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    Default Solo levelling locations?

    I'm a level 32 ForteFighter, trying to some levelling to catch up to my friends while they're offline, but for the life of me I can't seem to find any mission that I can reliable handle and still get good EXP for it. Any suggestions?

    Also, I haven't tried White Beasts, mainly because when I went there with a party, I kept getting stunned and locked due to huge white ball spamming floaty magicians and I don't wanna know what that'll turn out like solo.

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    Soloing in this game is pretty hard. So you just have to deal with slow runs. Also, get two NPCs with you. Any is good, but I suggest Tylor and Leo. They can nanoblast and plow through stuff faster than the others. Maybe they don't do that much damage, but the make for good meat shields for monsters.

    As for which mission. Well, I'll probably do Military Subway for JP or Electric Beasts.
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    OH, man thanks for reminding you can invite NPCs. I keep forgetting about that. But thanks for those locations.

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    Once your PM becomes a Humanoid you can also do that as well.

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    well when you do white beasts just get some good dark wepons and get a sleep resist and then you can invite two npc bots!!

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