Hello, I'm not looking for help in this topic, but rather offering it as directly for this very fustrating mission. I've uploaded this map and arked where to place your NPC, and the points in order to go. The green dots are the warp portals, take full full advantage of em.

Please keep this in mind, timing is vital in this mission, VITAL. Every second counts, every millisecond counts. If you bump into a corner, hesitate in the slightest, the first point will go down and you'll have to start all over. when going to points 2 and 3, don't bother orienting your camera, just move. You need every millisecond. When heading to point 2, you'll see the switch you must hit to open the barrier to the door. Do it quick, flowing, and fast. when you warp to point 4, don't move around. Go straight ahead and click as fast as you can. You should finish this by half a second on the norm. It's a perfectionist's mission and takes exactly 7/8 of a minute to finish. Timing's the key, and it will be fustrating. I threw my controller after failure 18. XD I hope this information and Jerri-rigged map helps