Way to go with a necropost, lol. But who cares since this is more of a "necroforum".... Anyways.

As you saw there, I was the last one to post in this thread, and in all the years that I played PSU and even PSO2, in fact I was absolutely unable to make the game recognize it. I'm sorry I can't help much.

When you connect a Wiimote via Bluetooth, it creates a gamepad-like entry in the controller list called Nintendo-RLV-CNT-01 or something similar. The problem is simply that PSU never had a way to manually change which gamepad to use as a default. If you had two gamepads (lets's say a 360 one and a Logitech one) connected to the computer at the same time, the game would pick one of them (most likely the 360 one) and there would be no way to make it use the other gamepad without unplugging the first one. Even if you changed the default controller in Windows device manager.

This means that you got already one gamepad installed, namely, the Nintendo-RLV thing. When you use GlovePie or any other program to give functionality to the Wiimote buttons, the game considers that as a second controller, and therefore, it doesn't use it. Ever. If you managed to disable the RLV-CNT device somehow, then what doesn't work is GlovePie. No matter what you try, it doesn't work. Also, GameGuard was a real bitch there, I'm not sure if something like GlovePie/Xpadder would have worked, but even so you would lose analog joysticks, and for that I'd rather use any cheapo gamepad.

The only way would be that there was an external device (an adaptor of some sort) that received the signal from the Wiimote instead of using any common Bluetooth service, and that acted as a gamepad by itself. Unfortunately, I never found such thing. The closest thing I ever found was a USB cable adaptor for Nunchuk and Classic Controller. I actually used this for a long time, it works nice with the Classic Controller if you don't mind not having joystick press buttons (it would have one button less than a 360-type pad, since the Home button would work whereas the 360 one doesn't).