack your bag.” He says, “Take some cloths and your two favourite toys. Leave everything else.”

    “But Dad!” I start to protest.

    “No Son!” He snaps, “Just do it. Now eat up.”

    I nod once then finish my pancakes before heading back to my room. Moms got Paul’s things in her bag. I throw a few things in my pack and stuff my bear in last. A loud bang comes from down stairs. People start screaming in the hall. Dad grabs me by the arm.

    “Come on, they’re here.” He says.

    Dad yanks the door open. There’s smoke in the hallway. We rush out into the hall. Two androids are waiting for us. Baby Paul begins to cry.

    “Quiet.” The green android growls.

    He pulls out a sword and swings it at mom. She gasps and jumps back. Seems like he misses, but wait. The baby has stopped crying. Mom screams as Paul falls apart and lands on the floor. Dad pulls me away. The android swings again and mom stops screaming.

    “Run!” Dad yells.

    He pushes me down the hall. I run as fast as I can. Then I hear Dad cry. I stop and turn. The red android is standing over Dad. He’s holding a light sword. He marches toward me. I’m too scared to move.

    “Good bye son.” He glares.

    He swings his sword. I jump back. Pain runs down my face. My right eye won’t open. I fall and land on my back. The red android goes to stab me. The green one stops him.

    “What are you doing?” The Red one asks.

    “Just let him burn.” The Green says, “He’s not going anywhere. Besides I don’t feel like getting cooked in here.”

    “Fine.” The Red android grumbles.

    I watch them leave before turning. There’s a window at the end of the hall. If I can reach it I might be able to get out. I start coughing. Must get to the window. My eye is getting heavy. My strength finally gives out. My eye drops shut and darkness envelops me. Dead before I get to live.

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    The air was fresh and bitter cold. It stung any exposed flesh causing frost bite very quickly. The sun was beginning to set. Banks of clouds were moving in. A strong wind came with them. Another snow storm was heading this way. It had been a long climb to the top of the mountain but this was the only way across the range. Striker opened his eye leaving the painful memory in the past. His left eye was the only functioning one. His right eye was nothing more than a white ball still sitting in its socket. The damage had been too severe to repair and by the time he was old enough for an artificial one, he had grown used to looking at it in the mirror. It was a reminder of his ultimate quest. His family had to be avenged. He pulled the scarf higher over his face. He’d have to find shelter soon. These northern storms tended to be merciless and unrelenting. His trail would soon be covered and with each passing storm he lost ground on the androids responsible for his family’s death. It had been almost a year since he left Pioneer Two and he was becoming very lonely. The northern tundra was completely lifeless yet that is were the androids seemed to be headed. Striker didn’t understand it but he wasn’t about to give up either. He let out a sigh and began to hike down the other side. Going down was much easier and he found a nice little cave at the halfway point. Striker climbed inside just as the snow began to fall. He pulled his portal heater from his pack and a small pot that he used to melt snow. He activated the heater then filled the pot with packed snow and placed it on the heating rack. He looked down at the bottom of his pack and counted the remaining ration bars.

    “Only twenty three left.” He sighed, “This is not good. If I have to return to the ship for food I’ll lose them for sure.”

    He zipped up the pack and decided he’d wait until morning to eat. For now he’d just have to fill up on melted snow. Warm water was not very filling and he had run out of coffee packs and herbal tea. He downed the last of the water and placed the pot back into the pack. He found a reasonably comfortable bit of rock wall to lie against and pulled his Red Sword up next to him. Slowly he fell into a nightmare filled sleep.

    He awoke from another dream about his friends being eaten by the Lazarus monster. One of many that haunted him each night. Morning was always a relief because he knew they were all safe aboard Pioneer Two. He missed Amanda most of all. She was a strong independent HUnewearl who rarely put up with his smart mouth and yet the more he had gotten to know her the more he liked her. He had even asked her to come and was very disappointed when she turned him down. He didn’t let her know that of course. His next choice had been Aphrodite. She was a little Fonewearl and Amanda’s best friend. She wasn’t as pretty as Amanda but she made up for it with her naive sweetness. She had hooked up with Strikers best friend HitmanJ and therefore taken herself off Strikers dating list. He sighed and quickly stuffed his belongings back into his pack. He scooped up his Red Sword and continued down the mountain completely unaware that he was being watched.

    Tessa watched intently as the young HUmar continued his decent. She had been following him for several days. He was the first person she had seen in nine years. She was a young woman of twenty five years and had come aboard Pioneer One. She had gotten lost one day and ended up wandering the tundra surviving the best she could. She shook the thought from her mind and focused on the young man in the distance. She wanted to meet him but was afraid he might be with the corrupted ones. She put the old pair of binoculars away and began down the mountain. As she reached the bottom she lost sight of him. She hurried down hoping to catch up with him when he appeared ten feet below her. She gasped and hid behind a rock. She waited a moment then peered out. The hunter had reached the trail that lead through the valley. She’d have to hurry to catch him.

    Striker looked up in the direction the noise had come from. He didn’t see anything but he was sure something was up there. He considered checking it out then shook his head and continued down. He reached the bottom and found a small trail filled with animal tracks.

    “This is a good sign.” He smiled, “If I can catch some food. I won’t run out of ration bars. This is good.”

    He tilted his head and looked closely at the trail and smiled.

    “Gotcha.” He grinned.

    Two sets of android tracks were just visible in the new fallen snow.

    “Dinner and a robot!” Striker laughed, “Some one is looking out for me.”

    He started down the path when he heard another sound. He spun and looked but nothing was there. Now he was sure some one was following him. He turned and hurried down the trail, hoping to surprise his pursuer.

    Tessa reached the bottom only to find she had lost the hunter again.

    “And you call yourself a tracker.” She muttered.

    She looked down and saw his foot prints. A smile crept across her face. She was a tracker after all. She followed the tracks around a large bolder and came face to face with one of the arctic’s locals. It was one of the few carnivores that lived here. It was the size of a tiger with a similarly built body. The head looked more like a lion with a bright red mane. Its front paws were massive sporting giant non retracting claws. Its rear legs were much smaller but no less deadly. It roared once then stared hungrily at her with pitch black eyes. Tessa drew her only weapon, a combat knife her father had given her. This was not the first time she had to fight one of these creatures and it would not be the last. The creature charged with blinding speed. Tessa only had a second to react but it was a move she had done a million times. She jumped aside and kicked the animal in the ribs. It yelped as its hind legs slid in the snow. As soon as it stopped it leapt at her. She swung the knife slicing into the left front leg. The animal cried out as it swatted at her with the other claw but Tessa was already spinning out of the way. The claw just missed her back. She finished the spin and drove the knife into the animal’s side. It yelped and fell to the ground. Tessa started to retrieve her knife when the animal climbed to its feet. Tessa gasped and stepped back. The animal slowly crept forward. Red blood fell to the ground. She had obviously punched something but it wasn’t going to let her wait for it to die. She backed up until she hit the rock wall. The creature crept forward, drool dripping from its fangs. Her only choice was to call for help and hope that the hunter can hear her.

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    Striker stopped and cocked his head. He thought he heard a cry for help. It sounded like a girl and she sounded hot. That was impossible of course. No one was here except for him and the two androids. He started to turn but his heart kept telling him he should go help her. He sighed and headed back down the path. Striker rounded a corner and froze. It was a girl and she was beautiful. She was dressed in animal skins. Her hair was chestnut brown and perfectly straight handing out from under her hat. She had bright green eyes and pail soft looking skin. She looked to be in her mid twenties. She was pinned up against the rock face. A large cat creature was stalking her. There was a combat knife stuck in its side. Blood oozed from the wound. The animal jumped. Striker jumped too swinging his Red Sword. The creature’s body fell limp as the head landed nearby. Striker exhaled then looked up at the girl. She smiled at him.

    “Thank you.” She said as she pulled out her combat knife, “That’s the first one that’s ever gotten the drop on me.”

    “You fight these often?” Striker asked.

    “All the time.” She replied, “It’s one of the few food sources here.”

    Striker frowned as the girl picked up the carcass and slung it around her shoulders.

    “What are you doing?” He asked.

    “Can’t let good meat go to waste.” She shrugged.

    Striker stood there for a moment with his mouth open. Tessa started down the path then looked back.

    “Come on.” She nodded, “We have to cook this before it goes bad.”

    Striker looked around then shrugged, “Where?”

    “The watering hole.” Tessa replied.

    “Wait a minute.” Striker said running to catch up, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

    “Names Tessa.” She replied, “And I live here?”

    “Nobody lives here.” Striker frowned.

    “I do.” She smiled.

    “Why?” Striker asked.

    “I’ll tell you when we get to the hole.” Tessa replied, “OK?”

    “OK.” Striker nodded.

    They walked for a few minutes before Striker tried to carry the carcass but Tessa refused. They walked for another half hour before reaching the hole. The watering hole turned out to be a large steaming lake. The valley opened onto the lake. The entire surrounding area was green and lush. Herds of animals had gathered here to feed and drink. Tessa started walking around the lake but Striker went straight for the water. He pulled his glove off and stuck his finger in. The water was cool but not nearly as cold as he expected.

    “You could almost go swimming.” He said.

    “You can.” Tessa smiled, “There’s a thermal vent that keeps the water at a constant twenty degrees!” (69 degrees F)

    “Wow.” Striker whistled.

    “My cave’s just up ahead.” Tessa nodded.

    Striker watched her for a moment not realising he had a big grin on his face. He propped his sword up on his shoulder and followed her to a very large cave. The floor was surprisingly smooth. A bed made of leaves and grass sat beside the left wall. The fire pit was located at the rear where there was a hole in the ceiling. Tessa set the carcass down and proceeded to skin it. There was a large pile of wood nearby. Striker decided to help by starting the fire. Once it got going he sat down to tend it.

    “So.” He said clearing his throat, “How long have you been here?”

    He smiled expecting her to answer a couple of months or a year tops. Her answer took his breath away.

    “Well.” She started looking down to avoid eye contact, “If my watch is still accurate, nine years.”

    Strikers jaw dropped. He couldn’t speak.

    “Good thing it charges with solar power huh?” She chuckled once.

    “Nine years.” Striker gasped, “Wait a minute that means you’re from Pioneer One.”

    “Yes, so?” Tessa frowned, “Oh I guess Pioneer Two would have arrived by now.”

    “Almost three years ago.” Striker replied.

    “I wish I could have met you all.” Tessa sighed, “I got lost up here and didn’t know how to get back. It was a miracle I found this place.”

    “It’s a miracle you’re even alive.” Striker muttered.

    “What’s that?” Tessa asked looking up.

    “Nothing.” Striker shrugged.

    “As soon as we landed I rushed off to explore the planet.” Tessa said, “Everyone was busy with the construction at the central dome so I guess they didn’t notice me slipping away. I was young and excited. It wasn’t until I crossed into the dense northern forest that I realized I didn’t know were Pioneer One was. Another month of wandering and I ended up in this northern wasteland. I guess I was too far away for the rescuers to find me. I almost went mad from the loneliness until I broke down and had a crying fit. After I collected myself and swore that I would survive until help came. And here you are.”

    “I didn’t come here to bring you home.” Striker sighed.

    “I know but your still help.” Tessa smiled.

    She stuck some chunks of meat on the stick and placed it above the fire.

    “Actually I’m looking for a couple of androids that fled this way.” Striker said.

    “Yes I saw them.” Tessa nodded, “They looked kind of dangerous.”

    “They murdered my family when I was little.” Striker growled clenching his fist.

    “And you want revenge.” Tessa sighed.

    “I want justice.” Striker glared.

    “Sometimes the line between justice and revenge is difficult to see.” Tessa said softly.

    “You’re a philosopher too?” Striker glared.

    “No, but it’s something to think about.” She smiled.

    “These androids have done awful things to many people.” Striker said staring into the fire, “I can’t let them hurt anyone else.”

    “What did they do?” Tessa asked.

    “It’s a long story.” Striker muttered.

    “We have lots of time.” Tessa smiled and handed him a piece of cooked meat.

    “Not that much.” Striker replied as he took a bite, “Hey not bad.”

    Tessa nodded with a smile. Striker couldn’t stop staring at her. She was quickly becoming the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. He turned away and mentally slapped himself.

    “Stay focused Striker.” He thought.

    “So how is everyone?” Tessa asked.

    “How do I begin?” Striker sighed.

    “Why, what’s happened?” Tessa asked as the smile drained away.

    “And she’s smart too.” Striker thought.

    He started with Pioneer Twos arrival and finished with his battle against Lazarus. Tessa never said a word. Her face was frozen in shock and horror the entire time.

    “You OK?” Striker asked.

    “My father.” Tessa said at last, “Gone.”

    She started to cry. Striker moved beside her and wrapped his arms around her. She instantly hugged back and had a good long cry. Striker knew what she was going through. It’s when she finally stopped crying and looked into his eyes. He was falling in love with her.

    “Thank you.” She sniffled.

    “Anytime.” He replied softly.

    They finished cooking the meat and stuffed it in their packs. Striker thanked her for the food and headed out. She watched him for a moment then ran after him.

    “Wait!” She called, “I’m coming too!”

    Striker’s heart skipped a beat. This was great. He wanted her with him, but this was going to be dangerous and he didn’t want her to get hurt.

    “No, this is way too dangerous.” He sighed, “These androids won’t hesitate to kill you.”

    “I spent nine years by my self.” Tessa stomped, “No more.”

    Striker stepped back then nodded, “Okay.”

    The two headed for the far end of the lake where the valley reformed. They picked up the androids tracks here. Striker missed them at first but Tessa spotted them easily.

    “You might be worth having around after all.” Striker smiled.

    Tessa just giggled. The valley finally opened up after a couple hundred kilometres. The wind whipped across the open tundra blasting them with icy chunks. Striker stepped back into the shelter of the valley and set his equipment down then collapsed. Tessa frowned at him.

    “You’re not giving up are you?” She asked.

    “No.” Striker said shaking his head, “I’m exhausted and night will be on us in half an hour. We should spend the night sheltered here, and then start out in the morning.”

    Tessa looked up at the setting sun and nodded. She sat down beside Striker and watched him set up his stove. He melted down some water then pulled out some of the cooked meat. They ate in silence for a while, staring at the gas flame.

    “How’d you lose your eye?” Tessa asked softly.

    “The androids took it.” Striker replied, “They murdered my family then took it trying to kill me.”

    “I’m sorry.” Tessa whispered then snuggled up to him.

    Striker put his arm around her and closed his eyes. At first he just enjoyed the warmth they shared. Slowly he drifted into sleep and entered the nightmare world he visited every night.

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    Thanks for the feed back. There’s a lot more to come!


    He awoke with Tessa shaking him and telling him to “wake up”. She looked very worried and kept looking back. He sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eye.

    “What’s going on?” He muttered.

    “We have to move.” Tessa quipped, “There’s a pack of those Razor cats coming.”

    “Is that what you call them?” Striker smirked.

    “I’m serious.” Tessa frowned, “One is no problem but a pack will tear us to shreds before we can even move.”

    Striker looked out at the open plain. The wind was calm today. The snow had been beaten into a hard icy sheet. They could make good time running across it. So could the Razor cats.

    “How fast are they?” He snapped.

    “Huh?” Tessa asked caught off guard by his abrupt question.

    “The Razor cats.” Striker replied, “How fast are they?”

    “Like any big cat I guess.” Tessa shrugged.

    “There is no way we could out run them.” Striker said as he stuffed his equipment into his pack.

    “Which is why we should leave before they discover us.” Tessa said and took off into the open plain.

    Striker grumbled and took off after her. They ran until Striker could go no farther. He fell to his knees gasping for air. Tessa turned and frowned at him.

    “You’re not tired already?” Tessa jabbed.

    “In case you… hadn’t noticed.” Striker gasped for air, “I’m… carrying all… the gear.”

    “Looks like we lost them.” Tessa said looking back.

    Striker remained quiet as he caught his breath. He stared at the ground and a smile crept across his face. There at his knees was the imprint of a ranger android. The hunter’s prints were right next to it.

    “Somebody loves me.” Striker cried jumping to his feet.

    “Well I don’t know about love but…” Tessa blushed.

    “Huh?” Striker frowned at her.

    She turned beet red and pretended to cough once.

    “Nothing.” She said looking away.

    Striker smiled then turned to follow the tracks. That reaction meant she at least liked him. Life was good right now. He felt warmer now than he ever had, even more than when Amanda had allowed him to put his arm around her. Even then he knew it was only because they were about to die. She’d never truly be able to love him. Tessa however, was showing general interest. The tracks lead to a cave opening in the tundra floor. Striker leaned over the edge. The floor was only six feet down. He leaned back and sighed.

    “More caves.” He muttered, “What is it with this planet and caves.”

    “What?” Tessa frowned.

    “Long story.” Striker shrugged as he tossed his equipment down the hole.

    “You’re not going down there, are you?” Tessa frowned as she pointed at the hole.

    “Yep.” Striker smiled, and jumped down.

    Tessa looked around then closed her eyes as she jumped. She expected to hit the floor hard. Instead she opened her eyes and found herself in Strikers arms.

    “Thanks.” She blushed.

    “My pleasure.” He smiled then set her down.

    He picked up his gear and looked around. The cave was dark and narrow. They’d have to walk single file. Striker pulled a small lantern from his pack and flipped the switch.

    “You’ve thought of everything.” Tessa smiled.

    “Comes with being an experienced hunter.” Striker boasted.

    Tessa frowned. The smile drained from his face then he turned and began trekking down the tunnel. Tessa stayed close to him, afraid that she might lose him. They continued hiking for several hours. Every so often they would see a scratch or scrape in the rock where the tunnel became a little too narrow for the androids. These signs kept driving them forward. Striker began thinking about what he would say to them when he finally caught them. The tunnel started to lighten as they came across small holes in the ceiling. Striker studied them as he walked. There was something about these holes that looked wrong. Tessa must have noticed it too because she spoke first.

    “Those holes weren’t created by erosion or cave in.”

    “I noticed that too.” Striker replied, “I’d guess some animal must have dug them.”

    “Yes, but why so many so close together?” Tessa pondered.

    “I’m no scientist.” Striker shook his head, “But I’d say there might have been a lot of them either trying to get in or trying to get what ever was in here.”

    “That’s not a very comforting thought.” Tessa muttered hugging herself.

    They trekked down the tunnel for a few more minutes then froze as a dark shadow passed overhead.

    “What was that?” Tessa whispered.

    “You know more about this place than me.” Striker replied.

    “Not this far out.” Tessa shook her head.

    The shadow came back and stopped directly over them. Striker signalled for quiet then inched down the tunnel. The creature twisted and turned as it tried to track them. Every now and then Striker caught a glimpse of brown hair through the holes. What ever this creature was one thing was clear, it was hunting them. Striker could see far enough ahead to where the holes ended and the tunnel angled down. Striker tapped Tessa on the shoulder and pointed down the tunnel. She nodded a reply. As if sensing what the humans were planning, a long pointed beak shot down through a hole and pierced Tessa in the shoulder. She cried out in pain. Striker went to swing his sword and hit the roof. The tunnel was too small for him to get a good chop.

    “Striker!” Tessa cried out clawing at the beak, “It’s draining my blood!”

    Striker dropped the sword and drew a handgun. He began to fire through one of the holes. The creature cried out and retreated. Tessa slumped against the tunnel wall. Striker knelt down to examine the wound.

    “It’s not bad.” He said.

    “Says you!” Tessa snapped, “I could feel it sucking up my blood.”

    “I mean, it’s nothing Resta can’t fix.” Striker replied.

    “Oh.” Tessa muttered.

    Striker was just about to cast it when the beak returned. It just missed his shoulder. He grabbed Tessa by her good arm and hauled her to her feet then dragged her down the tunnel. She struggled to keep up with him and nearly tripped a couple of times. The creature continually jabbed its beak into the holes as the humans ran. Small bits of rock flew at them each time. The creature’s last attempt caught Striker in the boot causing him to fall flat on his face. Tessa stumbled ahead of him then collapsed. Striker gasped then looked back at his foot. The creature was holding him solid. No pain so it must have missed his foot but it had him pinned and made it impossible for him to pull his foot out of the boot. He drew his hand gun and fired at the beak.

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    Doctor Mome rocked in his chair staring blankly at the small disk grasped between his fingers. His feet were resting up on the desk just in front of the blank monitor. He had expected things to cool off by now. They hadn’t. Security around the ship was still tight and only the hunter’s guild had access to the planet. He so desperately wanted to see the information on the disk but the lab was still being closely monitored. Three major accidents were enough to make anyone paranoid. First Dark Falz wipes out Pioneer One, then Olga Flow kills everyone on Gal Da Val Island, and now Lazarus destroys the secret artic research facility. This was not a good track record. It was enough to make Mome consider destroying the disk and all the samples, well almost. The trouble was IDOLA was the ultimate power. The dark force may be pure evil but it was still ultimate power. Mome, like so many others before him, was convinced he could harness and use this power. He’d just have to be more careful than Lazarus and Osto. He also didn’t have the resources that Osto and Lazarus had. Sure he still had Black Paper but their members had suffered a serious blow in the last battle and were in no shape to conduct business. He was still trying to repair Kireek. The physical damage was easy but his mental mind was a twisted mess. His mind had been a mess before the accident but now he barely even knew who he was and didn’t help that his Soul Eater continued to dissolve what was left of his sanity even though he had no idea where the weapon was being stored. No, Kireek was definitely out of the picture, which left Sue. Mome didn’t trust her. She may serve Black Paper but it wasn’t by choice. Black Paper owned her and there she’ll remain for the rest of her life. Still, she had no loyalty to them and often betrayed them at every opportunity. Her helping Deepfreeze and his friends was a perfect example. Unfortunately for Mome she was now in a controlling position within the organization and would no doubt work to free Black Paper from his control. Lazarus had done well to bribe the Black Paper leaders into his service and since most of them were killed in the lab explosion it had been easy for Mome to take control. This control was based on Sue’s cooperative nature. To maintain his secrecy he relied on her as his contact with Black Paper. The moment she realized that all she needed to do was to expose him, and then he’d be finished. He needed to eliminate her. Black Paper was in such ruins right now, they weren’t much use. He could cut them lose and still survive. Once this was done then he could sneak off to the back up lab in the southern hemisphere. Expansion was proceeding swiftly and won’t stay hidden for long. Worse yet that nosy do gooder ranger Deepfreeze had disappeared shortly after the defeat of Lazarus and no one had seen him since. People like him rarely died easily and always showed up when you least wanted them too. Mome thumbed the disk and glared at it. There was a knock at the door and Mome quickly tossed the disk into his desk drawer.

    “Come.” He called.

    Doctor Myers poked his head through the doorway. He was young at twenty three, had dark brown eyes and heavily tanned skin. His black hair was always slicked back. He was a hard worker and always aimed to please. Mome hated him.

    “Here’s where you’re hiding.” Myers smiled.

    Mome glared at him for a second then put his incompetent face on.

    “Here I am.” He smiled.

    “Have you finished the report on those artic Rappies yet?” Myers asked.

    “No.” Mome replied, “My last test results came back corrupted. I have to run them again.”

    “Really?” Myers exclaimed, “I finished the Polaroombas yesterday.”

    “What can I say?” Mome shrugged, “You’re good.”

    “I’ll let Doctor Benson know.” Myers waved and disappeared.

    The smile drained from Mome’s face. Myers had to go too. That would be a personal one though. He retrieved the disk from the drawer and shoved it into his pocket. Time was short indeed.

    “Falcon, watch out!” Sahara cried.

    Falcon dove to the side narrowly avoiding a stomping cone. This was what felt like the hundredth time in the last three months, that they’ve tried to get past Volt Opt, to seal the ruins. Falcon and Sahara both sported new Guardians crest. The Guardians were a new division of the guild dedicated to protecting the people of Pioneer Two and completing jobs the military was incapable of handling. In fact the military was nearly obsolete with WORKS being the only real military presence left. Debbie Dawson was a yellow RAmarl and Sammy Howarth the FOnewm, who calls himself Flameout, rounded out Falcons team. Volt Opt attacked again with a volley of missiles. The missiles smashed into Sammy encasing him in a ball of fire. He screamed and collapsed writhing in pain. Debbie quickly cast Resta healing his wounds. He climbed to his feet and gave Volt Opt a massive blast of Foie. It hardly affected the giant machine.

    “Oh come on.” He moaned, “That’s my best attack.”

    Volt Opt turned and launched a green energy ball at him. He tried to move out of the way and found him self trapped in the center of the stone fingers.

    “A little help here!” He called.

    “On my way!” Debbie replied.

    She ran around to his location just as Volt Opt released a Megid ball. It slowly floated toward the Newman. Debbie smiled and aimed her mechguns blasting the stone away. Sammy climbed out then gave Volt Opt the finger.

    “Nice try!” He yelled.

    Volt Opt locked a laser on him.

    “Oh crap.” He sighed staring at the laser beam on his chest.

    The stone cones dropped from the ceiling smashing the Newman into the ground. Debbie jumped back as a cone tried to drop on her, and then she ran forward to check on Sammy. He was bleeding badly and his leg was broken.

    “Lay still, I’ll use Resta again.”

    Sammy just moaned in pain. Before she could use her technique a giant mechanical claw extended from the top of Volt Opt and grabbed Debbie by the chest then threw her hard against the wall. She fell to the floor and remained still. Falcon growled and charged at the claw. He leapt up on Volt Opt’s chest then pushed off raising him up to the claws arm. He swung his Yamato down slicing through the arm on either side of the elbow. He landed with the claw crashing to the floor behind him. Sahara drove her daggers into Volt Opt healing pod, carving two deep gashes though the glowing emitter. The pod went dark and fell away.

    “Now you can’t heal.” Sahara growled.

    Volt Opt spun around and shot her with a ball of green energy. Three stone pillars rose from the ground around her. She was trapped. Volt Opt then dropped a floating ball of Megid. It slowly bounced across the floor heading straight for her.

    “Falcon!” She cried.

    Falcon stopped his attack on Volt Opt’s missile launcher and gasped. The Megid ball had almost reached his sister. He bolted for Sahara at full speed. Volt Opt dropped a series of cones blocking Falcon then stomped on him. The cone did not retract, pinning Falcon to the floor. He clawed at the floor desperately trying to free him self. The Megid ball hit Sahara. She crumpled to the floor.

    “No!” Falcon cried.

    Volt Opt released several volleys of missiles at him. Each barrage reduced his life until he felt the emergency transporter activate, and then darkness swept over him.

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    Cerberus, HitmanJ, Aphrodite, and Lisa stood helpless at the door to the control room, listening to the battle in side. They all sported Guardian crests. The door had sealed after Falcon’s team had entered. Cerberus’ team was escorting the maintenance crew that was going to seal the ruins with a new blast door. Cerberus gripped his newly acquired Justy 23ST rifle, wishing he could help his friends.

    “This sucks.” HitmanJ cursed, “We should be helping them.”

    “I know but with the doors locked, we can’t get in.” Cerberus replied.

    The control room suddenly became very quiet. The small group stood in stunned silence. Cerberus’ BEE beeped.

    “Uh oh.” Aphrodite gasped as she gripped HitmanJ’s arm, “This can’t be good.”

    “Cerberus here.” He replied as he tapped his arm.

    “This is the guild.” The girl replied, “Mission failed. Please return to the ship. Team Alpha has been sent to the hospital.”

    “How are they?” Cerberus asked.

    “Not good.” The girl replied, “Some of them are in pretty bad shape.”

    “Understood.” Cerberus nodded then sighed, “Volt Opt wins again.”

    Aphrodite cast Ryuker then let the maintenance team enter first. They left the door behind for the next attempt. The team reappeared on the promenade beside the check room. They hurried down the street to the hospital. The Newman nurse was waiting at the door.

    “This way.” She waved.

    They found Sahara stand beside Falcon who was seated on a bed. A technician was repairing some internal damage. Falcon glared at Aphrodite as she entered the room. She cowered behind HitmanJ. Falcon looked away without a word. Aphrodite peered out and sighed when she saw she was no longer getting the stare. After all they had been through; Falcon still hated her and everything she stood for. He simply could not bring himself to accept a Force. Sahara was her only contact to him.

    “Didn’t go so well I take it?” Cerberus smiled.

    “No.” Falcon replied flatly, “It didn’t.”

    “How are the others?” HitmanJ asked.

    “Debbie will be just fine.” Sahara smiled.

    Her mouth may have been covered with her mask plate but her eyes shone the smile just as effectively, then it drained away. HitmanJ was always amazed at how well her eyes could display her emotional state.

    “Sammy suffered some broken bones and a couple punctured organs but nothing they can’t heal.” Sahara sighed.

    “I don’t get it.” HitmanJ huffed, “How does Volt Opt keep beating us?”

    We faced way tougher odds in the artic.” Lisa said softly.

    “Volt Opt learns.” Falcon grumbled, “Every time we face him he has something new.”

    “It’s more than that.” Cerberus replied, He’s thinking stuff up before we get there. He’s not supposed to be that smart.”

    “Maybe IT is controlling him?” Lisa suggested shyly.

    “With the ruins open I wouldn’t be surprised.” Cerberus sighed, “Its influence is pouring out of that place.”

    “Worse yet there’s been sightings of dark creatures around the Central Dome.” Aphrodite said, “Not to mention on the surface at other locations too.”

    “D-cell infection is spreading faster than we can contain it.” Falcon growled.

    “There.” The technician smiled, “You’re all done.”

    Falcon hopped off the bed and rotated his joints. Nothing squeaked or creaked.

    “Excellent work.” He said then added coldly, “For a human.”

    “Falcon!” Sahara scolded, “Be nice.”

    Falcon just glared at her. Sahara thanked the technician then led the group out.

    “That’s some sister you’ve got there.” HitmanJ smiled.

    “You have no idea.” Falcon grumbled.

    Aphrodite jabbed him in the arm and frowned.

    “What.” HitmanJ shrugged.

    “That’s for looking at another woman.” Aphrodite chirped.

    “Oh brother.” HitmanJ sighed.

    Cerberus followed everyone to the commercial district but instead of going to the grill house with his friends, he broke off and went to the little café that he and Deepfreeze had spent many a morning. He sat down at their usual table. The waiter strolled up to him and smiled.

    “Hello Cerberus.” He smiled, “Your usual?”

    “Please.” Cerberus nodded.

    The waiter smiled and hurried off to fetch the monomate. Deepfreeze had disappeared after his mysterious meeting on Gal Da Val Island. He never came to say goodbye or left any messages. Whatever he was in must be big or so dangerous he didn’t want to risk his best friend. It just shows how well he knew Cerberus. Had he come back to say goodbye, Cerberus would never had let him leave alone. Even now he worried for his friend. The waiter dropped off his order then left without a word. Cerberus stared at the plate. He was lost in thought when a sweet voice snapped him back to reality. He turned and found Amanda smiling at him.

    “Amanda.” He smiled back, “What are you doing here?”

    “I was in the neighbourhood.” She shrugged.

    Cerberus frowned.

    “All right.” She sighed taking the seat across from him, “I was hoping he’d be here.”

    “I’m worried about him too.” Cerberus replied.

    “How could he just leave like that?” She exhaled trying to hold back a tear.

    “Deepfreeze must have had his reasons.” Cerberus said taking her hand, “Obviously he
    wanted to protect us from something.”

    “But to just up and disappear like that.” Amanda sniffed, “I’ve spent the last ten months wondering and worrying. I miss him. Everyday it hurts a little more and now I just received bad news from Coral.”

    She sat a pad down in front of Cerberus and wiped away a tear from her check. Cerberus picked up the pad and scanned through it.

    “They’ve lost contact with Pioneer Three. Search and rescue ships have been sent out but have found nothing!” He read, “This is terrible. It’s strange though, no distress signals, no wreckage, no nothing.”

    “My father and sister were on that ship.” Amanda began crying.

    “I’m so sorry.” Cerberus said, “Come on, I’ll take you home.”

    She just nodded and wiped away the tears. They didn’t say anything until they reached the Yellowboz section. Amanda stepped on the elevator then turned to Cerberus.

    “Aren’t you coming in?”

    “Only if you want me too.” Cerberus replied.

    “I could use a friend.” She sniffed.

    “Then a friend you shall have.” Cerberus smiled.

    He stepped on the elevator and rode it up to Amanda’s floor. The apartment was still sparsely furnished with only a few personal items decorating the shelves. Cerberus slowly made his way around, inspecting each piece. Some were very old while others were common little trinkets. None of them reminded Cerberus of Amanda.

    “This is a very interesting collection.” He said, “None seem like you though.”

    “They’re gifts from friends back on Coral.” Amanda replied, “If it weren’t for the memories I wouldn’t keep half this stuff. I keep the ones from my father and sister in my bed room.”

    “I see.” Cerberus nodded.

    “I wonder what happened to them.” Amanda muttered.

    “Your family?” Cerberus asked.

    Amanda nodded.

    “I can contact Coral and see if they have the last co-ordinates of Pioneer Three.” Cerberus said, “It would be a start.”

    “What are you suggesting?” Amanda frowned.

    “We might be able to get a shuttle and go look for them.” Cerberus said.

    “Coral has more than a dozen ships out looking for them.” Amanda shrugged, “How would we ever find them?”

    “Maybe they got closer to Ragol than Coral.” Cerberus tilted his head slightly, “We might get lucky and run across them.”

    “That’s a big might.” Amanda smiled, “Anything we can do, I want to do it. I can’t sit here and just wait.”

    “I’ll contact you as soon as I learn anything.” Cerberus said and turned to leave.”

    “Thank you.” Amanda said softly.

    “That’s what friends are for.” Cerberus waved and walked out.

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    The next morning Amanda found HitmanJ and Aphrodite waiting at the transporter in the lab. They had been hired by a real estate agent by the name of Henry Grayson. There was a piece of beach front property that he wanted to develop into a resort. He had an energy fence built along the property line to keep the wild animals out but needed the ones that were already there, cleared out.

    “Should be an easy chore for the Guardians of Pioneer.” He had smirked.

    Amanda didn’t like the man very much but she needed the Meseta. She had asked Cerberus to come too but he was busy with Falcon and Sahara, as they attempted another run at Volt Opt. Lisa was the fourth person rounding out the attack group and couldn’t go either. With Striker gone and Crystal working the desk at the training center they just couldn’t find anyone willing to go as a fourth.

    “Shall we go?” HitmanJ asked.

    “After you.” Amanda smiled.

    He stepped into the transporter and reappeared in front of the Central Control Area. The girls appeared behind him. He went over to the island’s transporter and selected the new seaside location. Guests would be using this until a direct link with the ship was established. He followed the girls into the transporter. He appeared standing in knee deep water. The girls were already headed for the beach. He ran to catch up.

    “I think they need to readjust the transporter.” He muttered.

    “I know.” Aphrodite said plopping down on the beach.

    She pulled her boots off and poured the water out. The sun was warm and the sea breeze was crisp and clean. She closed her eyes and soaked it up for a moment. HitmanJ tapped her on the shoulder and signalled for her to come. She nodded and pulled her boots back on as quickly as she could. Amanda checked the fence and found it still operational.

    “We’re still good here.” She called.

    “OK let’s move through the over grown areas and clear out any trouble makers.” HitmanJ said drawing his Justice mechguns.

    Aphrodite gripped her Hildebears cane tightly and followed him into the undergrowth. Amanda brought up the rear, pulling her daggers from her pack. She was the only one in their group of friends who hadn’t found a special weapon to replace the one’s she’d lost. Even Sahara had found a pair of Bloody Art. The undergrowth opened to a small clearing where a Gui- Gue had set up a nest. There were four poison pods, each capable of releasing Gui. These large flying insects were capable of firing its stinger and HitmanJ didn’t like the thought of that. If they moved quickly enough, they might be able to take to pods out before they could release their contents. The trouble would come from any Gui who came to the aid of their queen. HitmanJ signalled for Amanda to go right and Aphrodite to move left. He signalled to go and they took off for their targets. The Gui-Gue screamed as the hunters destroyed her pods. She flew down in front of HitmanJ blocking him from the last pod. She launched a spiked ball at him which exploded in a cloud of poison gas. His mask prevented it from entering his lungs. Amanda charged from the side, digging her daggers into its abdomen. Aphrodite started to attack as well.

    “No!” HitmanJ cried, “Take out that pod!”

    She nodded and headed for the last target. The Gui-Gue flew up and whipped its abdomen to the right, throwing Amanda off. She screamed as she plummeted to the ground. HitmanJ bolted in her direction and arrived just in time for her to land on him. She slowly rolled off and smiled at him painfully.

    “Thank you.”

    “You’re quite welcome.” HitmanJ groaned as he climbed to his feet.

    He helped her up then charged with mechguns blazing. The Gui-Gue raised a defence shield, blocking most of his shots. Three Gui dropped down from the trees. Aphrodite turned and blasted it with Foie. It dropped to the ground and tried to crawl away.

    “No you don’t.” Aphrodite said squashing the bug.

    HitmanJ received a stinger to the back knocking him on his face. He rolled to his back and fired blasting the bug to a pulp. Amanda was chasing the last one around the small field. The Gui-Gue dropped down and launched a spike ball at her. The explosion knocked her sideways. The Gui stopped and launched a stinger at her. It hit the ground right next to her head.

    “Too close.” She gasped.

    HitmanJ turned and fired at the Gui-Gue but it had erected its force shield again. The Gui flew to the right buzzing Aphrodite’s head. She swung her cane at it but missed completely. Amanda charged it from the rear swinging just as the bug shot at HitmanJ. The stinger missed but the dagger struck home. Amanda looked at the writhing insect stuck to her dagger with disgust.

    “Not much fun is it.” She said.

    She flicked the bug off then stomped on it. The Gui-Gue flew past her brushing her head with its legs. Amanda threw her arm out and released a ball of fire. The fire attack blasted through the shield and set the insect on fire.

    “Yes.” Aphrodite squealed then cast Zonde.

    A bolt of electricity rained down on it blasting it to pieces. The hunters had to duck as insect parts rained down covering them in goo.

    “Oh yuck.” Aphrodite squealed, “This is so gross.”

    “New rule.” Amanda said as she spat out some goo, “No blowing up any more bugs.”

    “Let’s head back to the beach and wash up.” HitmanJ said shaking the goo off his guns.

    The trek back through the brush left them covered in leaves and twigs. The goo was drying quickly in the tropical heat and was becoming very sticky. HitmanJ stepped into the water and proceeded to wash it off. Amanda waded a little deeper before she started cleaning. Aphrodite was the last to exit the bush. She took one look at the water and took off at full speed. She splashed the others as she ran by then dove head first into the water. She came up sitting on the sand bottom and laughing like a little kid. Amanda looked at HitmanJ then shrugged with a smile and chased after Aphrodite. HitmanJ watched the girls playing just like kids. It amazed him how Amanda could act so mature one minute then switch it off and have a ball next. It was probably why she was so good with kids. Aphrodite, on the other hand, just hadn’t grown up yet, but that was one of the reasons he loved her. He finished washing up then stretched out on the beach. There was no time requirement on this quest so they might as well enjoy the fresh air. HitmanJ was just dozing off when he heard a rustling in the brush. He sat up and pulled his top back on then scanned the plant growth. The noise came again from his right, then his left. Slowly he pulled his mask back on and picked up his mechguns. The noise came from directly in front, yet he saw nothing. Small circular foot prints in the sand came charging at him. Something smashed into him, sending him flying back. The girls stopped and looked just in time to see him land flat on his back. More foot prints skittered across the beach.

    “Do you hear that?” Amanda asked.

    “Sounds familiar huh.” Aphrodite replied, “I left my cane on the beach.”

    “Move slow.” Amanda muttered, “They haven’t entered the water yet.”

    Aphrodite nodded and slowly followed her friend. Amanda pulled out her daggers and held them ready. Something splashed through the water in front of her then scurried up on to the beach to meet a second set of prints.

    “That’s two.” Aphrodite said softly.

    “There’s at least one more in the shadows by the brush.” Amanda replied, “Probably more waiting in the under growth.”

    HitmanJ slowly moved up beside them. A third set of prints skittered out from the shaded beach.

    “One for each of us.” HitmanJ said, “Any more?”

    “I can’t hear anymore.” Amanda replied, “But that doesn’t mean anything.”

    “One’s guarding my cane.” Aphrodite whispered.

    “Then he’s yours.” Amanda nodded, “I’ve got your back.”

    Aphrodite ran forward then cast Foie. The spider screamed as it jumped back and became visible. Aphrodite ran up and grabbed her cane. The spider stared at her with an unyielding glare. Aphrodite stared right back at it then smiled.

    “So we meet again.”

    The spider took a step forward as if to challenge her. Aphrodite gripped her cane tight. The spider clicked its claws. Amanda stood behind her friend listening for the other one. It wasn’t moving.

    “I’ve beaten you guys before.” Aphrodite growled, “You don’t stand a chance.”

    The spider charged forward. Aphrodite swung her cane releasing a fire ball. The spider was blasted back. The other spider charged but Amanda jumped forward digging her daggers into its side. Purple blood oozed from invisible wounds. It twisted around throwing her off balance. Her left dagger caught a leg as she went down. The spider lost its cloak and spun to face her. The dagger had cut halfway through the leg. It hung useless from just below the joint. Amanda tried to get up but the spider jumped on her. Two large fangs extended from the sides of its mouth.

    “You lose.” Amanda grinned.

    She swung the daggers slicing through the fangs, and then drove the blades up into the spiders head. It let out a garbled scream as purple blood poured out of the mouth. It was warm and sticky on Amanda’s exposed belly.

    “Gross.” She grumbled and crawled away from the dying creature.

    Aphrodite continued to blast the spider until it finally burned to death. HitmanJ intercepted the third one before it could reach the girls. His mechguns blasted chunks out of the creature until it finally died. Amanda ran back into the water and washed off the blood. She was just about finished when a noise made her freeze. Aphrodite had stopped to listen as well. HitmanJ looked around but couldn’t see anything. He could tell from the way the Newman’s were acting something very dangerous was coming.

    “Amanda, do you hear what I hear?” Aphrodite asked.

    “Ya, what is that?” Amanda replied.

    “I don’t know.” Aphrodite shook her head, “I’ve never heard anything like that.”

    Something in the undergrowth was making a soft gurgling noise. Then there was a second, then a third. Amanda finally counted at least ten distinct gurgling voices. Four creatures crawled into the beach. They looked like blobs of clear purple jell with four long legs. The head was canine shaped with a long snout. They didn’t have any visible teeth or internal organs. The eyes were simply little black balls floating inside the head. Six more crawled out behind the first four. Purple slime dripped from their mouths. HitmanJ took a quick scan with the computer terminal on his left forearm then transmitted it back to the lab. He waited just a few seconds before his communicator beeped.

    “Go ahead.” He said.

    “Hitman, this is the lab.” Elly replied.

    “What have you got for me?” HitmanJ asked.

    “Initial readings indicate these are dark creatures.” Elly said, “They appear to consist of some sort of bio protoplasm. Same unusual photon energy signature as the other dark creatures we’ve encountered. No sign of internal organs, muscle structure or skeletal frame.”

    “I can see that.” HitmanJ frowned.

    “You can?” Elly asked with a hint at surprise, “How?”

    “They’re transparent.” HitmanJ replied, “Like purple blobs of hair gel.”

    “Really.” Elly exclaimed, “You’ve got to get me a picture."

    “I hate to interrupt this little chat.” Amanda called, “But they are getting closer.”

    “And they’re all slimy and gross.” Aphrodite added.

    The creatures split up and surrounded the hunters. The ones standing in the water nearly disappeared. The hunters moved together taking a defensive stance.

    “I don’t think we can take this many.” Aphrodite whispered.

    “What do we do now?” Amanda asked.

    “The only thing we can do.” HitmanJ shrugged, “Take out as many as possible.”

    The creatures charged. HitmanJ open fired. One creature exploded in a spray of purple goo. He turned to the next. The puddles of goo collected together and reformed. The second creature exploded from the hail of bullets. HitmanJ turned to see the first one charging again.

    “Oh this is bad.” He muttered.

    Aphrodite blasted one with Foie as Amanda dug her daggers into another, tearing it to pieces. Both creatures reformed.

    “How do you fight these?” Amanda cried.

    The creature swung a leg at her knocking her down.

    “Amanda!” Aphrodite cried, “Are you all right!”

    “Look out!” Amanda yelled.

    Aphrodite turned just as a creature jumped on her. It oozed around her sucking her in. She struggled to free herself from the slimy prison. A second one tried to absorb Amanda. She tore it to pieces with her daggers then leapt to her feet. She ran up to Aphrodite and cut a slit in the creature with her dagger. The creature tried to bat her away with a leg that actually stretched the length of its body. Amanda ducked then reached in and grabbed Aphrodite’s arm. She had to use all her strength to pull her friend free. Aphrodite popped free landing on her.

    “Thank you.” Aphrodite said as she gasped for air.

    “You’re welcome.” Amanda smiled and jumped to her feet.

    The creature turned to face her. Fluid slowly oozed from the wound. It charged at her. She side stepped it and raked her dagger along its side. The creature screamed as fluid drained from the wound. The creature quickly deflated like a leaking water balloon. Amanda turned to the next creature only to find two of them bearing down on her. HitmanJ continued to blast apart creatures that charged at him only to have them reform and continued attacking. Aphrodite wasn’t having any better luck. The blobs of goo from Amanda’s creature began to reform as well. The empty membrane was still lying on the sand.

    “This is impossible!” Amanda cried, “We can’t keep fighting them forever.”

    “I know.” HitmanJ replied, “We have to return to the ship.”

    “How do we do that exactly?” Aphrodite shouted while smashing a monster in the head with her cane, “They’re not exactly going to let us just walk out.”

    The creatures kept pressing them in closer and closer until they were unable to fight effectively any more.

    “Looks like this is it.” Amanda said kicking a monster back.

    “It’s been an honour fighting with you.” HitmanJ replied.

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    A spread of five shots lanced out from the bush. Each shot was a dart that stuck in the side of a creature. A second shot hit the remaining five creatures. They began to scream as they inflated, bubbling and gurgling, finally popping like over filled balloons. Goo sprayed everywhere. Amanda wiped her face then turned to were the shots had come from. Hope and excitement welled up inside her until she took off at full speed. HitmanJ pulled off his mask just as she ran.

    “Amanda come back!” He called but she was gone.

    Amanda dove into the bush. Sticks and leaves stung her face as she tore through the growth only to run into the energy fence. It threw her back. She landed on her butt. She looked around trying to find the shooter. She saw nothing and heard nothing. She just sat and began to cry. She tried to hold them back but the pain inside had built up for so long she couldn’t control it. HitmanJ caught her and stopped behind her. He slowly sat down and hugged her.

    “I know.” He said softly, “I miss him too.”

    “I don’t understand.” She sobbed.

    Aphrodite forced her way through then stopped behind them remaining very quiet.

    “How could he have just left me like that?” Amanda cried, “I know I told him I thought of him as a brother but I think I was wrong. I know I was wrong.”

    “Strange thing love is.” HitmanJ said, “It can hide its true colours until the worst possible moment then hit you like a cargo ship.”

    “Or when it’s gone.” Aphrodite said quietly.

    “Then what good is it?” Amanda sobbed in his shoulder.

    “When you have it.” HitmanJ replied looking back at Aphrodite, “It’s the most wonderful thing in the universe.”

    “Well this sucks!” Amanda cried.

    “I know it hurts.” HitmanJ said, “You will get over it. It won’t hurt forever, and when you do find Mr Right, you’ll know what I’m saying.”

    “Amanda.” Aphrodite said softly, “Haven’t you ever been dumped before?”

    Amanda shook her head, “I was never anywhere long enough. My family was constantly moving.”

    “Surely you had boyfriends?” Aphrodite asked.

    “Ya but I never got close enough to them to feel this kind of hurt.” Amanda sniffed.

    “I’m sorry.” Aphrodite sighed, “I didn’t know.”

    “Tell you what.” HitmanJ said wiping away her tears, “I’ll find Deepfreeze and beat him up for you.”

    “Thanks.” Amanda smiled through blood shot eyes, “You’re a real friend. Aphrodite’s lucky to have you.”

    “Yes I am.” Aphrodite grinned.

    HitmanJ’s com receiver beeped. He looked at it and read “MISSION COMPLETE” scroll across his screen.

    “Come on.” He said helping Amanda to her feet, “Let’s get back to the ship.”

    Cerberus was standing beside the transporter nursing a large cut in his arm. He turned and smiled when HitmanJ’s team appeared.

    “How’d it go?” He smiled.

    “Not what we were expecting.” HitmanJ replied still dripping with goo.

    “I can see that.” Cerberus frowned, “What is that?”

    “Let’s just say, strange creatures keep showing up on that island.” HitmanJ replied, “Those cloaking spiders are spreading too.”

    Cerberus shook his head, “I was afraid of that.”

    “I take it things didn’t go well.” HitmanJ nodded pointing at Cerberus’ arm.

    “Still can’t get past him.” Cerberus sighed, “I don’t understand it. He used to be cake.”

    “Things are changing fast on this planet.” HitmanJ shrugged.

    “It’s gearing up to something big.” Amanda said, “I can feel it.”

    “Me too.” Aphrodite nodded.

    Well, on the bright side.” HitmanJ smiled, “No one can enter the ruins even if the door is wide open.”

    “All it takes is one.” Cerberus frowned, “Besides the dark creatures can still leave. They’re already causing problems planet side as you know.”

    “I don’t know about you ladies but I’m going to get cleaned up.” HitmanJ said, “Right after I get my Meseta.”

    “I’m right behind you.” Aphrodite chirped.

    “Grab mine too!” Amanda called.

    Aphrodite turned and nodded. Cerberus watched them leave then turned to Amanda.

    “I received the last known coordinates of Pioneer Three this morning.” He said, “They were very close to Ragol. Only a couple weeks away.”

    “What.” Amanda cried, “You mean they were practically here.”

    “Looks like it.” Cerberus nodded, “I’ve acquired the use of a shuttle. We can leave first thing tomorrow.”

    “Thank you.” She smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    She waved as she ran for home. Cerberus waved back until she disappeared in the warp. He put his arm down then frowned at his damaged arm. With a sigh he entered the hospital and waited for repairs.

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    The shot blasted the tip of the beak off, freeing Strikers boot. Tessa had managed to crawl out of the creatures reach. Striker quickly scampered over to where she lay. He let out a deep breath then looked back to see his sword lying on the tunnel floor.

    “Ah crap.” He muttered.

    “What’s wrong?” Tessa asked.

    She looked at him through dark dim pain filled eyes. The usual shine gone. She had gone very pale do to blood loss. She needed help soon.

    “I left my sword back in the tunnel.” He replied, “Stay here. I won’t be long.”

    “Where am I going to go?” She smiled weakly.

    Striker bolted down the tunnel, grabbed his sword, and raced back. He reached Tessa just as the beak crashed through the ceiling. He grabbed Tessa by the arm and hauled her to her feet. He dragged her down the tunnel until the attack stopped. They both collapsed on the tunnel floor.

    “What was that thing?” Striker gasped.

    “Don’t know.” Tessa horsed, “Striker, I don’t think I can go any further.”

    “What?” Striker cried, “Tessa, don’t say that. I’m going to get you help. Hold on a little longer please. You’re the only girl I’ve ever met who hasn’t wanted to punch my lights out. I won’t lose you now.”

    “You’re very sweet.” Tessa whispered, “Those other girls don’t know what they’re missing.”

    “I know, I can’t figure out what their problem it. We need to keep moving.” Striker said then pulled some monomate from his pack, “Here eat this. It’ll help you to keep going.”

    “Monomate.” Tessa smiled, “Thank you.”

    She ate it very slowly but by the time she finished she was feeling much better. Striker had bandaged her wound while she ate. His Resta had closed the wound but he couldn’t do anything about her blood loss except give her some water. He’d have to get to the surface to do that. There wasn’t any snow of sufficient quantity in the tunnel to melt down. Tessa climbed to her feet and followed Striker to the end of the tunnel. It opened on to a cliff that over looked a small valley. They could see lights on the valley floor.

    “Santa’s village.” Striker muttered.

    “What?” Tessa asked as she stopped beside him.

    “Nothing.” Striker shook his head, “Let’s go see if they’re friendly.”

    “How long do you think they’ve been here?” Tessa asked.

    “Not long.” Striker replied.

    They reached the bottom and quietly entered the small village. Most of the structures were small simple shelters that could be quickly assembled. There was a large hall at the far edge of the village with a pub built beside it. Striker looked around then headed for the pub. Tessa followed him up to the steps. They could hear loud music playing inside along with the occasional shout and the sound of breaking bottles. Striker reached for the door. Tessa grabbed his arm.

    “You’re not going in there.” She said.

    “Sure.” Striker nodded, “Sounds like every ones inside.”

    “It sounds dangerous.” Tessa frowned.

    “No worse than any other place I’ve been to.” Striker shrugged.

    He pulled the door open and walked inside. Tessa clung to his back. Some of the people at the bar looked at them but most just ignored them. Striker started for the bar.

    “Weapons at the door!” The bartender said.

    “Huh?” Striker frowned.

    “You have to leave your weapons at the door.” The bartender said pointing at his Red Sword.

    “Oh.” Striker replied and set it up against the wall.

    “What’ll it be?” The bartender asked.

    “Ale.” Striker said, “And a large glass of water for the lady.”

    The bartender frowned and looked at Tessa.

    “She’s healing from an animal attack.” Striker whispered.

    “Ah.” The bartender nodded, “Right away then.”

    Striker and Tessa took a seat as the bartender served their drinks. Striker took a sip and nearly gagged. Tessa downed the water then asked for more. Striker waited for the bartender to leave.

    “This is the worst stuff I’ve ever tasted.” He whispered.

    “We’re lucky this place even existed.” Tessa whispered back.

    “Say.” The bartender said setting down Tessa’s water, “You two aren’t from around here are you?”

    “We just came in from the tundra.” Striker replied.

    “Did Sue send you here?” The bartender asked squinting one eye.

    “Who?” Striker asked looking up from his glass, “Oh no, we’re here to meet with a couple of androids.”

    “Friends of yours?” The bartender asked flatly.

    “Yes.” Striker nodded.

    “I’m sure they’re around her some where.” The bartender said, “After all, we’re the only northern settlement on Ragol.”

    “Don’t I know it.” Striker said downing the last of the ale.

    “Is there some place we could stay for the night?” Tessa asked.

    “Certainly.” The bartender nodded, “Just see Ruth-Ann over there. She’ll set you up.”

    “Thank you.” Tessa nodded.

    She slowly climbed from the stool. The affects of the monomate were starting to wear off. Striker grabbed her arm and helped her across the room. They stopped in front of a large woman who looked to be in her early forties. She had short black hair and green eyes with gold speckles. She was wearing a heavy red parka and matching snow pants. She looked up at the new comers.

    “Looking for rooms?” She asked.

    Striker and Tessa nodded.

    “Is she all right?” Ruth-Ann asked.

    “She just needs some rest.” Striker replied, “We’ve been traveling a long way.”

    “Right.” Ruth-Ann slapped her thighs, “This way.”

    She led them across the village to a small dark shelter. She pulled a set of keys from her pocket and unlocked the door. Tessa and Striker entered first. Ruth-Ann flipped the lights on then hit the heater switch.

    “It isn’t much but it does stay fairly warm.” She said, “Stay as long as you need. Return the keys when you’re done.”

    She turned and left before Striker could thank her. He turned back to find Tessa asleep on the bed. Her skin clothes were lying on the floor. He pulled the blanket over her naked body then kissed her on the cheek. She murmured slightly then rolled from her stomach to her side facing away from him.

    “Tomorrow I’ll find you some real clothes.” He promised, “I guess living alone for so long makes you forget about modesty huh. Not much need for it really.”

    He rubbed her cheek softly then continued, “Don’t worry; I didn’t see anything except your cute butt. Your dignity is still safe.”

    He climbed from the side of her bed and entered the small bathroom. A shower stall was tucked away in the corner. Striker climbed in as soon as the water was hot and washed away a years worth of grime. He had never felt so good to be clean in his entire life. He dried off, got dressed, and left Tessa to sleep. Quietly stepping through the door, Striker turned to face the setting sun. It was just sinking below the valley ridge casting a bright orange glow on the black clouds that were moving in from the south. They’d be getting more snow tonight. Striker stepped down from the front door and headed back to the pub. The crisp snow crunched with every foot step. The air was cold and crisp but without any wind it was quite pleasant. Each breath exhaled in a cloud of water vapour as Striker trekked across the dark settlement. All the resident buildings were dark and quiet. The only lights came from the pub and the hall. Striker opened the door to find the pub half full. Even as he entered, a group of four pushed their way past him then turned and entered the hall. Striker shrugged and took a seat at the bar. The bartender frowned at him.

    “Not attending the meeting?” He asked.

    “What meeting?” Striker replied with a frown of his own.

    “The weekly freedom meeting.” The bartender said, “Every member knows about it.”

    “That little detail was left out when they asked me to come here.” Striker lied.

    “Well, we can use all the help we can get.” The bartender smiled.

    “Maybe I had better check out that meeting then.” Striker shrugged.

    “Better get going.” The bartender nodded.

    Striker slid off his stool and went next door to the hall. He quietly crept in and took a spot at the back of the room. The hall was packed with hunters from Pioneer Two. Striker didn’t recognize anyone. Everyone was talking in small groups. Striker caught bits and pieces of talk about freedom and getting back to business. The crowd quieted when a dark skinned HUnewearl with short pink hair stepped on the stage.

    “Sue!” Striker gasped.

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