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    where do u get the Remodeling ticket for ur room and also..where do u get that technic DUS majarra...i been lookin all ova for it..please HELP!

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    Remodeling ticket: found on the second floor of Clyez City. Check the Variety Shop (the yellow one)
    Dus Majarra: This is not a Technic, it is a Photon Art. An Ultimate one at that. You can exchange it for 30(?) Photon Art Fragments in the Skill Exchange mission, found at the Guardians Branch on Moatoob.

    Hope that helped.
    Also, get your terminology right.
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    First question: Second floor of G.Colony in the Yellow shop. Talk to the NPC in the middle.

    Second question: You have to obtain it with PA Fragments. I think around 30. When you get that, you go to Moatoob Guardian Barracks and talk to the NPC at the counter and accept the Exchange mission.

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    remodeling tickets= G. colony 2nd floor -> Veriatary (Curse my mispellings) shop

    technics = spells
    SKILLS = doing funky moves with your spear

    and to get dus majarra, you need 30 PA fragments. these are rewards for reciving an "S" rank on an "S" or "S2" mission, such as "Unsafe Passage S" and "Unsafe Passage S2"

    when you have 30 PA fragments, go to moatoob, find the GAURDIANS branch, talk to the lady at the counter, select "item trade" then the mission "skill license". select spear, then Dus Majarra. exit the mission, use the disk in your invitory, and link it to a spear on your pallet.

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