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    Default Stuck at leading screen on login

    When trying to log in to PSU, I select my character, and I get the "Now Loading" screen. It then just sits there and eventually times out, giving the "The server has issued an interrupt request" type message (I can't remember the exact text, but it's something to that effect.)

    This started last evening, and I figured it was just some sort of maintenance glitch, so I just went to bed and decided to try again today. It happens on all 4 character slots.

    I checked and cleaned the disc- there are no scratches that I can see. It's been in my Elite for at least a month since the last time I removed it for any reason, and the Elite hasn't been moved at all.

    I cleared the cache on the hard drive, both by holding down "a" on boot, and by going to the hard drive settings and doing the x-x-left bumper-right bumper-x-x trick. Doing so made me redownload the latest game update, but didn't fix the problem.

    I tried some arcade games, so the hard drive seems to be fine for the most part. I'll pop GTA IV in later today to see if that works fine (which would indicate the disc drive is working as well).

    Anyone had this happen to them? Any ideas on a fix? I think my next step after confirming that the disc drive works is to rent a copy of PSU to see if it's the disc.

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    I've got kind of the same problem. When it goes to loading page, it takes forever to load. I was kind of patient waiting to see what was going on, then the load has finished but after changing screen and go back to "Now Loading" page again, same problem occurs. After couple of times waiting for loading then the screen came up with "The connection has timed out......" It happen yesterday which I also think it's the server maintenance but this morning the problem still goes on.

    I don't know it's my systems problem or the server.

    Anyone please please please let me know.

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    Ahh, not just me then. Anyone else having problems?

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    I went to the movies (W is excellent- kind of like Forest Gump if he screwed everything up instead of somehow being good at everything), got home, and it works. I think Sega was having some issues for some of us.

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    I only got stuck at loading screen if my internet is about to give so then I have to restart my cables.

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    I seem to be having that problem a lot. I think it's just my (stupid FIOS) connection.

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