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    Alright, since the rebalance I don't really check psupedia as often as I use to.

    So me and couple of friends want to hunt the 10* Bow, which map has more number of the robots that drop them?

    Could you please mention first spawn and map type pls =P. And if necessary 2nd to whatever number spawn XD

    Any help is awesome, thanks in advance.
    Simply enjoying life~

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    If you want to spam Block 1 over and over, there is a map variation with all robots, including a good number of the red ones (that drop the Hirokteri). When you enter, you should be in a big rectangular room. The crystal will be centered in front of you, but more toward the door you walk in rather than the door straight ahead. Go in the door ahead of you, and you'll enter a hallway with a fork at the end. Take a right turn and you should see three blue robots.

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    Thanks there typheros. Your info already helps me already!
    Simply enjoying life~

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    Map pattern B-2 has the most red robots with a whopping 66. No annoying blue bots either but there are quite a few Ozunas.
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    grove was not rebalanced, so the old data still applies. check the monster count list linked above my post. there are a few B2s that spawn a TON of red bots

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