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    Episode 3 Notes

    I’ve taken some extensive notes on Episode 3 having played through both the Arkz and Hunters story lines. This entire post is a spoiler, so if you don’t want the story of Episode 3 completely spoiled, stop reading now.

    Since I associate myself more a Hunter than an Arkz, I’ll be putting up the Hunter side details from Cranberry’s viewpoint, with her being the Commander.

    Blue Star Memories:
    10 years after Dark Falz battle. Hunters have taken a new role. The Hunters Guild has no jobs and the creatures on Ragol are disappearing. Pioneer 2 has just gained independence from Coral and is now it’s own state. There are some children that were born on the ship and Pioneer 2 is the only home they know.

    The Administration and Military are at odds with the lab. Both the Lab and Administration feel that they need to continue to train hunters. Pioneer 2 has become an unsafe place according to the guard near the Hunters Guild.

    Break and Olrand are both trying to become Hunters. Orland wants to be a hero. Whenever he meets someone stronger than himself, he gets impressed by them. Break calls it “hero worship.” Orland wants to take an active role in making history. Break also wants to be a famous hero just as Orland does. Nef says that Orland and Break are “half-baked.” They feel that Nef is always discouraging them and putting them down. Nef told Orland and Break that Dark Falz is the reason the creatures of Ragol became ferocious and the reason Pioneer 1 disappeared. Rico was absorbed by it until one day when hunters from Pioneer 2 released Rico from Dark Falz. Because of the Four Heroes them things started to improve. Even the creatures on Ragol were affected by this event. The Four Heroes are the very definition of a hero according to Orland. Both Break and Orland would love to meet the Four Heroes and Orland wants to become as strong as them. Cranberry is one of the Four Heroes. ^_^

    Orland sees Donoph, Zoke, and Flowen as real heroes; legendary hunters that people have heard of. But his real heroes are hunters even stronger than these 3.

    Hunters have to pass a Hunter’s License Trial to make them Hunters. A kind of test. This is how they earn their Hunters License.

    Future Forecast is the “imperfect” reward. Future Bullet is the “perfect reward”. These are Episode 3 download quests.

    The true value of a hunter is determined by the actions they take when they run into an unexpected situation. Part of the lesson Nef wanted to teach Break and Orland was to not just focus on yourself but to use your knowledge and power to help others, just as Cranberry did for them during the VR simulation. He wants them to find friends that they can trust and depend on. In short, don’t think solely of yourself, trust and work with others and have them work with you.

    Break and Orland will never forget the day they teamed up with Cranberry and vow to one day become just as strong as her.

    AUW 3094
    A mysterious coup against Dol Grisen and his administration takes place but fails. During the year an ominous feeling was felt throughout Pioneer 2. Break and Orland got their Hunters license. They inherited the Miyama sword tech and it spread and became known to all on Pioneer 2.

    AUW 3095.

    Coral issued a single statement. Pioneer 2’s proclamation of independence as a separate state was officially accepted and approved.


    Orland together with several friends took an active role on quests for the government by acting behind the scenes. His biggest contribution was the arrest of a key person, Han Walt from the OPSS incident. He is the youngest on record to get a Gi-ei. Break has not been seen for some time.


    C.A.R.D. Technology began being tested and was introduced to a few select hunters who worked through the lab. It was kept a military secret. Arkz was founded and started “causing trouble.” The tales of battles of hunters continues to grow.


    Some amusing notes: The Phantom Shop quests you’re supposed to be tracking down some food so that the client can give it to her sick mother. In the end you’re actually getting it for the client and not her mother.

    The homework quests aren’t much better. Will never actually uses any of your data, no one would ever believe him if he said he went to Ragol. His dad (Pentaglass) just likes it when he asks his father for help. Will doesn’t even understand the data you brought back.

    Nothing like a good hard day’s work is there? XD

    2 Sides to every story:
    There are a lot of similarities from the 2 sides. For example when the Arkz attack the Via Tubes to get a copy of its boot-up data, they cause the palette to go out of control and nearly crash.

    Both sides often make assumptions about the other.

    The missions on both sides are often related in one way or another. For example a lot of the Arkz Mission “Flow of Power” has them investigating the photon flow. Sighting 3 on the Hunter side occurs about the same side and you discover that the Arkz had some kind of photon amplifier. This is just one of many many cases where the stories weave together on both sides. Many times one side misinterprets the motives of the other, often making assumptions. The Arkz are just as guilty of this as the Hunters, often attacking the Hunters without any real just cause.

    In public there are those that worry about the balance between Pioneer 2 and Ragol, but in private, there are those willing to give up everything for their own desires. In the end both sides have he same ambition; to destroy the Great Shadow.

    For the most part, the story flows well. The Hunters are mostly doing Government jobs. While some of these jobs have no hidden agendas, many of them certainly do, often (but not always) involved with looking for the Great Shadow. At the very end of the story, there’s a bit of conflict between the two sides as to whether the Arkz plan to destroy part of the Tower of Caelum and destroy the Molae Venti rectification station is successful or not. On the Arkz side they seem to succeed, while on the Hunters side this seems to be prevented. I think the best conclusion to draw is that the Arkz were at least successful enough to distrupt the photon flow even if their plans didn’t fully work out.

    There are not as many native creatures as before. There is a lot more freelance explorers now than before. Lately Ragol has been developed at breakneck speed, this is most certainly because the Government is searching for the Great Shadow. There is still a debate on whether or not there was an ancient civilization on Ragol but the discovery of the White Temple is strong evidence that there was. Kylria uses the columns in the earth as an example. Probably the ones from Episode 1. Rico states that these are not from an ancient civilization in Episode 1 however. They never found much to suggest an ancient civilization in Episode 1 or 2. The Leukon Knight is assumed to be an ancient weapon in a temple. If Falz was just abandoned by a civilization on Ragol, they probably would not have built the temple, so who did build it? Further studies from the government missions seem to confirm that there was an ancient civilization that thought very differently than Pioneer 2 and Coral. Exactly how this ancient civilization “thinks differently” isn’t explained.

    There was a second explosion a little while after the first. There wasn’t that much damage from the second one. A few people lost their mags and that was about it. It was forgotten pretty quickly. After that, the number of creatures on Ragol started to dwindle. This explosion was caused by Rico and Flowen. Every time Dark Falz was defeated, it used the resulting reaction to secretly store more power within itself. The parts of the minds of Rico and Flowen synchronized and they amplified their energy beyond what either could control. Their mental energies burst forth causing a massive explosion from within. Their energy cancelled each other out. With that explosion Dark Falz and everything connected to it was destroyed, D-cells were eradicated. MAG’s actually contain a core of D-Cells. That’s why they react so much to items that are used on them. This is why some people lost their MAG’s, because they were killed when D-Cells were eradicated. I believe that this explosion affected everything on Ragol, so people that were on Pioneer 2 at the time did not lose their MAGs, but those on Ragol at the time of this explosion did lose their MAGs.

    Orland says Heathcliff Flowen is also known as “Sir Greybeard.” Heathcliff is a military hero that was the teacher of Red Ring Rico. He joined the army at a young age and recorded countless victories. He was a deputy commander on Pioneer 1. All he left behind (publicly at least) was a simple death report. The mystery behind his death serves to enhance his heroism.

    As we know, Flowen was turned into Olga Flow by having the Olga AI act as a core after his body was infected with D-Cells. This is not common knowledge on Pioneer 2.

    His name is Donoph Baz. He was called the “Demon Soldier,” he was one of Pioner 2’s heroes. He was infamous for his no-nonsense attitude. He fought alongside Zoke and Flowen long ago. He retired after quitting the army but his daughter asked him to move to Pioneer 2. His 10,000-monster quest is a well known event in history. It was a reminder to the hunters that followed him of the road they must take as true fighters.

    Alicia from the Episode 1 Forest of Sorrow quest has a last name of Baz. She is probably this guys daughter. Alice says she was adopted in Episode 1. Probably by Donoph.

    Pioneer 2:
    Dol Grisen is the principal of Pioneer 2. Tyrell was demoted to the Environmental Bureau. Dol almost started a war with Coral. His ravings caused diplomatic relations to cut off for a while. He thought he could win a war with Coral because of a new weapon he was making. There was an internal revolt lead by Tyrell. Tyrell later vanished from Pioneer 2.

    Dol Grisen has direct command over the Development Division. The division is supposedly overworked and understaffed, but rumor has it that they are so stuffed with bureaucracy that nothing ever actually gets done. Dol Grisen is using the development division to find the Great Shadow.

    The Development division is trying to develop Ragol (big surprise!). Gunther is a friend of the lab chief, Pentaglass. With the high amount of missions that come from the development division, they are probably using you to help search for the location of the Great Shadow. A lot of jobs they give you are pretty odd for a Hunters Guild, and the heavy Arkz opposition to them. And that the development division discovers the white temple.

    There are also a series of development missions: There are 4 all together. At the start of Development 4 Gunther is seemingly upset that a high-ranking government villa is being built before getting the people down. Then at the end he’s moving to Ragol. A lot can be speculated here. Development 4 is certainly a misuse of the C.A.R.D. Lab so that this guy can get his house. It also makes you question the legitimacy of the other 3 development missions and if they are really being done to develop living quarters, search for the Great Shadow, or just look for a good place for Gunther’s house. Gunther’s sudden departure from the Development Division as soon as you finish this mission and secure land for his new home suggests to me that he was in on this from the start. Their excuse for sending Cranberry to do these jobs was they were always under staffed and you were to “investigate” the area. It certainly looks like instead of truly getting data to help develop living quarters on Ragol for the people of Pioneer 2, you were finding the perfect spot to build Gunther’s house and helping search for the Great Shadow.

    There are lots of Hunter’s Guilds on Pioneer 2.

    Pioneer 2 seems to have a pretty strict dress code. You have to have your clothes a certain way or your hair a certain way. There’s not a lot of freedom of expression. Ino’lis asks your character if she can dress up, and the answer seems to be no.

    Cloning technology is top secret even within the government itself. The government has future plans for a new society using the clone technology derived from C.A.R.D.s Clones identical to those who died would continue their lives just as before. Clones have no memories of the original person. Inside each clone is a chip containing the memories of the original person. The brain of the clone is synchronized with the chip so the clone itself thinks it’s the original person.

    Non-humans are lower-class citizens in society. Meaning Newmans and Humanoids.

    The Truth Seeker quests have Saida searching for her missing fiancé. He worked for Ragol Development on projects like the High-Speed Transit Net. He began to have doubts about the nature Tener Sinus plans. Then he went into the Tower of Caelum where he met his end. Though it’s not specifically said that he was murdered, it seems a likely scenario.

    Mortis Fons:
    Ever since Mortis Fons had an earthquake the other day, its springs have been over-spewing large volumes of boiling water. The Arkz believe the government’s “rampant over-development” is the cause though Red admits he doesn’t have concrete proof of this.

    The area is surrounded by quiet forests and is known for its hot springs. These are a result of a mix of hot and cold water that flows in from underground and the nearby areas. The warm water has enhanced growth effects on the surrounding vegetation.

    Via Tubes:
    Via Tubes is an inter-planetary high speed network transit that is designed to be implemented all over Ragol. It’s being built as part of the government’s development of Ragol. It’s the crowl jewel of Ragol’s development. It was developed in response to the high energy requirements for transporting large amounts of matter.

    C.A.R.D. Technology
    C.A.R.D. technology was developed on Pioneer 2. It was discovered by accident. Fierce behind the scenes fighting in Government over the technology (most likely because of the “Great Shadow” which is the Germ.) There are internal power struggles in the government over it. Endu hints that C.A.R.D. technology is based off the same power Dark Falz had. Red says Clone technology and C.A.R.D. technology are one and the same. It’s indicated that they won’t be able to make any new C.A.R.D.s if the Great Shadow is destroyed. Whether that means currently existing C.A.R.D.s will be destroyed too is unclear. It seems likely that C.A.R.D.s are destroyed willingly at the end of Episode 3 by both sides since both Hunters and Arkz feel at the end of the game that C.A.R.D. technology isn’t needed and is more a problem than a help.

    The C.A.R.D.s are a thin memory unit the size of a card that stores data. They restore that data into the real world at your will. This also allows you to wield several weapons at the same time. Some cards contain power up abilities and techniques. These power up abilities are your action and defense cards. And of course the techniques are techs like Foie and stuff. This probably explains why Megid and Grants can be used by Hunters and Rangers now. The tech is generated from the C.A.R.D. Every C.A.R.D. contains a tiny amount of the Germ, enough to materialize weapons or monsters or other C.A.R.D. abilities.

    At the start of the game (when you have a brand new character) you only have some generic cards. This is explained by the C.A.R.D. developers having a limited amount of data. As you partake in C.A.R.D. battles your character acquires data on items and creatures. This data is used to create “new” C.A.R.D.s, which results in more and hopefully better ones being made. This also explains the Ranking system. Higher ranks tend to produce better C.A.R.D.s, thus by performing better and earning a high rank, your character is acquiring better quality data. Thus based on your rank the pace of new card development can either increase or decrease. As for the choice of booster packs and how they have different ratios, my theory is that you’re choosing which area of research you are contributing your data too, and thus get cards more geared toward that specific area of C.A.R.D. research.

    Break stole some early C.A.R.D. Technology, which was developed into creatures instead of weapons due to the Arkz more limited resources.

    On very rare occasions, a card becomes stronger than normal. These cards are called “Killer Cards” and you can tell them from normal cards by their “shiny luster.” These are the + cards you occasionally find, such as Windmill+. A researcher says that if you ever get one, consider yourself very lucky.

    The lab conducts the most advanced research in all of Pioneer 2. They are supposed to take missions related to cards, but they often take tasks from other divisions. Their performance is making them the target of jealousy on Pioneer 2.

    Lupus Silva:
    Lupus Silva is the main transport route to Pioneer 2. A return pass is needed to board. This is the forest area from Episode 1. The Central Dome is located here within a great natural park. The entire area was rebuilt into a monument. The area developed by Pioneer 1 has a good flow of photon. Pioneer 2 would like to continue developing this area. The Central Dome is a symbol of Ragol’s history and advancement. Part of it that collapses is repaired by Pioneer 2.

    A large volume of data regarding Pioneer 1 is stored there.

    Ravum Aedes Sacra:
    This is the name of the Misty Temple that contained an Ancient Weapon, the Leukon Knight. Theory is the temple was built in ancient times as a counter measure of something and was set off when it was intruded into. The Leukon Knight is some kind of guardian used on the planet in ancient times. They aren’t completely sure what it is, but these are the theories. The discovery and initial government investigation of this place was done without notifying the C.A.R.D. Lab. They asked for the Lab’s help when they couldn’t handle the weapon.

    The temple is a “marvel of advanced technology.”

    The final hypothesis by the government research team is that this ruin (the temple, not the Ruins from Episode 1) served as a storage area for guardians. The Leukon Knight is one of many mass-produced weapons created to seal away an ancient threat. They believe the Knight attacked because it mistook us for an old enemy. Only one managed to re-activate itself. A man named Lagnet presents this hypothesis to you.

    The Great Shadow & Germ
    The Germ is a virus-like substance that’s lethal in small doses. Strictly speaking neither the Arkz nor the Government are looking for the Germ. They are looking for the “Great Shadow,” the source of the Germ.

    The Germ is a substance that regenerates, dissolves, and then reforms, evolved. That’s the nature of it. The Germmakes C.A.R.D. Technology possible. It can copy physical objects, then disassemble and compress them. Then by applying the proper key, it can recall those objects back into physical existence. Anyone that finds the source, the Great Shadow, would instantly become the most powerful person on Pioneer 2 and gain the ability to direct the future of all life on Ragol. They’d also gain the power to take over Coral. Politicians on Pioneer 2 constantly fight behind the scenes over this power.

    The Germ uses people as a hosts and eventually kills them. That’s why it’s called the Germ. It acts so much like a contagious disease. All the researches caught it and died when Blitz brought it back.

    The Great Shadow is closely related to photon. It feeds off photon. Throughout Ragol Photon collects in some areas and disperses in others. The Great Shadow can be robbed of its power to some extent by controlling the flow of the nearby photon. It’s location changes over time, so they had to calculate the new location which is why the Hunters couldn’t immediately go after it the moment they got Blitz’s info. It might change its location slightly based on photon flows.

    Castor and Poullux are probably Red’s daughters, or at least clones of them that have been recalled into physical existence by the Germ.

    Amplum Umbla is the game name for the final boss, the Great Shadow.

    Tower of Caelum:
    Abandoned in the middle of construction during the Pioneer 1 era. Now it’s a transport center linking Ragol and Pioneer 2 together. The photon flow around this tower is important to the Great Shadow. It’s one of Ragol’s most important landmarks.

    The tower is a transport mechanism that transports matter into the upper atmosphere where it’s picked up by shuttles from Pioneer 2.

    Molae Venti:
    A windmill-shaped photon rectification station is there. This is one of the best spots on Ragol for gathering photon. It rests upon a photon flow-line. The photon flow there is important to providing power to the Great Shadow. The windmill collects photon which is transported to Pioneer 2.

    Miyama is a legendary sword style used by Zoke, Nef Miyama (Relmitos, whom was the teacher of Zoke). Zoke founded the style after training with his father, Nef Miyama. Endu and Flowen used a variation of this technique.

    Unguis Lapis:
    An area surrounded by cliffs and forests. It has not been explored as thoroughly as other parts of Ragol. A giant fossil was discovered here. The government slates this location for potential residential development. They want to secure an area for construction by cutting into the surrounding rocky areas.

    Dolor Odor:
    This place is a shortcut to the Great Shadow. A path is cut through this area to reach it. It looks like the inside of some type of organisim, possibly an area influenced and infected by the Germ.

    This place has a strong odor. This place strikes fear into those that visit it and its potential danger has been a significant research obstacle.

    Nebula Montana:
    Nebula Montana is a perfect place to examine photon flow. Nebula is an alpine region. The free battle description says it overflows with a mysterious energy. There are a lot of rare birds in this area. This is the Mountain of Gal Da Val island in Episode 2.

    The Government wants to build a villa for high-ranking government officials here. Or so they say. It’s actually Gunther’s father whom is getting the villa, and it’s a gift to Gunther from his father for his upcoming marriage. He’ll be one of the first people living on Ragol. He also quits his job and offers it to Cranberry. If his father is a high ranking official, could Dol Grisen be his father? Cranberry didn’t accept his offer to take his job.

    Tener Sinus:
    Coral (actual coral, not the home world) can be found here. This is the Seaside area of Gal Da Val island from Episode 1 & 2. There’s a giant fish that lives in this area. The fish has a rather bad smell according to the Animal Protection Center. It is one of the most beautiful seasides on Ragol.

    Dr. Montague:
    Left Pioneer 2 and lived on the surface after losing favor with the government during a certain incident (OPSS maybe?) Red wants his help to repair something. He erased Reize and Onhrgun’s memories per Reiz’s request after OPSS.

    The government conducts experiments on people by inserting bizarre implants into their bodies. Red wants him to help these people. He’s probably talking about his daughters.

    She knew the location of the Great Shadow. She was working as a bounty hunter, but one night disappeared. She told Sil’fer, “I might get caught up in something extremely dangerous.”

    Both her and Sil’fer were infected by the germ. Break put the antidote on his sword and plunged the antidote into Sil’fer’s heart. Late in Episode 3 Break temporarily cloned her, the body did not stay alive for long. Just long enough to tell them how to find the Great Shadow. At one point Break says Clone and C.A.R.D. technology are one and the same. This probably doesn’t mean they are literally exactly the same, but function on a similar principal. Perhaps Sophia was temporarily brought back as a type of C.A.R.D?

    Her memory core was stored as a data storage bolt in a forbidden area inside the Lab. The Arkz also stole information on Pioneer 2’s clone technology secrets, which they used to clone Sophia.

    She was a team with Break and they were in love.

    See Break’s section for more information on Sophia and her connection to Break.

    This was a Humanoid massacre that took place seven years ago. Teifu was terrified for 3 months, so we can assume it lasted for 3 months. Androids were grouped together, blown up, and thrown into space. Thousands of androids were destroyed and turned into space dust. It was supposed to have happened in space but it happened on Ragol too at Lupus Silva. Dol was the man behind the OPSS massacre. It was, as Rio put it, “All thanks to his insane Pioneer 2 population control laws.” These laws angered the army and they figured “Hey, here’s an answer.” And brutally killed hundreds of androids. After OPSS, androids were granted some basic human rights and are now called humanoids. The incident caused irreparable damage to everyone. The government forced Break to be involved in OPSS. Break disappeared after OPSS. Nef (Relmitos) got Orland and Break involved.

    Clone technology is what the government was backing up its population laws with. They needed room for their cloned soldiers that were going to be used in a war with Coral. Through that cloning technology and the Germ, they developed C.A.R.D.S.

    Teifu says that rumor is humanoid hunting is in a resurgence. During the Hunter story you’re sent to Mortis Fons about some kidnappings of humanoids. Lura is there but says she’s only there to do some sampling. The message afterwards says that the security division is positive this is connected to OPSS. This probably isn’t correct though as the Arkz have no desire to re-create OPSS. It’s probably more related to the Arkz interfering with Ragol’s development and the workers they stopped just happened to be humanoids. The whole kidnapping thing isn’t really explained well. Sil’fer brings it up briefly afterwards but only says that it makes her think about what it means to be a Newman. Aftter this the kidnapping incident is dropped. I can’t imagine the Arkz are actually kidnapping Humanoids.

    Section ID’s:
    Contain the complete personal records of an individual person. The government performs daily ID body scan checks. It’s not for the health of people. They scan your memory and probably save the data as a memory core, or at least are able to make a memory core.


    Side Quest Guy:
    He could get in trouble for giving work to Hunters. He deals in work outside of the government.

    There are anti-aging drugs that many Newmans take that make them look younger than they really are. They are growth-control drugs. They are a lower class than humans.

    C.A.R.D. Lab (Morgue):
    The C.A.R.D. Lab is called the Morgue. Karen isn’t sure exactly when that started or where the name comes from. In Free Battle the description for the area suggests the name came from a time when researches were digitalizing large quantities of items resulting in various parts being strewn about the facility. The researchers jokingly said that the various parts scattered across the lab resembled a mass of bodies.

    Any information you learn in the command room is considered to be highly confidential. None of it is supposed to be leaked to the public (I could get in big trouble with the P2 authorities for sharing all this with you!)

    The C.A.R.D. Lab is one of several Hunter’s Guilds. Not a whole lot is known about the Arkz at the start of the game other than that they are opposed to the government so many of the Lab’s missions are to protect government teams from the Arkz.

    The lab is also supposed to be searching for the Great Shadow.

    Commander Cranberry works for the Hunters Guild more or less but is officially assigned to the government.

    When the Morgue is attacked, the C.A.R.D. Lab is damaged heavily and Sophia’s memory core is stolen. After a few missions the C.A.R.D. lab is repaired to a great extent. Most of their C.A.R.D. technology remains intact, but much of the research data they’ve built up is irrevocably lost.

    He’s very interested in earning a promotion and impressing his superiors. He is not secretive about this at all. He loves to parade the success of the C.A.R.D. Lab’s missions. He’s rather threatening in letting Commander Cranberry know that she’ll be in big trouble if she botches a mission.

    Pentaglass’ orders are like law in the Morgue. He wants to claim his stake in the world. Karen is his assistant. She provides you details for your missions. As commander, Cranberry officially accepts the Principal Government’s job request issued throough Pentaglasds. He is found in the director’s room. Sometimes he puts personal requests into official missions, typically those geared toward helping his son, such as the Homework missions. His son is named Will.

    He gets thrilled every time Natasha compliments the work of his Lab, he’d love to take her place. He will do seemingly anything to get ahead. When there are reported kidnappings of Humanoids in Mortis Fons he blames the Arkz, and says that even if they aren’t responsible he can pin the crime on them to use as an excuse for a full-scale attack on them.

    The government doesn’t tell him all the reasoning behind his jobs. He gets a little flustered about that but when you think about it, he’s the perfect man for the C.A.R.D. Lab from a government standpoint. He doesn’t truly care why the Government assigns these jobs as long as him doing them will get himself promoted. He is all about his own advancement and has dreams of rising to high ranks on Pioneer 2. So every job he accepts is a chance for him to show the power of his C.A.R.D. lab.

    He is blamed when the C.A.R.D. Lab is destroyed by the Arkz. The government makes it out to be his fault. His power starts getting stripped in the aftermath of the Morgue attack. He insists it isn’t his fault and even makes a subtle attempt to blame Commander Cranberry for not stopping the bomb, an attempt that doesn’t go anywhere. To be fair, it truly isn’t Pentaglass’ fault as much as it is the fault of Ino’lis and Glustar for giving the Arkz information.

    He claims he’ll stop concentrating so much on getting a promotion late in the game, but then he goes on to say that finding the Great Shadow and damaging the Arkz is his new promotion plane so getting one is still a big motivation for him. He starts to think that someone is controlling the Arkz from the sideline, someone within the government. He says the Enviornment Division is looking very suspicious. Tyrell was demoted to the Enviornment Division. This is more evidence that Red could be Tyrell. Pentaglass’ source is from the Security Division for this information.

    When the Great Shadow is finally located by the Hunters, Pentaglass wants you to go and find it before the Government does, so the C.A.R.D. Lab is also competing with the government at the end.

    Karen asks you to burn the Great Shadow to the ground before the Government finds it, and that Pentaglass is more understanding than you think so it should be alright.

    By the end of the game, all the Hunters want it destroyed in fact. Pioneer 2 never had pointless power struggles before the Germ came into the picture.

    He likes to give people his trust. He’s searching for his father, Blitz. He wants to find Blitz but he’s also angry at him for leaving him all alone. He never really did like his father. He saw Blitz as self-centered and never taking care of Kranz’s mother. But he accepts that he was stuck with a troublesome father, he is his father after all. He starts ignoring Ino’lis after getting interested in Kylria and what she knows about his father. He also starts getting info from the Arkz about Blitz by himself.

    Kranz dies when the bomb goes off at the Morgue raid. The government brings him back as a clone only so he can reveal the message inside of Blitz’s capsule. The Hunters are told he’s recovering smoothly, which is a cover up that he’s a clone. They don’t want people to know he’s a clone. Not even the clone of Kranz knows he’s a clone.

    One of the researchers speculates that during the Morgue Raid, Kranz might have thought the Arkz field lock wouldn’t be enough so he went in and put a field lock of his own on top of it. The lock system was set up to keep noncombatants from getting hurt in the middle of a battle, so a field lock without anything in it could have fallen apart in a matter of moments. If the explosion happened without the lock the Morgue would have been destroyed leaving a hole in Pioneer 2. Kranz may have covered the Central Control System with a field lock from within the system itself. He may have saved the entire ship. Kylria also mentions this. It’s hard to say for sure if Kranz had any effect on containing the explosion, but if you want to credit him with saving Pioneer 2, by all means go ahead!

    The government paid for all the expenses for Kranz’s “recovery,” so basically they paid for his cloning. Kranz can only remember to the point of his last Section ID scan, and since he had skipped a few of the scans the most recent events, about a weeks worth, are lost to him. He doesn’t remember things about Kylria and Ino’lis.

    She joins the C.A.R.D. Lab Hunter’s Guild just a short time before the game starts. She looks younger than she really is due to taking anti-aging drugs. She was once a team mate of Break. When Sophia and her got infected by the Germ, Sophia’s antidote was used on Sil’fer. Break plunged the antidote into her heart with his sword. She was in the hospital with severe injuries. Rather, a severe emotional shock, her physical injuries weren’t that bad. Her memories come back gradually over a long period of time. (This is not all that uncommon. People in a terrible accident often don’t remember it, or remember it much later.) She lost her memory of the incident where she was injuried but her childhood memories are intact. Her memory returns just before the Great Shadow battle at the end of Episode 3.

    Orland teaches her some martial arts. She says she’s self taught but her style is drawn from the Miyama style. These moves were taught to her by Break while she and Sophia were teamed up with him.

    Sil’fer’s Dream – She’s floating in some kind of liquid, and there is a shining section ID in front of her. She reaches out and tries to take it, but can’t reach far enough. Right at the end, stake plunges into her chest. She wakes up after that out of breath. This is her dreaming of when she was injected with the antidote, though she doesn’t realize this until late in the game.

    She was childhood friends with Sil’fer and Kranz. They are all about the same age of 18. Kranz has told her that he’ll protect her. She joined the Hunters Guild because Kranz did. She gets jealous of Kranz and Kylia and is tempted by the Arkz. The Arkz use her jealousy of Kranz and Kylia to get her to give them information about Pioneer 2 in exchange for secrets involving the Arkz movements. She ends up aiding them in their attack on the Morgue. She does this to get Kranz’s attention. She is so jealous of him and Kylria. After what happened to Kranz at the Morgue Raid, she couldn’t stop crying and stayed in her room. Karen hasn’t reported her betrayal to the government. The Chief was out of the Morgue so he doesn’t know she wasn’t there with the rest of the Hunters. The rest of the Hunters do know what she did though.

    Although what she did wasn’t a good idea, thanks to her the Hunters do know where the Arkz headquarters is. They also know the Arkz attacked to gain info to help them find the Great Shadow. Thanks to that the Hunters too are closer to finding the Great Shadow.

    Her entire family was together when they boarded Pioneer 2. She was born on the ship. No family tragedies like Kranz and Sil’fer.

    Late in the game she says she can’t live without Kranz. She thought that if she went to the Arkz and stole their secrets she’d be helping everyone and then Kranz would come back to her. She claims she didn’t know anything about the attack.

    She questions her purpose and why she’s still alive after all she’s done.

    She just wants to be with Kranz. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t a couple, just as long as he is near her. She really couldn’t handle that Kranz didn’t return her affections, and she wants things to be like the way they used to be.

    After Kranz is cloned, she takes a step back and resorts to watching him from the shadows.

    She’s an intern from the Hunter Training Center (H.T.C.) The Tower of Caelum is the first place on Ragol Saligun took both Viviana and Memoru. She respects Saligun a lot. Saligun is her favorite teacher.

    She appears to be the daughter of Matha Grave. Details of this are shown in Teifu’s section.

    She has a hot temper and she takes out a lot of her frustrations on Teifu. She was a close friend of Memoru until there was a falling out. The big falling out between Memoru and her was over a pendant. The pendant was broken by Sailgun so that each one of them could take half of it to always have a part of one another with them. But the broken pendant was blamed on Memoru just as she blamed it on Viviana. Once they made up, Viviana was not nearly as aggressive and temperamental. She became a lot nicer to Teifu too. Obviously the broken friendship was affecting her a lot... I can relate to that….

    He is in the service of Viviana for more than ten years. He is the guardian of Viviana and the butler of the Grave family. In the Episode 1 & 2 linkage quest Blue Star Memories, Matha Grave is standing with Teifu says that she had a baby. This baby is probably Viviana. Since Matha is a human Vivana’s father is probably a Newman. This could mean Viviana is half Newman and half Human.

    Teifu has almost no battle experience. Viviana often takes out her anger on him by inflicting physical harm. He allows her to do this. He’s a fairly old humanoid. He was safe inside a mansion during OPSS. This mansion is probably a higher class type of housing on Pioneer 2. He often “digs his own grave” while talking to Viviana resulting in her pummeling the poor humanoid.

    He doesn’t listen to anything but orders. One of the little robots finds him scary, and he often makes this robot stand in a certain place or do certain things. This little robot is able to understand Guykild and can act as a translator.

    What he did before coming to the C.A.R.D. Lab is unknown. The robot says it has to be something he can’t talk about. This robot fears him. He orders the robot to stand beside him and not move until it gets further orders. That robot later says he feels like Guykild has tied it up

    His eyes are always lit up. All he ever talks about is how much he wants to fight. His eyes flash different colors sometimes. They do that when he looks at another humanoid. He treats other humanoids like his enemy.

    Guykild is a true battle robot. During some downtime he goes out to fight without having a reason to. Battle is what he does, and what he enjoys.

    The little robot eventually tells Guykild it’s had enough of how Guykild treats it. Guykild became sad at this and it seemed the light in the back of Guykild’s eyes disappeared and he looked at the robot with sad eyes. It was like he had discovered something he lost a while ago. The rumors say that Guykild was a scary guy, and the robot does find him scary. But when the light went off he seemed sad.

    The robot later makes up with Guykild. Guykild apologized to the robot and promised to treat it as an equal. All this time Guykild has been lead along by some order or another, but he managed to break the bonds of the command. Deep inside he was really lonely. He struggled with these bonds. But he isn’t lonely with his little robot friend. Guykild is really serious now. He doesn’t care what the Great Shadow is, he just wants to tear it apart.

    It’s never said where Guykild came from, but we can speculate that some force sent Guykild to the C.A.R.D. Lab to accomplish some mission or follow their orders. He might also have had something to do with OPSS given his hatred for other humanoids. I’m not sure but it definitely looks like something was controlling him until he broke free of it near the end of the game.

    She was stationed with a different Guild but was transferred over to the C.A.R.D. Lab because it needed more people. She wasn’t stationed with the hunters before, she did exploration work on a freelance basis. She learned most of her skills through battle and from Blitz. She wasn’t with Blitz for very long but learned a lot from him. Blitz appeared when she was alone, took her in and raised her.

    Her mother divorced Blitz when she was young and raised her as a single parent. She was a strict mother. She didn’t talk much either. Kylria has no idea why her mother was on Pioneer 2. Her mother suddenly passed away she felt lost. Blitz saved her by appearing right in front of her at seemingly perfect timing. He had been watching her from the shadows all this time.

    Kranz and Kylria become close because they are both searching for Blitz and they team up to help search for him. Kranz and Kylria are brother and sister, though they aren’t aware of this until near the end of the game.

    He is at the Guild with Relmitos in order to protect him. He was friends with Break in the past and they took the Hunters exam together. Orland says he has 2 friends. His sword and his will. He requires nothing else. His ultimate goal is nothing short of perfection.

    He joined the Guild with Relmitos out of concern for Break and because they received orders from a high-ranking official to watch movements of both the Hunters and Arkz. They were to mediate between the two groups in order to keep them from causing too much damage. Relmitos wanted to help so he took the job.

    Orland was raised to look up to heroes. But by the time he grew up few creatures were left on Ragol. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do with all the techniques he learned; what had he been training for? His only desire was to live a full life and become a hero of his age. The opportunity hadn’t come until the Great Shadow appeared.

    He probably takes care of Relmitos’ body after Relmitos likely passes away shortly after the end of E3.

    He’s actually Nef Miyama having used an enhance version of Newman drugs to look young again. Zoke has the same last name as him; this is because he is Zoke’s father. He says Orland has watched over him ever since he was a small child, but it’s probably the other way around since Orland is most certainly quite a bit younger. He probably said this so that Commander Cranberry didn’t realize he was Nef at that point. He later admits to Cranberry that he is indeed Nef. He said he joined the Hunters Guild to right the world. He is probably the only living person that has fully mastered the true Miyama technique. The real reason both Orland and him joined the Hunters was out of concern for Break.

    Though he follows your orders, he also partakes in fighting outside of your command.

    He says he almost thinks Endu is the son of an acquaintance of his, except it’s not possible because the acquaintance is already dead, and had died before the Pioneer 1 explosion. He’s talking about Flowen. While we certainly know that Flowen was in fact alive after the explosion, the government had officially declared Flowen’s death so that they could experiment on him. Since your work as a Hunter is confidential it probably was never revealed to the public that Olga Flow was Flowen.

    Although the drugs make him look young, they don’t seem to actually increase life expectancy. He says that he doesn’t have much time left to live. He will let his body float in the chaos for the first time in ages. He finds it a wonderful way to pass the time. I think what he means by this is that he is messing with his body like this because the chaos it creates passes the time, as morbid as that sounds.

    He has only 2 concerns. One is his disciple Break, whom he got involved in the OPSS incident, something he holds remorse for and is very sorry about. Relmitos says he is the reason Break strayed from his path. Relmitos has come this far because he thought he could right Break’s way somehow.

    The other concern is Endu and wanting to know what Endu is. He feels that when fighting Endu somethes he knows who Endu is and other times he doesn’t. He even starts to wonder if Endu is human. This is because of his ties to Flowen, whom Relmitos did know.

    Relmitos hopes he can balance the Hunters and Arkz public goals while separating them from their private goals. The mission is difficult because human beings house both good and evil at the same time.

    Long ago there was a humanoid that served his family. She served for 3 generations and watched over her son’s deathbed. This is Shino from the “Seek my Master” quest in Episode 1 that he is talking about.

    In the end, he wants to destroy the Great Shadow and then go to where his friends are. His friends of the past are all dead. Relmitos probably died shortly after the final battle. This is not specifically declared, but he heavily implies that his time is near its end.

    She was an instructor at H.T.C. She dealt a little bit in C.A.R.D. battle technology so she understands the basics. She was originally built as a nurse humanoid, but a turn of events lead to her teaching job. She did that until she transferred over to the C.A.R.D. Lab. She can hold her own in a battle because she had to teach students all day. (Hey I believe it! Kids can be unruly. Lol) She taught both Vivi and Memoru. They were her final students.

    She’s well versed in techniques despite being a humanoid, though she can’t use them. She’s also knowledgeable in politics and as a former nurse humanoid has medical knowledge.

    To get Memoru and Viviana to stop arguing she told them she may die soon as a kind of “shock” therapy. They started crying and shouting “Teacher, don’t die!” The resulting talks afterwards are how they made up.

    Her specialty is analysis. She’s good at locking in targets. She claims to have 100% accuracy. She can also run fast, which is shown by her high move value. She’s friends with Glustar.

    She was taken in by a facility as an orphan. Well, more like she was thrown out. She’s a defective battle Humanoid and will never be fully functional (this could explain her Nyah speech). The facility was pretty awful and she was not treated well there. Glustar says it would be weird if you didn’t go a little nuts at the facility. Her teacher was a decent guy and she really looked up to this teacher. Details about this are never revealed, so her exact treatment isn’t clear. I never determined the identity of her teacher, though it’s not far-fetched to speculate that it was Dr. Montague. This is pure speculation though with no evidence to back it up other than that Montague liked Humanoids.

    Stella knew Glustar was leaking info to the Arkz. She wanted him to stop. She feels some blame for the attack on the Morgue by not being able to stop Glustar from leaking information.

    He likes to gamble. He’s a close friend of Stella.

    He starts making deals on the side with the Arkz, which gets him in trouble and he needs to be rescued by Stella (a mission she gives you in story mode). He went through money like water, but after meeting Stella he gained a goal. But he needs Meseta for this goal. He’ll do anything to get this Meseta, even if Stella stops him. He leaks information to the Arkz in exchange for Meseta.

    His dream began as an old war buddies dream, a buddyn that’s dead now. His dream was to give humanoids and Newmans a good education and raise their social standing. This friend covered Glustar in a mission and died from his injuries. Glustar wants to keep the dream going, at first just to repay his friend, but now he is also inspired by that dream. The reason he’s been collecting money any way he can is to build a school on Ragol. He got most of his money from gambling or other dirty work. Although his old war-buddy would not approve of that he really wants to make the dream a reality, and to thank Stella for latching onto the dream.

    He asks Stella to be family, and to stay together forever and ever. Stella agreed. This made Glustar happy. I don’t look at this as a romance between man and machine, but more Glustar adopting Stella into his family. They plan on going to live on Ragol secretly even though they could get arrested if they get caught.

    Once the battle is over, Glustar and Stella almost certainly begin building Ragol’s first school as they start their new lives on Ragol. Since Pioneer 2 landed, they probably no longer had to worry about sneaking onto Ragol and were able to do so legally.

    He discovered the Great Shadow. He is Kranz and Kylria’s father. His capsules can only be read by Kranz and Kylria when they are both together at a capsule. C.A.R.D. technology was born when he found the Great Shadow and brought the Germ back home. At first it was thought to be a new disease. Research revealed its amazing potential but it couldn’t be successfully duplicated. Only the small sample he brought back could be used. Blitz is one of his assumed names, he went by other ones too. 4 years ago he vanished from Kylria’s life, probably the same time he left Kranz. When his wife and him divorced, Kylria went with the mother. This happened when Kranz was still little. He knew several members of the Arkz. Mainly Peko, Creinu and Memoru. The exact relationship with these Arkz isn’t clear but apparently he told Kranz to contact them if he was looking for him.

    Kylria says it seems like things about Blitz and where he went are being covered up. With his connections to the Arkz trio, it may be possible that Blitz had some sort of connection with Black Paper, or was at least watched by the organization.

    Relmitos and Orland knew a man with a similar assumed name. Nothing more is said about this, and no further evidence of Relmitos and Orland knowing Blitz is provided. Any connection Blitz had to Relmitos or Orland doesn’t seem to have any significant impact to the story.

    Blitz was infected but for some reason survived. Some on Pioneer 2 believe that he supposedly had developed an immunity. No one knows how. He disappeared after he recovered from the disease.

    His final message box is in Nebula Montana, his last known spot. In his final message he claims that he had lost his body to the Germ. He can no longer move freely. He heads to the Great Shadow one last time, but he doesn’t know how far he can get with his infected body. He pleads that if Kranz and Kylria ever find the Great Shadow it must be destroyed. The message provides the coordinates of the Great Shadow.

    Blitz didn’t develop immunity at all. The Germ used him as a carrier to try and spread itself. His fate is never clearly revealed. His last known destination was that he was going to the Great Shadow and its never revealed whether or not he was found there. It seems likely the Germ killed him when he returned to the Great Shadow given how far gone his body was, but his death is unconfirmed.


    Everything the C.A.R.D. Lab is to the hunters, R-Base is to the Arkz. It’s located on Ragol and their base of operations. It’s location isn’t known by the Hunters until just before the end of the Game. With information that Ino’lis had gained from the Arkz Karen was able to determine its location. Just before the fight with the Great Shadow a tracking chip was placed on the Arkz after the final battle with the Hunters which enabled other government divisions to locate R-Base. Because the Great Shadow was located and fought shortly after there was never a need to fight the Arkz.

    Break’s name is Wilm Break. Typically called just Break. He was Nef’s first disciple. He was laying on the ground in the Rain when Lura first met him. It was near Lupis. The government puts a 10,000 Meseta bounty on him (and probably all the Arkz members) after the second mission. He was in love with Sophia. They were a team before she died. He feels a lot of guilt over the cloning of Sophia, whom had specifically asked not to be cloned if she died. He was trying to find out from Sil’fer where the Great Shadow is, but with her memory gone he ultimately has to resort to cloning Sophia.

    He was a team with Sophia and Sil’fer at one point. He plunged the antidote into Sil’fer’s heart with his sword to prevent the germ from killing her.

    He took the Hunters Examination with Orland with the help of Cranberry, one of the 4 heros.

    Break and Sophia were a team that didn’t take jobs from the corrupt government. They took on small jobs for indivudals. After a while Sil’fer joined their team. Sil’fer admired the team harmony. Things went well until they found out about the Great Shadow. As they investigated it they found out it might threaten the entire population of Pioneer 2. The Government knew about it and was keeping it secret. Break and Sophia dreamed of being heroes and were going to attempt to destroy the Great Shadow alone. Sil’fer got worried and followed them. In the end they merely succeeded in exploring the area and became infected. Break had already vaccinated himself so he was alright, but Sil’fer and Sophia were infected. Break gambled and plunged the antidote into her heart. There was only one vial of antidote. Sophia died. She was smiling saying she led a happy life. “Death eventually comes sooner or later so don’t look so sad.” She died a little ways north of Unguis Lapis. The undeveloped land where the photo flows intersect.

    Red is the leader of the Arkz. It’s not his real name. R-Base is the name of the Arkz base located on Ragol. It’s layout is identical to Pioneer 2’s Morgue. C.A.R.D. Research is conducted at R-Base. Endu describes him as full of secrets and feels like he’d find out something bad if he were to investigate Red.

    Red lost both of his twin daughters at once. He loved them so much he sunk into deep depression. Then he heard about clone technology. He was taken in by the new technology. He had his daughters cloned. The original clones went back to him safely. One day the daughters found out they were clones. They saw themselves cloned over and over again by the government, their forms twisted in a series of wide-ranging experiments. They were the ones used as the basic bodies for the clone weapon. In desperation they joined hands and took their own lives. Red was filled with anger and set fire to the research laboratory. He was kicked out of Pioneer 2 and dumped onto Ragol. He could never forget about his two daughters. As time passed the government turned its attention away from cloning and toward C.A.R.D. Technology. The clone weapon research ended in failure and the test cases were thrown into an abandoned laboratory on Ragol. Red met these test cases in the lab. His “daughters” were changed into living weapons, there were dozens of them. They were all twisted into irrepairable shapes. He still wished for his twin daughters to come back to him, he still does now At the end of the Arkz story Red says that by defeating the Great Shadow we can “put the souls of all the experiment victims to rest,” almost certainly referring to his daughters. Makes you wonder if the Arkz are truly about fighting the evils of the government, or if all of this is a personal thing about what happened to his daughters. The clone weapons based off Red’s daughters are still asleep somewhere in R-Base.

    Just as the final battle is beginning, Red suddenly doesn’t want to destroy the Germ but instead take control of the entire supply. Doing this should enable them to rematerialize pretty much anything and the dematerialization will last a lot longer. His last lines in the game are “Finally, my daughter will…” which seems to indicate that Red has had a hidden agenda all this time. Restoring his daughters.

    Could Chief Red be Colin? During Episode 1 and 2 Rico is his only daughter. But in the 20 years after Episode 2, he could have fathered twins. The name Red could be in tribute to Red Ring Rico. And if he lost both his daughters, that would be three daughters that were lost, which certainly could explain the obsession with his daughters clones and keeping them in R-Base. Both Red and Tyrell oppose the government now. Combine this with that Tyrell mysteriously disappeared and that newman drugs have an anti-aging effect, a strong argument can be made that Tyrell is Red. This is however unproven.

    General Arks:
    They have “Raised a flag of resistance against this current government.” Arkz claim to work to “Build a world where the dignity of all life can be protected.” The great mission of the Arkz is to “Halt the autocratic development of Ragol by the government.” An important objective is to find the material in C.A.R.D. Technology. They left Pioneer 2 and built R-Base and succeeded in developing C.A.R.D. data based on creatures instead of items. Their objective is to keep the “Great Shadow” away from the government.

    The only thing on Creature cards is some creature data. There aren’t real creatures inside being forced to fight. The Arkz lack item data so they can’t make items. You’re allowed to use new creature data that you find on the field (sort of an explanation of how new cards are earned from packs. Your character “finds the data” on the field.)

    The Arkz act pretty hastily when they attack the government, often without any real strong proof or evidence of any wrongdoing.

    Lots of people in the Arkz are hiding one thing or another.

    They keep track of the government through several sources. One is hacking the computers on Pioneer 2. They were hacking a database very close to Principal Dol Grisen. They gained classified information on “human experimentation” and “weapons development” within the government. But the information is old content and they already dumped their test subjects on Ragol. These were clones of Red’s daughters. They’ve hacked this database several times to gain information from the Hunters. They use deception too. They hack the computer and issue missions to the Hunters disguised as government requests to trick the Hunters into giving them information.

    C.A.R.D. rematerialization process is partially influenced by climate.

    Red is researching a link between humanoids and C.A.R.D. Technology. There doesn’t seem to be any connection between Humanoids and C.A.R.D. however.

    The Arkz accuse the government of using Hunters only as a tool to gain themselves more power.

    The Arkz attacked the Morgue to get some data on Sophia, so that they could bring a clone of her to life and learn the location of the Great Shadow. They stole a memory core. This was probably created as a result of memory scans the government does through Section ID’s. The cloning experiment is a hybrid of cloning and cards. Cloning goes against the principals of the Arkz but they thought they had no choice.

    Officially the Arkz are a resistance group opposed to the government and its human rights violations, but it’s rumored that they’re really a working faction of the government; a fake organization created specifically to find the Great Shadow. Because there is evidence that Black Paper secretly funds and supports the Arkz, this is probably how the Arkz could be considered a working faction of the government without them even being aware of it.

    The creatures have no will of their own, but it lets them be controlled easily. They disappear after a certain length of time. The technology isn’t perfected.

    Creinu is connected to the Arkz top investor. It is highly likely that this top investor is Black Paper. She is part of a trio with Memoru and Peko that works on getting information from Ino’lis. Just before the final battle she gives the commander of the Arkz a gem she found earlier. At the time of requesting the mission she says the gem generates a strange energy. After getting it she denies anything about that. Nothing further is said about the gem and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the story. Great fanfic potential though.

    A memory core was put in Lura by Break that contains memories of Sophia. It was an imcomplete memory core so it didn’t have all her memories were intact or complete. After Sophia was cloned with the Memory Core they got from the Pioneer 2 raid, they replaced Lura’s incomplete core with the one they got from Pioneer 2. Her Rudimentary Maiden’s Heart System was broken. This is probably some type of android emotion system. But her system was broken and she still had feelings. Probably because of Sophia’s Memory Core.

    Rufina was involved in the governments cloning experiments as part of the research into clone weapons. Her body aches every night from all the things that was done to it. She says she can hear her sisters whispering at her from somewhere asking to be killed. She say’s she is joking but… is she really? It’s not specifically declared if she is a clone or the original, she doesn’t seem to know for sure herself. Even getting a clear implied answer is difficult to know for sure. It does seem to slightly lean on the side of her being a clone instead of the original, but a strong case can be made either way. All of the clone weapons are based off Red’s daughters.

    Her and Viviana had a falling out over a broken pendant. Each thought the other had broken it. She was a member of the H.T.C. but left after a while, leaving Viviana behind.

    Creinu, Peko, and her are a trio. They’ve been spying on Kranz and Ino’lis. During a cut scene they are also rather vicious toward Teifu, kicking him and hitting him with Rafoie for no apparent reason.

    It is hinted that Memoru has ties to Black Paper.

    A comrade in arms with Break. He “lives and works in the shadows” meaning he likes to help out without standing out much. He’s not particularly important to the story. He’s a member of the Arkz and keeps an eye on those he’s worried about, especially Rufina, to make sure they are okay. He also likes to test himself against strong opponents as shown in the “Seeking the Strongest” challenge he issued on Net 5. Not a whole lot else about him is revealed.

    He loves food and is highly recognized for his culinary talents. He has close ties to Memoru and Creinu and helps lure Ino’lis to the Arkz side. He seems to have been raised by a woman named Susan whom is like a mother to him. Memoru and Creinu are hinted to having ties with Black Paper. Peko probably does as well. It is not far-fetched to believe that Susan is Sue from Episode 1 & 2, whom also has ties to Black Paper.


    Break and the Arkz are going to f

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    That looks like a lot of info to compile. I never get to play Ep3; it'd be an interesting read. ;]
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    ... I'm not the only guy who's been reminded of the Svaltus and other Strateria reading this part of the knowledge base, am I?

    Ravum Aedes Sacra:
    This is the name of the Misty Temple that contained an Ancient Weapon, the Leukon Knight. Theory is the temple was built in ancient times as a counter measure of something and was set off when it was intruded into. The Leukon Knight is some kind of guardian used on the planet in ancient times. They aren’t completely sure what it is, but these are the theories. The discovery and initial government investigation of this place was done without notifying the C.A.R.D. Lab. They asked for the Lab’s help when they couldn’t handle the weapon.

    The temple is a “marvel of advanced technology.”

    The final hypothesis by the government research team is that this ruin (the temple, not the Ruins from Episode 1) served as a storage area for guardians. The Leukon Knight is one of many mass-produced weapons created to seal away an ancient threat. They believe the Knight attacked because it mistook us for an old enemy. Only one managed to re-activate itself. A man named Lagnet presents this hypothesis to you.

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    ... I'm not the only guy who's been reminded of the Svaltus and other Strateria reading this part of the knowledge base, am I?
    I'm sorry I do not know what Svaltus and other Strateria is.

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    On 2007-06-03 22:22, Cranberry wrote:
    ... I'm not the only guy who's been reminded of the Svaltus and other Strateria reading this part of the knowledge base, am I?
    I'm sorry I do not know what Svaltus and other Strateria is.
    Svaltus & Strateria are PSU references. They are ancient/ruin guardians of sort.
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    On 2007-06-03 22:22, Cranberry wrote:
    ... I'm not the only guy who's been reminded of the Svaltus and other Strateria reading this part of the knowledge base, am I?
    I'm sorry I do not know what Svaltus and other Strateria is.
    The Dyster got it, but I wanted to add some things:

    Good picture of one of the Svaltus. There's two other Strateria types in Phantasy Star Universe; the Orgdus and Lutus Jigga.

    And now for some spoilerific text:

    The Strateria were war machines of the ancient civilization that existed before modern days in Gurhal. They were used as soldiers in the war against the SEED, and stand now as guardians of the RELICs (ruins of the ancient civilization) as well as protectors of the Confinement Systems used to imprison the SEED invaders.

    The Divine Maiden does a divination and witnesses one of the battles the ancient civilization had with the SEED thousands of years ago. Strateria stood shoulder to shoulder defending one of the Confinement System towers, trading blows with Dilnazen-type SEED.

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    omg thank you so much, i bought pso ep 3 to finish the story from 1 and 2, but couldn't finish the game due to the long card battles. This helps so much very very nice job

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    Wow, this is great... it's very helpful to my episode 3 comic (what if) though.

    Though... "Future Forecast is the “imperfect” reward. Future Forecast is the “perfect reward”. These are Episode 3 download quests."

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