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    On my second disk as my first 1 got scratched to hell, it would crash everytime I tried to go to another city, brought a new 1 and it works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pikachief View Post
    Fall Dashboard update lets u install your games to your harddrive so all u will need is the disc in the disc tray for proof u have the game and it will run entirely on the harddrive!

    i only have room to do this for 1 game and its gonna be PSU cuz my game stores around me are out of PSU games and this is my 4th disc D:
    Is this update already out, or coming out soon? I haven't fired up my 'box in a bit...

    My friend had his hd/loader setup for ps2 and it was godly. 0 loading 360 games will = pure joy.

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    my 4th disc just got eaten yesterday... Ordered a new PSU disc... I can't wait for the fall update... It would save so much
    So im about to go on my 5th.
    EDIT: the funny thing is my original disc is in horrible condition. yet still works the best! The other ones get a disc read error on neudaiz lobby, dolby 2.0 sound thing & the last one gets a disc read error loading psu...
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    I think a lot of my problem is the Disk Drive. I am going to send my xbox in to Microsoft this weekend and hopefully I will get it back sometime before we get the Dashboard update.LOL.

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    on second only because i gave up on the game during the ass end of winter event, came back three months later with a new copy....minor scratches but that's user error
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    on my 4th disc

    odd coincidence, as my first xbox winded down into the eventual Red Ring of Death, my PSU disc(s) stopped functioning, and caused the problem you are describing with the Neudiaz lobby not showing up correctly

    it is true that your disc drive could be the problem, also true that PSU accesses the disc often compared to other games

    has anyone installed the disc to their hard drive?

    if so, are you still plagued by lag as most of us are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sekani View Post
    I found out myself after going through about four discs that it could also be a symptom of a bad DVD drive. You'll play most other games fine because they're not continuously accessing the disc as much as PSU is.
    Actually, games like Mass Effect access the disc more as they are loading game data on the fly.

    PSU v1 stuff puts more wear on the drive because time between disc access is enough to let the drive spin down. Constant spin-down and spin-up is probably worse for a drive than constant loading.
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    I'm on my second only because my dad accidentally knocked over my xbox. While the xbox was falling, the disc was still reading in the drive. When I tried to play it again, it kept reading as a DVD disc instead of a game disc.

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    PS2 though...

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    I am on my original disc. But its starting to freeze up on me so it may be time to replace it. It lasted about 2500 hours, so I guess I can't complain too much.
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