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    Ok everyone urs truly has a partisan of lightning again (lost the first one thanx to dat basterd FSOD) but yeah i got one so um and thank u to the guy that posted the 1st trade (giv him a shout out) Well i think im willing to part with it, im tired of showing it off online. WOuld u like to be the STAR of the show(game)??? U want Peeps On ur Jock 24/7??? Would u like to be offerd (online by dupers) Rares Of ur wildest dreamz??? Do u want to be Well known online? if u said yes to any of these then u'd want my partisan, this is the key to everything(almost) that u want online. These items below r the only items i'd trade for it cuz their the only ones i need for now. But i think i might just hold out for *YASHA* or *Twin Blaze*. SO lets start the Bidding... ohh and if u have something that is not listed that u think is WORTH IT then let me know and i might consider, im bout to go hunting with little bro later tonight for another one...... peace out and happy BIDDINGz....

    I want list:

    Safety Heart
    Love Heart
    Invisible Guard
    Sealed J-Sword
    Lavis Cannon
    Lavis Blade
    Twin Blaze
    Flame Gament
    Red Mech Gun
    Heart of Poumn
    Olga DNA

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    i've got a love heart and a red mechgun, thats my best stuff ^__^() but i'll be willing to trade both because I really want that partisan.
    pm me if interested.

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    *Watches as the chances of getting his favorite weapon are ripped out of his hand* Well ... I tried. Dang ... Wait! *Speeds online attempting to get some of the items Badboi was asking for* I can't give up hope yet!

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    On 2002-12-17 14:07, True-Stealth wrote:
    *Watches as the chances of getting his favorite weapon are ripped out of his hand* Well ... I tried. Dang ... Wait! *Speeds online attempting to get some of the items Badboi was asking for* I can't give up hope yet!
    The great secret in success to trading is NEVER give up. Sometimes people will trade items well below their value, simply because they have a number of them. Certain items, however, NEVER lose their value. Here are the trade items to hold onto:

    Materials (Try and have at least 10 of each. 10 Power Mats or 10 Mind Mats will buy you damn near anything)

    Mags (A good power mag, mind mag or well-balanced Ep II rare mag will go a long way in a trade. They're not hard to raise, and if you do 3 or 4 at a time you can have a fair collection to barter with. Someone will ALWAYS be looking for a good mag)

    Photon Drops (Although their value fluctuates wildly, these ARE the currency of rares. Keep in mind, for the rarer stuff you will need a lot)

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    yeah, i made that first one, but thats not the point.

    i urge EVERYONE out there not to trade this weapon. why? i really want this one to be the wep that WONT be duped. dunno if it'll happen or not. but the only way to controll it is by not trading. i dont really mean to disrupt this thread in anyway.

    thanks for listening.

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    Its hard to find a Twin Blaze or Yasha online. I expected not to find the Yasha, but the Twin Blaze no one has as well. Man ... I found someone with an Invisible Guard, but they wanted my Parts of Robo Chao, which I'm trying to trade for a Partisan of Lightning along with many other rare items I don't use. Well if you trade the one you have now, can you try and find another one (like you are doing) to trade to me. I'll still be searching for the Twin Blaze.

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    I don't want it to be duped either, but I'm not the person who dupes. Plus, sooner or later a duper is going to get his hands on this weapon. All he/she has to be is a pinkal and thats basicly it. I hate dupers as much as other fair players. They just take the fun out of the game.

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    i have Heart of Poumn Lavis Cannon(0/0/0/0/0) Safety Heart Love Heart and ican make the cannon into Lavis Blades if you want but i would like the light part pm me if u want any of those i also have others i could show u.

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    Badboi, I hear that you cannot get Yasha or Twin Blaze legitly yet. If this is true, then I think your out of luck. I here any of them online are fakes. Is this true? By the way, My trade list is up in "Stealth's Robo 1 Chance Market."

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    actually u can get Yasha with a Virdia guy (according to ******) but i don't know about twin blaze. Well man so many dam dupers been stalking me for dat weapon not trading this weapon to anyone who seemz like a duper. Lately ive been getting a LOOOOOOT of *PRESENTS* or *GIFTS* (to buy my trust and to get first dibbz on the weapon) hey cheese have you played with it online and if so how do they react to you??? Now i know of another that has this weapon and its in BAD hands. A duper named OS****, but so far i don't think he's given it out to anyone. But anyways now i just decided that i don't need any other weapon or armor in fact i got those items that i wanted (lavis blades....and others) as gifts last night from some people, so the only weapon i'll trade this for is Yasha, Twin Blaze, or the Olga DNA. so basically (since no one has em) im going to be holding onto this bad Boy. Ohh and who was the guy that needed the robo chao parts for that one item i wanted? i can giv the robo parts to u..... Later Yall!

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