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    do the kitty claws drop on any rank or just C and B? search the forums and didn't see anything. thanks guys

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    They drop in C for certain.

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    from all.
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    Anyone know what rank the Snowy Claws drop on. I've only heard of them dropping on Crimson Beast S.

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    Yeah i was wondering if they maybe drop on higher ranked Urgent orders.
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    From what I've gathered, its like this:

    All levels:
    Puyoment Aura
    Meow Mustache

    Lv 1~49: Twin Kitty Claw
    Lv 50~99: Twin Snowy Claw
    Lv 100+: [B] Twin Bearclaw

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    To my knowledge, Snowy Claws don't drop in Urgent Orders - only the Kitty Claws do. Snowy Claws drop in other missions outside of Urgent Orders that spawn Jaggos (now Jaggo Sonichi), like Crimson Beast, Valley of Carnage and Mine Defense. Found my pair in Mine Defense S, though I'm sure it can drop in C-A as well, like the Kitties do in UO C-A.

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    i thought the kitty claws were replaced for [B] bear claws in A rank UO?

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    Twin Kitty Claw do not drop on Urgent Orders A.

    Twin Snowy Claw do not drop on Urgent Orders at all, because they drop from Lv50-99 Jaggo Sonichi ,and Urgent Orders does not have Lv50-99 monsters at all. They are Lv45-48 on Urgent Orders B, and Lv100-104 on Urgent Orders A.

    Twin Snowy Claws drop from:
    -Valley of Carnage S/S2
    -Mine Defense S/S2
    -Crimson Beast S/S2
    -Lab Recovery S/S2
    -Forest Infiltration S/S2
    -System Defense S
    -Desert Terror S

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