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    I would like to see more quests. I would especially like to be able to find characters that would help you out in the offline mode (where you can manage thier items, weapons and armor) and give commands to the characters you obtain on your team. I would also like to see more advanced mags. Mags that actually do something, like shoot lasers or attack enemies as they grow... What would you like to see in episode III?

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    id like to see this version complete first

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    more action buttons, 6 buttons suck. i was hopin that in PSOX the black and white buttons could be used for actions, but i feel they will either be shortcuts or used for chatting

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    or for nothing / switch the voiceeffects around ^_^;

    no really, more buttons would be really helpful - especially for forces
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    -More customizable characters
    -More shortcut buttons
    -More types of weapons

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    Maybe a lock on system to enemies. It would change the game, but it'd be cool.

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    impossible duping would be nice

    having a little program sitting at the servers manage the whole game, instead of the client doing this... (but this would consume lots of bandwidth afaik)

    edit: oha! episode III was meant, not PSO2, i see... well then - another set of areas, but this time bigger and with snow!

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    I'd like to see a quest with Rico as your partner. Like she wanted recover data from the Episode 1 ragol continent. But I doubt that'll happen.

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    evil looking alternate character skins, like battle damaged spiky racasts and undead looking hucasts

    raw costumes with accessories purchased to personalize your character

    hovering forces who chant while casting

    quest based games that are more than just retrieval and defeat. instead of four or five areas to clear, you play sequential quests. all quests would be tied together to make a linear story.

    weapon grinding/merging (saber+12 becomes brand) --grinders and merges are earned in quests and not dropped. special rare producing grinders/merges are earned in side quests. base weapons are purchased. raising a weapon would be like raising a mag.

    server side saving

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