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    So I'm having a hard time getting past this mission. Kinda embarrassing because it's not like I'm having problems fighting monsters.. I just can't get to the terminal switches fast enough to open the stupid gate! Can you have people in your group or is this one man mission? What I do so far is first wipe out all the monsters then try to active the terminals. I also leave Leia at the default one.. I wonder if I should move her?

    Anyways would love to hear how you got past it!

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    You need to leave Laia at one of the switches. Then you'll only have to worry about four of them. I believe I had sit at the first switch in the loop you make when activating all of them and it worked out fine.

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    Thanks Sounomi, I also found this on the PSUpedia so that will help too. I do leave Leia at the first terminal.. I guess I'm not going to the right ones in order.

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