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    I'm looking to trade the following:

    Stag Cutlery
    level 200 mag! Sonati, a cute little rabbit that casts invisiblity often (stats are 50 pow 25 magic 75 dex 50 def)
    S-beats blade
    Double Saber
    Frying Pan
    Soul Eater
    Slicer of Assassin
    Parasite wear del rol 2 slots

    all items are fully grinded are have no negative %s

    Looking to acquire high % to dark swords, abilities, battles, 4 slot parasite wear, twin brand etc..

    post your offers

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    I will give you a twin brand for your soniti mag and s-beats blades

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    I really want the S-beats... I am not sure I have anything you would really want tho. Anything in particular? Most of my stuff is pretty common...

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    0/30/35/ of, as far as anyone can determine, two twin brands that have been duped and that traders everywhere have ended up with. But hey, the other one has a -5% somewhere, so...whatever. Chances are, if you see a twin brand, it has been duped, I guess.

    I just got a set of red s-beats blades...what color are yours, and do you know of any difference between colors?

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    I got a ton of stuff for trade, alot of god/mind/power/arms....Guardian armor with 4 slots (level 75) better then parastie wear among other items for your Sonati mag...lets me in game and I think we can work something out.

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    soniti rules!

    wanna trade it for my pitri?(lvl 200)

    i probably also have strong swords high to dark,but i have to check.

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    ack Llaith, I didn't know most twin brands were duped.. in that case I'd rather not have one thanks though

    Sallin, I think I'd rather get something other than a nice frame for the mag.. thanks though

    and Darkknight, what are the stats on pitri? and what does he do for you? soniti casts invinsiblity before bosses and when you drop in health..

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    Snipp I'll give you more then just the frame, You can have my level 200 mag pitri with the frame, he is 135 power, 45 dex, 15 defence, 5 mind...I won't lie though, his abilitys suck...All he does is heal you at bosses/..1/10 health...and at full photon charge, but I also have god items I would throw in.

    get back to me

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    doh.. i dont need the pitri.. my ATP is already 999

    if I tradef or a pitri + other stuff I would at least need a pitri with higher dex and def

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