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    Default Class Discussion and Fixes

    Y'know what. Nevermind. Apparently ideas are not taken seriously, or with any thought from anyone else. And it's funny because I'm usually a person to stay away from balance topics, but hey, apparently good ideas aren't allowed. Close this topic.
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    I know it's a lot to read. But please take these points into consideration with party, and soloing. And just yeah. >.>;

    Take your time reading. x3
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    I can see your point in most cases, regardless of whether I agree or not. However, the bleeding over Paradi is a bit much. Its not like it clears entire blocks. Its only available a couple times a mission anyway, and only has an impact if you are counting seconds.

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    techers do suffer the worst, but you are missing the point of the master classes.

    before I go on my rant, understand that I do agree that mastertechers *MAYBE* deserve a sliver more HP - remember 1 thing, force is supposed to be the most challenging class to play in the game -and shouldve at least got level 20 support because it defeats the purpose not to because now they all just carry megistarides and star atomizers instead.

    now onto my main point: the master classes are the most advanced, "masterful" classes in the game. for example, a person who specifies in accounting his whole life and has completely devoted himself to it becomes EXTREMELY good with numbers and managing money,obviously. but when it comes to providing food for himself, he needs backup. he can probably boil water and throw some pasta in it or go to mcdonalds and spend his hard earned cash on a burger, but when it comes to fending for himself, he's more or less fucked. this is the idea behind the master classes. a person who masters in one thing does not consequently then master a balance of that one thing with other things, because he would then no longer be a master of that one thing. the master classes are not meant to be played solo. can it be done? yes,with difficulty,and for the solo enthusiasts,they will enjoy this challenge. but the true blue team of PSU with the masterclasses is thus:
    the fighmaster at the forefront dealing the heavy damage and playing the tank, masterforces nuking like hell in a variety of ways while applying a few status effects, gunmasters also doing heavy dps while applying the main bulk of the SE's (and SE's do make a massive difference in mission times) and acrotechers as the white mage,healing with unparalelled force and throwing buffs that now offer massive performance increases. the other hybrid classes are good too,but when it comes to an ideal situation, this is probably what they had in mind when they designed how each class would be built.
    ironically,this "perfect team" is a 4-person team,and for whatever reason, ST still insists on letting this be a 6-player game. in theory its cool to have a bigger team because,well,it rocks to play with a bunch of people,but when it comes to a balanced party,a good strong team of 6 will blow through,well,pretty much anything without difficulty.

    so you see,these classes are designed #1- for the elite player looking for a legitimate challenge at this stage in the game,seeing as its come quite a long way, and #2- to be played in a team with other classes at that same high level.

    if you're going to get one thing out of my post if you're too immature or impatient to read and make sense out of it, understand one thing:

    "master classes" =/= "easy mode"

    oh,and PS:
    paradi cataract,I can see,gets a bad rap for being "overpowered" when in reality it isnt at all. it is just a hell of a lot faster and hits a lot harder than the other SUV's,but does half the amount of hits,if you pay close attention. higher dps than the other suv's? probably,in the long run,I guess. strong weapon? huge help to the party? well,yeah. that's what most s-rank slot units should be,I would guess. don't knock it. in a lot of ways, nanoblast is still better. suv's do suffer from a key disadvantage: they only last the x amount of seconds (which for paradi cataract is like really bad sex with a hot chick, satisfying but 4 seconds and it's over) and are only good in that one-shot deal. nanoblasts on the other hand offer a lot of damage to be dealt over the course of 50 seconds, as you see fit. a boss that can't be targeted easily with an SUV will be getting pummeled in the face by a red beast dealing 1800+ per target,at a pretty smart pace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amtalx View Post
    I can see your point in most cases, regardless of whether I agree or not. However, the bleeding over Paradi is a bit much. Its not like it clears entire blocks. Its only available a couple times a mission anyway, and only has an impact if you are counting seconds.
    The paradi thing is true though. Look in a party of 1-6 casts. The more, the faster. You could clear an entire block if you were speed running with 6 casts. And with that, you could be clearing spawns within 10 seconds.

    6 Paradis = .......... Death.

    It's not that I was so angry over it as much as I just feel that it was a point that needs to be made because most people who adore it, will bash me without even thinking of it logically.
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    I would give WT and GT a little more ATP and TP. I think MF could use a little HP too, but that's all I definitely think deserves a fix on your list. I'd rather them balance the missions more so than classes and races because some most missions aren't even worth doing anymore because they're so easy. S3 v1 missions couldn't come sooner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by majan View Post
    "master classes" =/= "easy mode"
    Yes I did read your entire post. And this is what sums it up. Anyways, I understand that. And I never said it should be easy mode. But I'm saying In terms of what a techer should be strong and resistant against, what I posted above has a VERY valid point. And it doesn't just go for Masterforce, it goes for all classes that use Techs.
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    The only thing I could complain about is Nanoblast on Master Classes. I thought it would get the speed boost that FM got. I wish Nanoblasts got the FM speed boost. That would make them MUCH more useful.

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    The only things that needs to be fixed are jabroga and majarra...everything else is ok and how it should be.

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    Ya see the thing about paradi is, if it was such a gamebreaker, it would of already been fixed like chikki was. Chikki was the most overpowered thing that even the JP were complaining like no other about it. I mean, even a FF could be doing crazy dmg with it and not need jabroni at all unless it was a boss for example :P. That is a game breaker to me as you just bring in 2-3 of these slicer whoring fools (I was one too) and its worse than the Fighmaster owning everything ordeal currently.

    Yes, if you have about 6 casts in the party, paradi will make the run a whole lot faster vs any other racial group or mixed racial group. Its like 6 nanoblasts lol. Too bad nano not that great to me heh. But its nothing that gamebreaking as my beast is just like 2-3 min slower than my cast usually if I do TA runs. I hardly call that gamebreaking. Segac don't really care about people TAing imo so to them, your argument is invalid.

    Lastly, think the JP would be in a uproar over this one seeing as a good amount of their population is cast lol. Most of the TA videos you see that are JP, are cast :P. So if the JP population is fine with paradi, segac won't change it like chikki haha.

    Lol my Newman AF > my newman FT/MF. Hah with that setup of mine, going ft/mf is for shits and giggles. Obviously my AF outdid my FT back then on a speed run by far lol.

    Eh....ya....the mf dying so fast and crap can be changed but amusing to me haha.

    Anyways, this is wishful thinking, it could or could not happen, but I personally doubt it :P.
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