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    Hey everyone. A while back I started on a project to map out the audio files on PSU PC. While the sound effect videos and voice acting files were easy to find, I had problems discovering what was in the music until I found a program called CinePack. A program that allows the listening of CRI's ADX music format. That was back during the AOI beta.

    At this point now, I have not only been able to discover what tracks link to what song but also, I have been able to successfully replace the music as well. The following is a guide on how to replace the music in the PC version of PSU.

    A video of this in action can be found here. Take note that I left my mouse on screen to show there was no funny business going on off screen.

    How to replace the music files

    1. To avoid problems, completely close down PSU.exe.
    2. Locate the track you want to replace here. Match the song up with the file on the left side. (If anyone wants to help me clear up some of the naming on there, just post, I'll fix it)
    3. Back up the original file that you are going to replace in another folder.
    4. Copy and rename the music file to what you want the music to replace to what the original song was. So if you want to replace Burning Hearts with Tricktrack Part 2, just copy 145db38197726811625153c0af3cd269 and then rename the copy as a1e79ce8fae6955cfbf8b586567a8c09 (Please note, you must be able to see the file.extensions of files to be able to do this properly.)
    5. Launch PSU and enjoy.

    How to import your own custom music

    You'll need a few things to do this. All of these programs are free.

    adxencd.exe (Converts .wav to .adx. Put this in it's own separate folder)
    Winamp (To check the file came out ok, and for conversion to the .wav format using the output wav diskwriter function)
    in_cube.dll (required plugin for winamp to be able to play adx files. put it into the winamp plugin folder)
    Audacity (To help find the looping points for the .adx)

    There are 2 main steps in this. Converting to wav and creating the adx

    Converting to wav

    1. Pick a song and load it into the winamp playlist (Multiple songs can be done at one time as winamp operates on a playlist.)
    2. Hit Ctrl-P to open the preferences
    3. go to Plug-ins / Output on the left side and double click on Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in on the right side.
    4. Choose the output file location directory as the location of where you put adxencd.
    5. Click Ok, click close.
    6. Hit the play button. You'll note that no sound is actually being played through the speakers. This is fine as Winamp is writing the wav files now.

    This sequence is required as mp3 and such isn't supported by adxencd.exe. You now have two choices on how to proceed. Creating a simple or looping .adx

    Creating a simple adx

    1. click start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt.
    2. go to the location of where you put adxencd.exe (you'll need to know the old dos commands to do this part)
    3. type "adxencd filename.wav" and hit enter

    You now have an adx file you can use in PSU. However this file in of itself will not loop properly.

    Creating a looping adx

    1. Open Audacity
    2. Open the wav file you exported from winamp.
    3. Go up to View -> Set Selection Format -> Choose Samples (Snap to Samples)
    4. Find where you want the start and end points to be and jot down the sample numbers (displayed way at the bottom of the program. "Cursor: number samples)
    5. click start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt.
    6. go to the location of where you put adxencd.exe (you'll need to know the old dos commands to do this part)
    7. Type "adxencd filename.wav -lps (starting sample number) -lpe (ending sample number)" and hit enter
    8. Open Winamp and check that the loop came out ok by opening the adx file

    Now to finish, just go back up to the "How to replace the music files" sequence at the top of this guide and proceed as described. Remeber that in order to delete the file .extension and rename it properly, you must be able to view the extension itself. Go here for more details on how to complete that process.

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    Lotsa PSO songs inthis games files.. some I knew about, some I sure didn't

    very interesting < My little gaming blog.

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    I made a topic about this awhile back, because the music is just terrible (Neudaiz is okay) but nobody knew how.

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    On 2007-06-10 16:20, Jonathan_F wrote:
    This is part 1 of the guide. Part 2: converting your own music to a PSU compatible format. I'll put that up later tonight.
    Can't wait

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    Updated with full instructions on how to create your own PSU compatible music files.

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    Hmmm Now that is something I like to hear, I'll read up again soon

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    Added a demonstration video. Changed tracks include the extended version of G March and the replacement of Contamination - Fire - with Burning - Ship to Take Off which about 10 seconds from the time of the last kill does a loop to the near start of the track again.

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    This way to do it with voice too?
    I really like to have JP voice

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    I can't get the looping to work for some reason.

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    Make sure the GC stream player in the input for winamp isn't set to 1 loop.

    Also remember that samples are different from seconds. Many MANY samples go into one second of wave audio.

    This is what it should look like when it runs. make note that it actually says if you did it right where the start and end points are.

    Psu custom soundtrack>adxencd gmarch.wav -lps53421 -lpe592341
    |||||||||||| ADX Audio decompression tool Ver.4.61 ||||||||||
    Software Audio Encoder for "CRI ADX FreeWare " 1999-07-16
    1996-1999 CRI

    Input sound data file: 'gmarch.wav'
    ADX Compressed data file : 'gmarch.adx'
    Sampling frequency : 44100 Hz = Input sound data
    No. of channels : 2
    Loop Start Pos : 53440 smpl Offset = 61440 byte
    End Pos : 592360 smpl Offset = 667752 byte
    Inserted silent sample for loop playback : 19 smpl
    Input audio sample : 16538184 smpl = 375.0 sec <44100 Hz>
    ADX output sample : 16538203 smpl(Blk:16538208 smpl) = 375.0 sec <44100 Hz>

    Psu custom soundtrack>

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