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    Sorry this isn't a how-to. More of a question.
    So I'm reading the Prefect Guide and it's talking about rare spawns (al rappy, hildeblue, nar lily and pouilly slime) and I wonder are these the only rare spawns? Has anyone seen rare spawns for other creature types? If not does this perhaps indicate that ruins may have high level rares but super rares are best found by doing forest/caves in search of rare spawns?

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    I think those are the only ones. I've seen an al rappy on v.hard and it dropped a flowens shield. I also saw the nar lilly on normal difficulty and it dropped a priest/mind..needless to say i was pretty pissed off about that.

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    that was probably a masked god/technique... from what they are talking about in the other thread...

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    Yes MB. Thanx for reminding me....i'll just go put my fist thru the wall now....

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    What about quests? Has anyone seen rare spawns during a quest?
    If so then does Fake in Yellow increase your odds for an Al?

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    Don't forget the Death Gunner, the variant of the dark gunners! i'm sure there's a variant for each of the nasty critters.

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    I ran into a Pouilly Slime my first time going through to beat the caves on v-hard. Bastard dropped a Flame Visit. Did they design it so you only find rares you can't even use?

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    You get the dragon slayer when your around level 28 so..... It will be at least another 28 levels before you can use it...


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    I've seen 2 al rappies in the yellow quest at once.

    I'm also pretty sure one time I saw a "Mag Mappy", a purple rag rappy..dropped nothing special but I was a lvl 4 newbie at the time and thought nothing of it. Was harder than a hildeblue. Again, I THINK I saw this was a while ago, and I also heard my friend refer to the penguins as "mag mappies" once.. so I wonder if I'm just hallucinating or what ;P

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    Based on those 500+ page Japanese PSO guides, there are only four rare mobs. The blue hidebear and rag. The red slime and flower.

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