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    This thread is a place where you can list any finds, synthesis, other successes or accomplishment from online or offline mode. Any other related threads will be merged into this one.

    Last month's thread can be found here.

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    At exactly 1 minute past midnight I opened the boxes at the end of Mother Brain and got a [B] Grand Cross.

    Best New Years present, and hopefully an omen from SonicTeam they will be giving me good stuff this year

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    bout 45 mins after midnight, i check on two synths, my arb biso and my arb maganac both came out good, i know thats not the best thing ever, but i did manage grinding both to 5 with a 2* luck, also my S rank whip board sold for 3.8 mil, happy new year

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    Made a 24% Deletteline and a 37% fire Walkerline on my pure striking pm. O_O :]
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    I made a neutral Shinowa Line on my Range PM and grinded my Degahna Cannon to 8/8.

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    32% Ice Crimson Line
    32% Light Yamata Senba

    More to come later as other synths finish.

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    As I posted in the screen thread, I got this at exactally 3 Am eat from my little friend.

    Very first set of doubles tht dropped for me, too. I was expecting a nice failure, but it synthed.

    On a related note, same run, 11:30 PM est, after I got the board, a Grinder Base S dropped that was made into an S +3 that I used on the doubles.

    Not a bad end and start of the years,
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    -Pegic Board
    -Acrotecher Lv11. . . quite the mountain to climb
    PSZ : HUnewm Lv85+
    Infinity : Lv128 ; Br28
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    Today I went back to AT just to level some megid (been a while since I am AT).
    I went to E Brain S so I can help others to heal and buffs (tech supports are very minimal there for some reason when I was AF , FI..etc)
    and there I got another [b] Grand Cross =)

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    today i got 3 luck from shitenkaku. So, I went grinding.

    50% ice Katsuno 9/9
    50% elec Al Dagac 8/8
    Shato 9/9
    Serdote 9/9
    31% fire Neiclaw 8/8

    ~360~ MCVelvetJanuary
    ~Skyly~ Beseal 180 AF/FF/WT | True Villain Caseal 170+ AT/GT
    Violent Violet Caseal 180 PT/GM/FM | Mistress Vulcana Newearl 179+ MF

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