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    Default we go

    Here is my stash of items that I think are worth a horses butt.

    Spread needle (best weapon I have seen)

    Twin Brand (oooo, blue doublesaber!)


    Chain sawd (good for cutting stuff)

    Inferno Bazooka (Goes boom)

    S-beats Blade (good for bragging)

    Ok, now for some of the lower-end items:

    Brave knuckles (kung fu gear)

    Photon Claw (meow....bad kitty)

    Double saber (overrated suicide stick)

    And 2 bloody gut-covered smelly DELSABER'S RIGHT ARMS. Maybe 1 day I'll turn these into a buster.....Maybe.

    Flowen's shield

    AND A LEVEL 200 SONITI MAG....that looks like a deformed pokemon.

    And bleh bleh. This is what I have, i'll take offers of stuff Not on this list mostly.

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    i got a delsabers buster, a battle verge, and 3 agitos (fake). i like s-beats =P, twin brand, and stag. thanks.

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    Here is what i have:
    DB'S Saber +9 (25% Machine, 25% Dark)
    Flowens Sword x2
    Dragon Slayer +1
    Blade Dance (5% Machine)
    Diska Braveman +3 (35% Native, 35% A.Beast)
    M&A60 Vise
    Crush Bullet (15% Native, -5% A.Beast, 10% Machine)
    Crush Bullet (-15% Machine)
    Cursh Bullet +2
    Club of Laconium +3 (20% Dark)
    Club of Laconium +3 (20% A.Beast, 25% Machine, 5% Dark)
    Club of Laconium +3
    Club of Laconium +5 (15% Native)
    Battle Verge
    Batlle Verge +2 (35% Machine)
    Battle Verge (20% Machine)
    Fire Scepter: AGNI
    Celestial Shield
    Elf/Legs (Yellow Item)
    Disk Grants LVL 5

    I would really like the twin brand. Anything you want?

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    I have a storm wand indra +2 if your interested let me know. [email protected]

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    ill give u a storm wand indira fire staff agni and an ice staff dagon all with good (30-40%) atributes the storm wand also hs 15%hit on it and they are positive in a t least 2 spots all for the twin brand

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    I've got a Battle Verge w/ 15% hit, an Alive Aqhu, Dragon Slayer, 3rd Book of Katana, Monomate, Mind Material and 10 Meseta. Haha.

    Any of those get me a Stag Cutlery or Chainsawd? Hehe.

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    ummm, most of those items proposed are really easy to come by except for the wands, but those wands won't help my force too much I don't think.

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    I just noticed something I will clear up.

    In the title, when I said SUPER "DUPER", I wasn't implieing that I duped these items....

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    i can give you Proto Regen Gear and Fire Scepter:AGNI for the Chain Sawd, or for the SBeat's

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    Hey I found one of those proto regene gears but I sold it for a measly 1000 dollars cause it sucked... bummer

    But I do have Parasites wear with 4 slots and a invisible gaurd and a couple dragon slayers no %'s though and a few other odds and ends
    nothin too good though

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