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    Hello everyone!

    I was just wondering, is this MMORPG very hard to get into? I played the demo of it before it was released and it was pretty fun, but I told myself that I would wait until it was a little further developed to buy it.

    Well, turns out I forgot about it, and now I am afraid that it may be too late too start, let me explain this thought.

    I recently quit FFXI (horrid game) after playing for two years. And I have to say, that if a new player tried to start now, they would be screwed by the economy and no "low level players".

    Is that the same thing going on in PSU? Is it hard to get use to the game mechanics? Just a few questions before I buy it.

    Feel free to add anything else, I really appreciate it! Thank you very much!


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    PSU isn't hard to get into. If you managed FFXI for two years, PSU should be feasible for you. I don't know how many low levels there are running around now, since the last event really helped in leveling characters (Got my alt from 1 to 88 in 1 week).

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    i dont think its too late to start theres still alot of content we dont have. theres enough to keep you busy. if your on the 360 im sure your bound to run into some low lvls. on the pc/ps2 i dont think theres that many newbies :/
    some time soon we should be having an event wich would be a gewd time for you to lvl if that helps. also if you get the expansion, wich you should, theres new areas with alot o exp so lvling isnt too difficult.

    i enjoy the game myself, i was addicted the first time i was online. im not too much of a critic though lol

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    I do not thinks it is too hard to get into. Yes, there are not a whole lot of low levels, but they are there.
    A lot of new things have been released since then. If you go on the PC/PS2 servers I would be willing to party if you can not find anybody. I personally like this game a lot even though I'm still only a some what middle level. Even though I've been playing since the start of the game. As of late though I have not been able to get on to PSU though.

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    Like Crimson said, i'd help you too if you decide to join PS2/PC.

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    The recent content additions and changes due to the expansion really made it much easier to get to than before. Compared to FFXI, it's more casual, more solo-friendly (if you want to), exp and money rates have been boosted, monsters were made to be easier, and a few other tweaks.

    Simply put, pretty much Sega had the intention of making this easier for the lower-level people or beginners to catch up, especially if the last event was any indication of it.

    As far as the game mechanics go, the demo should provide enough of the gameplay to understand the controls and other functions while in the field. Other than that, understanding the grinding system, the player shop system, the mission/lobby system and the synthesis system are not entirely too complicated. Most aspects are explained in game through the tutorial and speaking to the receptionists at the Guardian HQ.

    Once you familiarize yourself with where everything is, getting the hang of the game is fairly easy.

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    If you decide to go on 360 by some chance the population is bigger ( if slightly more annoying and less personal [my opinion not some bias, not starting flame I play on 360] but there are tons more random parties and stuff like that) oh and I see new id numbers practically every day so you won't be the only new guy around

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    In regards to choosing a server, as it stands:

    360 > PC/PS2

    PS2/PC > 360

    360 still has the Mech gun glitch, and PS2/PC still has an inflated economy.

    But, it just comes down to what consul fits you. For finacial reasons, friends, etc.

    Both servers (can) have:
    - Controller play,
    - Chat (vent)
    - Good people =D

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    I don't think it is hard to get into at all,especially if you can find some cool people to party actually took me several months to find my "group" but we meet up every day and have a blast now! If ya get on 360 look me up...same name...I usually play in the day or early evening and my husband is Ninerlife and he plays all night! Hope to see ya round!

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    I played FF11 when it came out for a month or two. Phantasy star is much easier to get into. Much more fun too.
    God damn I hate the internet.

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