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    I woke up and found myself in this place. SERIOUSLY, WHERE THE HELL AM I?!


    Check out this thread for a connection with PSŲ.

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    Hmm necroposting? it was in the first page, but this forum is not very used XD

    I just wanted to throw a theory here lol

    - Crys's ending LINK Ragol connection theory (the planet they reach could be Ragol in the past) Sean's and Adan's endings could also fit here, we just don't see their arrival to the planet. 1000 years later they manage to seal Falz into the ship.
    - Aron's ending LINK they reach "present" Earth.
    - Earth, now called Coral, searches for the origin of the Alissa III, and they find Ragol (dimensional rift and all that, the same ship landed on different time an place, in the same dimension) (this could be possible because each ending takes place in a different dimension/alternate timeline)
    - Pioneer 1 goes to Ragol and starts the Mother Project.
    - PSO Episodes 1, 2 and 4
    - The Mother project is transferred to Coral.
    - Mother Trinity destroys Coral's civilization (Great Blank)
    - Noah spaceship escapes with a third Mother and reaches Algol

    I wanted to make one of those at least once

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