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    Angry Jeez, why is this game so hard to find?

    Well people...I finally found an official Xbox wireless router but now my other problem is that I can't find the game. I tried Gamestop, GameCrazy, Circuit City and Wal-Mart but none of the stores in my area had it. Is this game rare now or something? When did this happen.

    I was thinking of ordering it but a brand new one on amazon is 59.99. Ebay even the complete game (case, manual, etc) for like 39.99. For an almost 3-year old game, why is still high-priced? wtf?

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    That's how the makers of gaming systems get their ass out of the hole. The software. They take the hit on the system itself, and you're left face down and ass up buying up the software. That's just the way it is :/

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    dont ask us ask sega

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    Have you tried Gamestop's website? They might have it on there but im not sure. Being at work on a 15 min break i really cant look right now xD
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    you found it online and you're saying its hard to find? >_>;;

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    Sega realized no one's bending over backwards for them anymore and they stopped printing the game.

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    It seems like limited copies were produced for the US. Your best bet is probably ordering it online.
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    theres loads round here... why not move to bradford?

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    I had the same problem when I needed to order the PS2 expansion.
    Nowhere had it. Had to get it on amazon.

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