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    I could leave a neat little wall of text, but I will just let this video speak for me instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    Dear websites: Stop removing any ability for the users to prioritize stuff for ourselves.
    Facebook: I don't want any sorting of posts based on some formula that makes no sense. Just show me the posts my friends make in the order they were made.
    Hulu: What the hell is a watchlist? What was wrong with the Queue?
    Crackle: Don't autoplay movies when I load into the Roku app.

    All streaming media companies: Make the Queue/My List/Whatever you call it the default option when loading in. Don't make users scroll to find it.

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    "Iron Man" is now a teenage black girl, because of course, lol.

    I hate what this world's become.

    Oh, and before you snark at me with "oh, so you hate that the world is becoming more inclusive to other races and sexualities?!", no, because that's a good thing. However, that's not what this is. This is companies randomly shoehorning unfitting characters and circumstances so idiots like YOU will think they're "chic" and "with it" so you'll keep buying this schlock and they can make money.

    You think Marvel or whoever actually gives a dick about your 'equality movement' or whatever you think this is? Hell no they don't. They just don't want to lose customers, so they'd rather release a half-baked product that ends up sucking. Just look at female Thor, or the new "Ghostbusters." It's all garbage. If it was up to them, and they weren't afraid of hurting someone's precious little feelings, they wouldn't change a goddamn thing. Believe that.
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    We cry for change, but it changes nothing. The strong will prey upon the weak, the weak will die trying, the smart will fall on deaf ears, delusional will push their way as right, and the rest do not give a damn.

    Seeing my people be killed over mediocre bullshit, it does make me angry. Obeying the police guarantees nothing. And in my mother's fear, I could be next. It does indeed make me angry.
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    Haven't seen on the forum in quite a while due to my current soul crushing, enthusiasm sucking summer job. I only took the job because it is less than 2 miles from my house, but I am seriously regretting it right now. I am just not cut out for telephone-based customer service; I despise not being able to help customers the way they deserve just because of the red tape that is in place everywhere for them. Just 27 more work days to go...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Your average social media princess
    Wow how can you say that? I am literally shaking. Wow. I can't even
    Since when did histrionics become a substitute for logic and reason?
    It's either real or it's a dream. There's nothing that is in between.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitro Vordex View Post
    The bitterest man in the universe.

    referring to myself
    Something like this still, but more like a burnt cup of dark coffee.

    ...I guess that's not far off, still.

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    If you give a mouse a cookie, he will never leave you alone.
    It's either real or it's a dream. There's nothing that is in between.

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    The ending of the quest "Forest Of Sorrow" still troubles me...

    ...because I've never been sure whether it was MY feelings that were flawed...


    ...if Alicia Baz's decision to leave behind the Hildebear Baby was the wrong choice.


    It's just so frustrating, since I can totally see where Alicia is coming from.

    Scientists like Osto Hyle were all too eager to tamper with living things, as demonstrated by what happened to Heathcliff Flowen once he donated his body to science.

    That seemingly "good-hearted" decision was turned around and resulted in the creation of both the Gal Gryphon & De Rol Le... nevermind all the other Altered Beasts those escaped test-subjects mutated.... there's no telling what the Lab may have done to that Hilde-Baby, if we had brought the native-animal aboard Pioneer 2.

    However... we, as the player(s), know about Dark Falz from our out-of-game perspective... which made it seem harsh to leave the native-animal on Ragol when the D-cell infection was still running amok.

    In Episode 2, we learned what happened to "Cal" the CALUS A.I. who befriended Elly Person in Messages From The Heart, when he re-appeared during Seat of the Heart.... but no word that Alicia monitored the recovering Ragolian ecosystem and could happily say that the Hilde-Baby grew up without getting turned aggressive by the contagion.

    And from Episode 3, we never got any follow-up on the Hilde-Baby's fate either. despite the presence of wild monsters dwindling.

    That didn't even necessarily mean that the Hildebears & other native-species returned to their original "gentle giant" state either.


    "May my ripples benefit ALL beings (everyone/everywhere/everywhen) and catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero unwanted repercussions or unintended badness. Truly & sincerely."

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