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    Hello all,

    Thought I would say hello to everyone here at PSO World. (To the creators: Nice site, I really like the layout.)

    In the interest of sharing some thoughts and maybe generating a conversation I have decided to make a few observations about this fine game.

    1. Wow, sweet graphics.
    2. Nice weapon models and attack animations.
    3. Cool baddies.

    Not so good
    4. Easy puzzles.

    5. Nice conversation interface for those without keyboards, I am getting one as soon as I can.
    6. Nice touch with custom symbol chat.
    7. Nice touch with ability to create custom phrases and shortcut them...essential for those without keyboards.

    Not so good
    8. Speech bubbles need to be transparrant.

    9. Fairly well balanced character types.
    10. Some good options when creating a character.
    11. Mags are cool.

    Not so good
    12. Each class should have male and female representatives.

    Very cool feature that makes up for the negativce aspects of the game
    13. Can be played offline or online with same character.

    Scariest (feature?)
    14. BSOD

    Most sorely neede improvement
    15. More personal customizable character features. For example...skill points, skill trees, weapon proficiencies, weapon specializations. Things that make your level 35 HUmar different from my level 35 HUmar. Trade skills (like a character that can magically augment armor/weaps, or technologically augment armor/weaps, or an alchemist type than can create powerful potions, or characters that can work on Mags and add features to them) -- all of these trade skills would be skill based and a player could chooses only one to pursue. There could be 4 paths, Techno Augmenter, Magic Augmenter, Mag Mechanic, and Alchemist. These paths are taken at like level 20 or so and allow to further pursue the customization process of your character.

    So that concludes this post, let me know what you all think...

    Oh yeah, and a time limit on the 'lootability' of your corpse. Say 2 minutes for every level you are. During this grace period, only you can loot your corpse, after that it is fair game.

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    Id have to say I would like some more charicter options.

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    Hi there. Welcome

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    Hi! Welcome to the site!

    Glad you like it


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    Hi, I'm new too. Nice to meet you.

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