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    Question Does your character look like you?

    I'm not sure how most people choose how to design their characters... but I was wondering if anyone made their characters to resemble themself.

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    For the most part yes. Even the female characters resemble me in some way (atleast how I would picture myself as a girl).

    I can't see myself playing a character (in an ORPG) that doesn't resemble me, because then it feels like I'm pretending to be someone else? @[email protected]; Idk if that makes sense...

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    nahhh they dont have my hair lol
    yeah i know...I'm a demo noob once again='(

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    im a cast.....for the most part, and a female a dude....they dont look at all like me (female characters) but i love the design of my female cast! not soo much about my female newman.

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    They're all based on tabletop RPG characters I made.
    Therefore, definately not.

    I'm in no way a broken robot, a weretiger hottie, an asian murderer, or a badass veteran.

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    my male cast i vaguely based off myself, except the hair color, I don't have dark green hair XD
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    I tried to make my characters look like my sisters.


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    Not at all.

    In most games, PSU included, I find myself playing female characters. As I am not female, I just pick something that looks cute.

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    If I named a character after myself, I would. But none of mine look like me.
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    Yep, im short, fat, green, and made out of what appears to be metal.

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