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    It's brand new and it's pretty tight...
    This is still the best set of message boards though....

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    Signed up. w00+!

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    Isn't that in somewhat poor taste to try and steal visitors away from this site by posting on this site?

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    you dhouldnt post such things like that, youre doing exactly what zero101 states in his post.

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    if you guys read my message i still credit this site with beign the best pso site on the net.. and I also say it is the best message board...
    i just want people to use my website as a secondary source of pso communications...
    I have no intent of replacing this sites position as the premier pso complimation of forums... so next time you guys want to engage in implicating that I am attempting to theive pso gamers off this internet site make sure you have all of your facts (supporting your accusation) correct...


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    Hmmm this could cause some tension.

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    Although each messageboard system has their own rules and regulations about advertising other sites (most corporate sites do not allow it at all, many fan-run sites don't allow blatant advertising, but have no problems with adverts in sigs), it's generally considered by many to be in rather poor taste to directly advertise one's site on another.

    However, it doesn't sound like AdeptArms was doing so maliciously or anything.

    As to causing tension, how? It's not like there aren't already dozens of PSO-oriented message boards by this point. Heck, Yahoo has over fifty free PSO-oriented messageboards as it stands now...

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    FYI I am leaving this post as is since its not advertisement for personal profit. Belegerant posts advertising other sites tho will be delted the moment I see them.
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    Adding to Ambrai's statement, did everybody neglect to see the links section of this page? Now correct me if I am wrong but this is just the same as submitting it to the links page. But he choose to present it to a wider audience. I mean how many people visit the links every day to see if its been updated. So instead of yelling at him, apluad him for his new site and give it a chance. Later

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