here's a little inside look at the darker side of capitalism, kiddies. person A who has valuable good doesn't 'feel' it is worth it is worth much, so person A offers good for a price far lower than market value. oppertunist immediately buys good and puts it back on the market for average market price. end result is oppertunist sells good, makes profit and has enough money to continue to guide the market according to his/her benefit. person A who sold good for cheap is left with too little money to be able to influence the market. person A will continue to be frustrated with market realities and keep on offering goods cheaply in order to make a moral point, which only serves to furthe rthe oppertunists agenda and maintain those market realities.

I guess person A got lucky this time and managed to make a fair trade. trading is really the only way to beat the market if you can't handle the hustle. this one is a real no-brainer tho. market realities aside, this is a limited item with max grinds. grinding to 10 is a one shot deal so that makes this an item that only about 5 to 10% of the playing population (a very generous estimation IMO)will be able to obtain. and that's based on the items quantity, not forseen price. so considering all these things I'd try to get as much for this item as possible. just because you exist within a certain system or institution does not mean the actions you need to take to ensure continued survival reflect your morality. go ahead and make money because above all, this is a videogame!

another thing to consider is what kind of people want what you have. materials are one thing, but when you're dealing with top end equips you must remember top end players will go to any lengths. one of the main reasons the 10/10 pushans are going for so much on 360 is because my fortetecher friend raced and beat a higher profile clan affiliated acrotecher at seabed. the acrotecher is now trying to set up a super palette in order to win the next one, or so I imagine. I have heard that this individual has paid up to 130 mil for 1 10/10. I've also heard 110 mil and a 9/9 or something along those lines. either way the point here is to many the great cost of being great is a small price to pay. the funny thing is the acro guy had 10/10 coni and all sorts of top end stuff and the fortetecher beat him with by mainly using a psycho with 1 or 2 grinds. I'm sure that serves to reinforce the feeling which leads you to believe the 10/10 pushan is not woth max. ain't capitalism great?

oh btw, 90 mil for a 38% repca? damn, fool.....