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    Ruby Bullet drops from Grass Assassins on Scarred Planet A.

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    So, some weapons can drop as 13*s, but others can't? I can't use a 13* spear?
    Also, um, is it possible to get 10*+ weapons as boards instead of made weapons? It really irks me to use green weapons.

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    They really only have the new weapon types 10-12* boards and 10* orpa- armor boards for sale, crea doubles being one exception. They were not too good, like in v1, when it comes to snything boards availablity in shops.

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    Just throwing this out there, but I do not believe offline rare monster spawns are difficulty dependant. I recall encountering Jaggos on either Awoken Serpent C or B (having restarted all of my characters), and they dropped the baseball launcher Bitzen mentioned.

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    Just had a 4 Rappy spawn at Sleeping Warriors S.

    Holy Ray x2
    Cati / Power
    Cati / Skill PP Save (S Rank Unit)

    No Orgdus at the end though... :/

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    What stage does Shinowa Hidoki appear in offline?

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    nice to hear tthat rappys drop more than holy ray i really looking forward to find these units

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    On 2007-11-30 11:48, Ronin_Cooper wrote:
    What stage does Shinowa Hidoki appear in offline?
    White Beast, in a room that requires a telaport.

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    This drop list has been very useful to me ~^_^~ Although not on the list yet, it would also be awesome to have the PAs you can get from NPCs randomly on S-Ranking missions mentioned ^_^ It seems that there have been some huge changes since PSU V1 Extra Mode, and since the Free Missions are lot a longer, it's harder to spam Creature Discomforts to milk NPCs for PAs. Here's some I've come across so far (It's possible that some PAs that were available by NPC drop in Extra Mode are no longer obtainable by that method, so this small list is strictly what I've come across since AotI):

    Tornado Break
    Gravity Break
    Spinning Break
    Twin Maylee
    Twin Penetration

    Laia Martinez:
    Anga Jabroga
    Anga Dugrega
    Anga Redda
    Bukuu Resen-Ga
    Renzan Seidan-ga
    Chuei Jitotsushin

    Karen Erra:
    Renkai Buyou-zan
    Moubu Seiran-zan
    Hishou Jinren-Zan

    Maya Shidow:
    Visshi Gruda
    Vivi Danga

    Fuyen Curtz:
    Rising Strike
    Gravity Strike
    Boma Duranga
    Boma Maga
    Killer Shot
    Mayalee Shot

    Hikai Shuha-zan
    Shousen Tosuzan-ga
    Senten Kanzan-ga

    Leo Berafort:
    Barada Maga
    Dus Daggas
    Dus Robado
    Dus Majarra

    Hyuga Rhyth:
    Rising Crush
    Splendour Crush
    Assault Crush

    Lucaim Nav:
    Bogga Danga
    Bogga Rabado
    Bogga Zubba
    Ikk Hikk

    Tornado Dance
    Spiral Dance
    Gravity Dance
    Absolute Dance
    Phantasm Prism
    Maylee Prism
    Gigas Espada (SUV Weapon)

    Maylee Fury
    Chikki Kyoren-jin

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    In terms of PA's, I know that the NPC's can drop the new PA's. Lou gave me Absolute dance when i completed the last story mission, Illuminus Ambition. I would assume that the NPC's can drop the other new Ultimate PA's.

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